The ORIGINAL PORTAL. Make your own. It’s easy, here’s how. No Skill required.

MAKE YOUR OWN REAL AUTHENTIC PORTAL. It’s easy. No Skill required.

Hey all! So many are mailing me these days asking how to make a Portal or Wonder Box. First things first…I posted years ago how to make a portal and mini portal, as I am the one who came up with it. AUTHENTIC basic portals. Not the fake ones many are selling these days (and there are tons of fake portals being sold). YOU CAN EASILY make your own as the pages on how to make them are still here, and easily found even on Google or using the search bar above. But below I will also give you links to these pages so if you have been looking for this info, read on!

FACT: Cost to make a REAL bare bones basic portal is $600-$650. 

As for the Wonder Box, no one on earth can make or sell a real Wonder Box Dimensions Gold as I never released how they are made, and it is protected. Also know this fact… the cost to make ONE Wonder Box Dimensions Gold (my latest box) is $2400. (That is COST of parts for me to make one). Then two weeks of time to make. An authentic portal costs me $650 in parts to make.

These are different boxes that deliver a different experience. The portal is great for those starting out and the Wonder Box is for those with experience only as it is an advanced device over the portal.

I gave instructions on how to make a REAL authentic bare bones portal years ago on this website. It is still here, as is the cheaper MINI Portal instructions. Keep in mind, to make a portal is easy, will take an hour at most and all parts can be bought on Amazon for a portal. Cost will be around $600-$650 in parts to make a real, bare bones portal. You can see the old instruction page HERE for the full portal and HERE for the $200 parts cost mini portal.

The Wonder Box Dimensions (What I now use) is a protected design and was created by me (as was the simple portal design) and is not a portal. Again, cost to make is $2400 and it includes energy sources for spirits to use during communication to improve direct replies, clarity, length of replies and even conversations at times with the same sprit. It features orgone energy, GOLD energy, SILVER energy, COPPER energy, crystal energy, magnetic energy, electrical energy, human energy transfer and more that draws the spirits to it to speak. All implemented in a way that truly helps the spirits speak clearly and more fluently and it has been proven over and over but it is not a portal, which I repeat as many think they are the same thing.

I always keep going with research and ideas…

When I discovered the benefits of reverb (by accident) many years ago for ITC, I implemented it in the SCD-1 app. Then in the portal and I was blown away by what was happening. When I discovered things such as noise reduction and even shifting pitch was helpful with ITC I implemented in the early original Wonder Box and again, was wowed by the continuing improvements in communication. When I discovered that reversing the audio (as well as other things to implement it correctly, which is key…we just can not reverse the audio stream) showed how this can be UN-debunkable, I implemented it into the early Wonder Box with Direct Line mode. When I later discovered that certain metals help, magnets help, certain crystal types help and even ways to bring our energy to THEM helps, I worked on that and implemented it in later Wonder Box devices. The fact that today we see so many apps and boxes using reverb, pitch shift and things I have shown work so well is a testament that what I have been working on is VERY real and are things that work for ITC. Again, all proven.

I ALSO STRESS HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO ESTABLISH A SOLID CONNECTION TO THE SPIRITS – Without this, no box or device or app will do a thing for you. See a video here with tips on how to do this.

Today I keep going with testing and trying new things, always listing to the spirits advice. These days a Wonder Box is loaded with ways to help spirits speak but the original portal is also amazing as it can start you down a spiritual journey where you can and will speak with spirits. It also will not bankrupt you!  But I highly suggest making your own to assure you get a real one.

TIP: If you see a generic cheap portal being sold chances are it does not use the right amp, the right reverb, or the right antenna implementation. Therefore do not expect amazing results! These are all ingredients that help make the portal a successful ITC tool. Do not skimp on them, as you will be missing out! Just trying to save you some money here.

So to all out there who want a portal, see here on how to make one. It’s easy. Even easier? The mini portal. See that HERE. 

As for a Wonder Box Dimensions, it is a different box from my Wonder Box of just a year ago. Much more involved, special, and with sound quality as clear as ever when spirits speak. It’s my baby for sure.

Keep in mind some may sell old portal or even wonder boxes I have made over the years on eBay but also know their values as to not pay too much!

A Wonder Box Classic 2015-2017 – Price was set between $999-$1499 – Basic Wonder Box with Direct Libe Mode. 

Wonder Box Ultimate was an early design for the WB and cost $1599-$2199 – This included enhancements such as Voice Control and an Attached Battery system. 

Wonder Box Plus was also $1499

The Wonder Box Custom variation sold for $1999-$2500 – This brought out an audio analyzer display, more crystals, orgone energy, a new antenna, enhanced battery system and a slew of updates to the reverb and voice control

The Wonder Box Dimensions GOLD sold for $4599 – The one off WHITE box sold for $5k.These have everything and more in them to help with communication. I SPARE NO EXPENSE HERE. 

So if you see an older box I made on eBay it should have my signature or copper badge or a certificate of authenticity. If you see a portal being sold, for less than $650 it is not a real legit authentic portal as the cost to make one is around $650, a little less if you can get breaks online slots on some of the parts. As for the Wonder Box Dimensions, it’s my best box ever and very powerful.

I only recommend a Wonder Box Dimensions Gold to those with vast experience in ITC and communication with the dead. I sell a few per year, and they are very special and unique pieces. I will probably offer a few up in May 2018 but keep in mind they are not cheap to make, therefore, not cheap to sell. But last year they sold out quick to researchers and experienced individuals. .

Most can start with a portal and be thrilled with it. ; )