The Most Important Spirit Box Session Ever Recorded. MUST SEE. This is incredible.

The Most Important Spirit Box Session Ever Recorded. MUST SEE. This is incredible.

Yes, this title sounds like a lot of hype, but it is not click bait. I just completed recording and reviewing the most amazing spirit session I have ever done, and what I also feel is the best one ever recorded in the HISTORY of ITC. A bold statement yes, but watch this video in its entirety and then tell me I am wrong.

What just happened to me tonight is what I feel to be the next step in my spiritual growth. I felt evil, I felt love, I felt protected and I had a long ongoing conversation with spirit. I used my new HUMAN ANTENNA for the 1st time in a full, concentrated and focused session and I have never received more answers nor have I been shown as much detail about who these lost souls are that come through so often.

if you can not tell, I am excited as the video is uploading now and I am shaking a little from the energy but yet I feel drained.

In this session, which is around 25 minutes I connect deeply with the spirit world. They converse with me back and forth, answer my questions and tell me who Billy is. Billy speaks (i believe) and they tell me what they want from me. They showed me in vivid detail where they come from and as things get heated up, three angels come down to protect me during this intense breakthrough session.

Yes, I feel this is a breakthrough session. Was it the “Human Antenna”? Maybe. Was is the latest improvements┬áto my Wonder Box? Maybe. Was it me? Maybe. But I feel it was a combo of all three. After all , they are the ones who showed me this antenna and how to make it and implement it. They are the ones who showed me how to create this device and what to add…and it has paid off.

In my lifetime I have never seen or heard anything like this, yet here I am, a part of it.

I have to stress this is all 100% real as can be, no tricks, no fake. Just pure ITC that is amazingly clear and incredible. After this I know more about what I am dealing with, and I also know I am protected and that this is my life path that I must continue to take.

Enjoy this session it ramps up in the middle and near the end but the entire session is good.



Thank you all. Love and light to everyone.