UPDATE 2019 

The instructions here are showing you how to make my VERY 1st portal device from years ago. THIS IS NOT the device I use today, the “Black Beauty Portal”.  My newest devices are MUCH different from the original portal, and costs me nearly 2-4X as much to make. This device has went through around 11 different versions and this is the very 1st! The version here is the basic, simple version that will and can enhance your communication but keep in mind that YOU MUST establish a connection to the spirits. This is NOT a magic box or miracle machine (NO ITC Device is, and if anyone says it is, they are scamming you). It will allow more fluid and clear communication when you connect but it must be used correctly just like any spirit device (FACT: 90% of those who download a spirit app will never use them correctly and call them fake due to their own mis-use of the app but I blame that on those who make apps as they do not educate). Also, this will not and does not perform or sound like the PORTAL I use today in 2019 nor do the copycat devices and counterfeit portals sold by others. I just wanted yo to be aware of this before you spend money to make one of these. A device like this is meant for those who truly understand ITC, how spirits speak and also to those who have a connection to the dead. Finally if you substitute parts here, it is no longer a real portal and will not be the same. Thank you.



For the past year I have been experimenting with using various REVERB units for REAL TIME spirit communication (some of those experiments have been posted to my FB in the past). It is no longer a secret that REVERB helps these lost souls and spirits and whatever else it is that comes through to communicate. They have told me on over 20 occasions now that yes, it does help them and they WANT it.

See this video using the Portal with the SCD-1 exclusively. AMAZING response. 

Since I play guitar and have a pretty nice setup with pedals and effects I decided to try out over 10 different dedicated reverb pedals (and mixers, and processors) to see if they each would have a different effect, if one would pull in spirit better than others, etc.

Something was pushing me to do this, and it was not the 1st time (That was four years ago when I was pushed to experiment with Angel Aura crystals, copper, and electrical energy in what became my “Angel Station” back then). So I decided to spend some cash and experiment. This is after all how we push forward with new discoveries. After thousands of dollars, much of which was wasted on things that did not work, I finally found the combo that is what I feel, the best spirit communication setup in the world as of early 2015, without question, and yes, I have tried and tested it all. (Now in 2017 the Wonder Box has improved on this greatly)…


After months and months of research and tons of money spent I have discovered TWO reverb effect pedals that will transform ANY spirit radio or APP into something rather interesting…, as in it takes on a whole new life and sound and something odd happens. The radio sounds that are mixed with spirit replies..they seem to almost go away. Record those sessions and you will find that just about every question you have gets an answer if you have a connection. You will find you are now hearing their environment as well as their voice.

But there is more to the portal than just a reverb pedal..there is something else I discovered that no one else has ever tried, so more on the reverb pedal later…


For me, with the Portal and GeoBox, gone are the days of static filled evidence. Gone are the harsh crackly cheap boxes made in China that give us headaches. Gone are ANY static filled spirit box, believe me, static is NEVER EVER needed! It HARMS communication. THEY have told me this, and I have discovered this after years of constant research.

The Portal proves once and for all that:

A: Static is not needed for communication, it hinders it. If you still believe static is needed, then keep using those static filled boxes. I will use this 🙂 

B: Evidence review can be cut down by hours due to the clarity. No more sifting through radio scan to pick out the replies..the replies just come out. (for me they do, may not be the same for all)

C. Spirits LOVE it, they even call it by name already. “PORTAL” and have on over a dozen occasions, two in the SAME voice over different sources. (SCD-1 and RADIO), which proves they can come through the SCD-1 just the same as any spirit radio. Yes, videos are on my YouTube of it all.

D. Spirits will and can speak in full sentences, all in the same voice and even more fascinating is you may start to hear environmental noises from THEIR world..I have, and all can be seen in my portal videos I have posted thus far. 

“The Portal” is born, and guess what? You can make it yourself and I am going to tell you how (in the video above and this text below) . Wether you try it or not is up to you. I just know it is the most incredible thing I have ever used, tested or communicated with and I want anyone who is serious about this work to see for themselves as you life may change. Mine did. 


