How to make your own Mini Spirit Portal Station Communicator, and how to use it..

How to easily make your own Mini Spirit Portal Communicator, and how to use it..

Hey guys! Steve here again and while I am down and out with some sort of flu right now I wanted to get this posted as I promised I would.

As many of you know, My Portal Wonder box has been getting some attention lately and it is now being used by quite a few researchers who are using it with fantastic results. I have received maybe 30-35 e-mails over the past 7-10 days from those who want to buy or order a Portal Wonder Box 2017 edition. THANK YOU ALL for your interest…

…BUT I am all out and not sure if and when I will offer more due to many issues with time (takes all of my time, and I need my time for my business that pays the bills, this does NOT), financials (I do NOT make money on these, in 2016 I broke even on box sales due to giving away three of them at a loss of $2500) profit per box (and for a week of my time) is $100..not enough for my time and energy.

Also, It is not recommended for beginners to this work or research. So later on I will most likely make some for dedicated researchers or for those who I feel could really use one for their work. There truly is nothing quite like my latest version of this box, as it is leaps above the original portal.

Today it seems many are getting into ITC and spirit box research, at the quickest pace I have seen..ever. Every day I hear from someone who is asking me what to start with, how to start, etc.

TIP: If you want to give this a go and have never done it before, one could start with a simple P-SB7 spirit box device, which can be found all over Amazon. See the link below:

P-SB7 SPIRIT BOX  – WHAT I STARTED WITH, AND I RECOMMEND IT FOR BEGINNERS but be sure to read my 10 tips for successful spirit communication 1st!

It is as cheap as it gets for a real spirit research tool, between $70-$80 and it is exactly how I started. Within 2 weeks after starting years ago I knew something was happening and I then looked for a more serious device. The P-Sb7 is not even close to what more advanced spirit boxes can do or sound like but it can tell you if you have a connection, and if not, you can indeed build one if you are serious.

It’s noisy, it’s crackly and needs a speaker if you want to truly hear it but it can and will give you validations with one or two-word replies at times. I suggest for newbies to ITC, start with that.


For those who have dabbled in this and have been wanting a portal or wonder box but can not afford it (or can not buy one because I am not taking orders right now for them), then keep reading as this post is for you .

I am about to tell you how to make a simple, effective “MINI” Portal of sorts. Nothing fancy..and pretty basic but this little setup will improve spirit responses when used in conjunction with a good app or radio. I prefer the Portal + app, and it is what I demo it with in the video below. That is a $2 app made by Matt Payne (I do not make a penny from it) and it is effective with ANY portal device as long as you use the IP Live Scan feature as that was really designed for use with a Portal or Wonder Box in mind, they are for me, a perfect match.

For around $200 in parts (My Portal Wonder Box costs me $1000 to make these days) you can easily assemble a little spirit station and while it will not sound or perform like my full casinoplay fledged Portal Wonder Box, it will improve and enhance spirit communication devices and apps. It’s quite amazing for those who have a connection.

I made enhanced versions of these a while back with my “Backwards Box” that had all of the bells and whistles and an extra mode but this is going to be based on keeping it as simple as possible with the lowest cost possible. No copper, no crystals, no magnets, no ultimate reverb, no dual noise reduction, no direct line mode, no orgone, no antennas or any of that. Just a bare bones basic tool that gives the spirits something they truly can use to come through and gives you a small taste of a portal ; )



All parts can be found on Amazon, and I will link to them below..everything you need to assemble this is linked below. I will tell you how to assemble it all below. The goal is to keep it as cheap as possible here… Under $200 if you have Amazon prime and free shipping!

HALL OF FAME MINI REVERB – You will then have to load it with my custom reverb settings. This is a MUST. To do this you need to power it on with an adapter (link below) and download the TC Tone Print software to your mac or PC. If you do not have a mac or PC to do this, then you do not want to buy this as it has to be loaded with my settings for this to work out correctly. $100

NOISE REDUCTION PEDAL – I use a more expensive variation of this in my latest Portal Wonder Box but this one is so cheap, and it is effective to cut noise from radio scanners like a P-Sb7. This is only $33

CABLES TO CONNECT THE TWO PEDALS – Again, I am keeping it as cheap as I can here. The cables I normally use are $20 each, but these are cheap..and will work great for this application. $6.69 each, you will need TWO of these!

POWER ADAPTER WITH DAISY CHAIN – This will power everything, but will need to be plugged into the wall. $14

A MINI AMP, I RECOMMEND THIS ONE – This is a small, cheap $22 amp that can be used for this device. $22

ONE OF THESE CABLES FOR YOUR INPUT – Again, keeping it as cheap as possible here. $5

SOME SORT OF WOODEN BASE – I like to use double-sided tape to keep these down and secure on some sort of base. Many are out there to choose from and range from $10-$30. The one linked here is what I used for some of my backward boxes. $20


Easy. The hardest part will be loading the reverb with my custom setting but it really takes only 10 minutes or so. Here’s how to do that:

Take your Hall of Fame Mini Reverb out of the Box

Take your power adapter out of the box (bought seperate, but in the list above)

Plug in the power adapter to the pedal near your computer. 

Download the TC Electronics Toneprint Software for your computer (Mac or Windows). Once downloaded install and open it up. 

Plug the pedal to your computer via USB (pedal should come with a USB cable for this) and power it on.

Click on the EDIT tab in the software and wait for the screen to pop up with all of the settings.

For reverb type choose HALL and then place all of the settings like  you see below:

Once settings are dialed in like you see above, click on “STORE TO PEDAL” and when complete, unplug the pedal from power and the computer. It is ready for use.


Put your noise reduction pedal on your base, and to the left place the reverb and to the left of that, the amp.

Hook them all together using the connecting cables. Noise Reduction to Reverb and Reverb to Amp. Looking down at them, the left side is the output jack for each pedal, so hook the left side output to the right side input of the reverb, then left side output of the reverb to the amp input.

Next, take your power supply and connection jacks and connect the jacks to each pedals power input. Plug it in the wall.

Take your input cable and insert the large end into the Noise Reduction INPUT (right side) and use the input cable to attach your tablet, phone, or spirit scanning radio.


1st Read my 10 tips here about Spirit Communication

Power it all on, then just plug in your favorite app or spirit box radio. Focus, concentrate, be respectful, and envision the spirits coming to speak to you. RECORD THE SESSION! This is 100% mandatory with ANY ITC device as you will hear more at playback.

I recommend the Portal + app for android as it works so so well with any type of portal device. If you do not have android, try Spiritus for iOS or SCD-1 for Windows. Try any app your heart desires 😉

You can also use the P-SB7 I linked to above to cut the noise and enhance replies to full length sentences. You would use the noise reduction to dial out most of the noise. Even with the portal + app I use some noise reduction to cut chatter.

If you get no results, then you need to work on your connection. This is a VERY REAL thing my friends. Without the connection, spirits will not flock to you when you power it on. You can also try taking it to an active location, which usually brings great results even to those who are new. Go back and read this. 

$200 is still a chunk of money to invest but to those who have slight experience with this work can use this and get a small taste of what the original portal offered. It will not sound nearly the same, and none of the extras that enhance the communication are here as they would add more money, but it will still be a nice little Spirit Station for those times you want to  try to communicate. Plus you would have your own original device, made by you.