The reason I called it “The Portal” was because when on, and activated, it was quite like a real portal opening to their side. I was even getting noises of coughing, cars, horns, banging, pounding metal, screams, breaking beer bottles, chains…it was and is intense at times. I knew I was on to something but that something was so simple it was not something I would try to create and sell to make money. Instead I want to share this info so we can all progress instead of being held back…  – so read on…

The skill level to assemble all the parts is maybe 1 out of 10. But keep in mind, not everyone gets solid communication. I happen to be able to, and many can..I am not “unique” many just do not pursue it, or do it correctly or are afraid of it. I am no better than ANY of you reading this, not at all. It is just that I have spent YEARS doing this day in and out, and for me it comes easy.  Some do not understand that this is a fact, but those who work with me do as they see it up close and personal. Of course there are TENS OF THOUSANDS out there who have this ability, I am not special. I just work at what I do to progress. LOVE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY and PEACE get you there. HATE, LIES, and ANGER do the opposite. So if you want to be an amazing spirit communicator, detach yourself from ANY hate, negativity and BS. I have none of that in my life and do not allow it in. Period. If I did, I feel I would lose the precious ability I have to communicate with these “spirits”.

So my tip? Want an amazing connection? STAY POSITIVE! Be Happy! Be Kind! Spirits LOVE this, and they somehow seem to feel that love and kindness, which is when they will trust you. To some, this may sound like a crazy man talking but it is all 100% fact. Try it, and see.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 7.24.30 PM

In any case, this is not something where I will say “go buy the pieces, put it together, and you will have an instant communicator”..no, you need to already have some ability to reliably connect with spirits, and many of you reading this do.


It’s not cheap, around $600- $800+ to put it all together (depending on what you choose) but for me, since this is a HUGE passion of mine I wanted to spare no expense. I ended up spending THOUSANDS buying different things to try. Most failed, but 1, actually 2 of them worked well. You can assemble this for $600 on the cheap end if you do not want to do ALL that I did. My setup for Portal #1 cost me $800+, #2 was simpler and cost me $680 or so. But I am a perfectionist with these things, and this device, with the SCD-1 is something that has to be experienced by any serious spirit communicator.




Basically the heart of the portal is the speaker/amp. This is a simple Lunchbox Jr. Guitar Amp. It comes in at $249 but sounds amazing, nothing like these cheap speakers most use for ghost box building. This ZT amp makes the best sounding spirit box made today sound like doo doo. Let’s be honest, even the best boxes lack in the sound department. Some are way to harsh, some are way too weak in volume, some sound good but just have a small tiny sound that distorts if turned up.

With this setup you can transform ANY box with an audio output or any app (well, almost any, the app has to be good in the 1st place..avoid those evil nasty apps as you do not want that kind of energy) to an amazing huge room filling deep full sound like you have never experienced from a ghost box. (but an amp alone will only AMPLIFY your source, so it will do nothing for the static or constant radio noise..we need more for that)

The sound is huge, deep, room filling and ethereal when activated. It is an amp but it is VERY SMALL, and has great power so even at low volumes it sounds incredible. This is good as spirits can use this power as energy. They love electronics and they use them, believe me. This is why I always use video with a mic for EVP work. It doubles EVP captures and they sound just as good if not better than just using a recorder.

Just as with the SCD-1, the spirits have been helping me test this “Portal”. They actually tell me which reverb pedal they prefer, where to set it, etc. Yes, really. I can lay out 5 reverb pedals and ask, which one is best, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? I would get a “3”..while dialing it in, I would say “more or less” and would get “more”… quite amazing.

My 1st published tests of the 1st portal..


But back to the Portal…and what makes it work…

I also have another VERY important piece to the puzzle that is what makes it all come together. I stumbled upon it and I will not tell you how as that would sound a bit crazy but I tried it, and it seemed to do just what I was hoping it would..mute the noise and radio and only pop in when spirits wanted to speak.

The easy secret? I experimented and spent cash on 5-6 different “noise reduction” guitar pedals, and these guys cost anywhere from $100 to $150 each.

When I say “pedal” I am referring to a guitar effect pedal. It is something guitarists use for effects when playing live.

I tried Noise Reduction pedals from MXR, tried one from BOSS, tried a few really cheap ones and the best one and only one that really works for ITC  is one called “NOISE DECIMATOR II”. The MXR Noise Clamp works to some extent as well, but not quite as well as the Decimator II. The Boss pedal was awful and did nothing. I will ONLY use the Decimator II, as this is what makes the portal work so well.

At $140 it is not cheap but it has one big dial that you can dial in.

The NOISE DECIMATOR will cut out the radio bits. Don’t ask me how or why, it just does, at least for me it does. Leaving you with 90-95%% spirit messages ONLY. It also allows you to hear THEIR ENVIRONMENT at times. BUT AS ALWAYS you MUST record sessions to hear it all at playback. I have done portal sessions where I heard 1-2 things in real time out of 20. At playback I hear all 20 😉

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 8.34.24 PM

So what you need, and where to get it…and the Reverb pedal that made this all come together…IS BELOW!

So far I mentioned the ZT Lunchbox Jr. amp, which is the main component for the best sound. That can be found at Amazon HERE for $249. With that you will need two cables that allow you to run the amp on battery and power two pedals with it at the same time. This makes it portable. These cables are HERE and HERE and a battery you can use with it is HERE.

Next you need the Noise Decimator II at Amazon HERE. It’s $140 or so but it is the only Noise pedal that works correctly. The BOSS pedal was awful and the MXR was hit and miss. So this is the pedal that REALLY works as I had hoped.

Then that pedal chains into a special Reverb pedal and I have a copper wire attached to this cable as well. I am a reverb junkie and have tried and owned some amazing reverb pedals. I have tried effect processors up to $2k but they just do not work right or sound as good. After testing LOADS of reverbs, I found two that did the trick and brings out the most messages and replies, even receiving the same voice over many radio channels and full on phrases over multiple channels. Proving it is not radio, but an intelligence that is indeed speaking to me.

I settled for the T2 from TC Electronics. It comes in at around $150 and has many modes, presets.


The TC Electronics T2, on mode 4 works very well, and is readily available so this is the one I would get today if making an original Portal. If you go this route, mode 4 on the dial with the other dials all at noon are what work the best for me.

Below is a rough drawing I did on how it is all connected together….ignore the “Supermoon Chrome” and in its place put the T2 Reverb Pedal.


Many may say “that is it”? That is your “portal”? Yep, that is it. These two effect pedals do exactly what I had hoped when piped into a quality little amp/speaker and using the spirit apss or any spirit box. It cuts out mostly all radio, only allows spirit replies and cuts evidence review from hours to minutes. The combo of amp, pedals and even cables is what does it.

When it is dialed in just right it is incredible. When it is dialed in wrong it is not as incredible, so tweaking is mandatory.

So again…THE LIST of what you will need for the lowest cost version (still works the same) – all clickable with direct links to AMAZON. If you sway from these parts you will NOT have a real portal and it will NOT work the same! Trust me on this and avoid wasting money. 

Amp: http://amzn.to/2l07aI1

Reverb: http://amzn.to/2lJxTqP

Noise Reduction: http://amzn.to/2msqJFL

Cables (you will need 2): http://amzn.to/2l09a2W

Input cable: http://amzn.to/2lduCwx

Sugru: http://amzn.to/2mjXxnS

BATTERY: http://amzn.to/2lJwCjE

Cables to Hook pedals and amp together:

Just add your source and bam, away you go.

Below is an Amazon shopping cart showing the necessary parts for this…not cheap.


You can click the image below for a larger view.

The REVERB Pedal above is a TC electronics T2 (but use MODE 4 for best results, dials at NOON). The NOISE DECIMATOR is the KEY here as well and a MUST for this to work how it does (SEE video for my settings). The 12V battery pack will allow you to run the portal on battery for 8-12 hours, even when powering the pedals. The next cable allows the amp to power the pedals..and the stereo audio cable is needed to connect the pedals to the amp and each other. The SUGRU is for attaching/securing the copper wiring to the pedals, and finally the amp itself.

So if you are 100% serious and passionate about this field, already have a connection of some sort and get communication NOW, and have $600 or so to spare for a device that will amp up your sessions then here ya go!

I am just telling you how to make what I did, if you want to try for yourself. For me it is exciting and groundbreaking, and I want to share this with YOU but remember, not all of us can speak with spirit so well and every time. My experience comes from years of dedication, so your results may vary. But then again, maybe not. Not sure.

Bottom line, it may be simple, but it works, and that is all that matters. The mind blowing results. Enjoy!

Thank you to all!