These are just a tiny sampling of real world user reviews of the SCD-1 from those who have purchased it.. Worldwide praises are coming in from users and THAT makes me VERY happy! Real World Users DO NOT Lie! They paid their money and here is what they have to say about the SCD-1! Ignore the FAKE reviews from other app developers whose apps are NOTHING like the SCD-1. They are on a mission to destroy it due to the fact it is changing the paranormal world. 

Below are a FRACTION of the hundreds of REAL positive reviews that have been sent in..The SCD-1 speaks for itself.

“This App is amazing,since de second session they began to respond in my native lanhuage Spanish! It Works perfect, so far in 80% of the time get answers in Spanish!!!!Thank you for this wonderful App!”Eduardo Gonzalez

“I just bought and downloaded your app last night and….WOW!! just WOW. I installed it and was just running it for about 10 minutes while also playing minecraft on my PC. I didn’t expect to hear anything because I had not set up to record yet…etc…I was just running the app for the first time. Not only did I start hearing voice’s telling me WHAT i was doing “using computer” “She is playing a game” “Look a sheep” (I just passed a sheep in the game! LOL) and then one that said, “Come on, talk to us!” At that point I was just…wow…and had to reply to them, “Sorry guys, just setting up and testing! I will be ready to have a real talk with you soon tomorrow!”
JUST WOW!!!!!!!!! Thank you for such an awesome app, for a really really reasonable price!” – Heidi

“Steve I just wanted to say that the SCD-1 is the most amazing ITC device ever invented! I’ve been doing spiritbox for 2 years now and I’ve had more consistant results with the SCD-1 over the past 2 weeks than I have in 2 years with other devices! Amazing, keep up the good work!” – Steve Cortez

“Got amazing results with the app! I just did my 3rd short session, and communication seems easier after a few times. I’m trying to reach someone specific, but that has not happened. I did ask who was with me and one voice said “here he is” and another said “this is John”. Then I asked how many people were with me and was told “two”. I asked for the other persons name and got Arthur. Then the most amazing thing happened.. I heard “Hey Jannetta”. I almost passed out. I asked if he just said hey Jannetta and got a “yeah” and then “yes”. I did ask if someone could speak on behalf of my loved one and he said yes. I asked where my loved one was and got “in the gap”. I also heard that response real time and asked if that is where they are and he said yes and then said “at the gathering” **this doesn’t sound like the best case scenerio to me, but I don’t know how things work. Then I thanked them for coming through and said I was so surprised they knew my name and got “yes ma’am, we know”. I told them I was going to turn it off and received such a spot on quote I wanted to cry.. and I hadn’t asked a question. I do hope to communicate with my loved one in time. Thank you so much!” – Jannetta Mosby

“I’ve tried to reach my dad for several years, finally with the SCD-1 I can say mission accomplished! Thank you, Steve and Anthony F. Sanchez!” – Debra Fawcett

“I am new to this. But I knew after the many videos from not only Steve Huff but alot of other Paranormal groups, that I had to get it. I lost my dad 25 years ago. Everyone who had lost a parent can understand the pain you carry forever. Well my dad past, suddenly. No preparation or having time to do and say what I needed too. I’ve been knowing I must try to reach out to him. Cause believe me, my dad really loved us and I know he would want us to try. I have got the most amazing sessions with my dad. The feeling is priceless, it feels weightless when I hear him and his responses. What I do know about this app? This app has improved my life! Its truly amazing. It has touched soo many people. After my first few sessions, I guess the other side is getting more comfortable with me because they just keep talking! Its crazy how their speaking a full sentence and the radio is scanning over their boice as their chatting with you. I can tell you this. This is the crispiest most clear communication you can buy. And if it was $100, I still would buy it, no hesitation. Its the best device for communication with loved ones or whoever you choose, thats out there. Its changed my life and I know it will you too. Sooo many people have had the same happen to them, as with me. Best $50 I’ve ever spent, ever!” – Review from

“I would like to thank you for for opening a whole new experience in my life with the SCD-1 app, I Love being able to receive validation from family members that have passed! I have laughed, cried and been amazed by all the responses I have received! Today while conducting a session I asked If pets reside in the spirit world?? The response was a clear YES, We love them!! I was excited to hear this because unfortunately our Husky (who is 15yrs old this year) is in ill health frown emoticon but this response gives me peace….Thank You again to you and your team for making this communication possible!! God Bless!!” – Ceci Mellendorf

“Just downloaded the APP and have had several good responses. My name, number of animals in house, people in kitchen, name of person at stove, etc!!! this rocks… Thanks Huff Paranormal!!!!” – Dale Dickerson

“Yep, like so many of the other comments you are absolutely correct. The SCD-1 is Amazing. I was a little hesitant on getting it when I found out it was a Windows app. Im so glad I went ahead with it. You and Anthony have done a Great Job on this app. It is mind blowing for sure. I will have plenty of videos with this one, no doubt. My first video with the SCD-1 your name was mentioned twice, crazy stuff and I’m sure I missed plenty of other reply’s. Thank you for putting the SCD-1 out. It’s worth every penny”. – Old City Vapors

“Just wanted to drop you a line thanking you again for the SCD-1, it has made a huge difference if such a short amount of time, the replies to questions I get are just dead on. I was able to help a friend communicate with her father who passed and I have had some communication with some of my family members who have passed over. I lost my brother on August 18th due to cancer, I have reached out to him via the SCD-1 and have had messages, its helped.  Again, thank you for this device, I don’t think some people understand how groundbreaking this is.” – Van Swanson

“Steve, I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE the SCD1. I have gotten such AMAZING, personal, clear, validating, and direct responses with it. Such personal details that no-one would know, responses that have brought tears to my eyes. I can’t say enough good things about it. I was absolutely floored. I love it and I can’t thank you enough”Erica Upp

“Steve, what you are doing is not only game changing as you say but it is LIFE CHANGING. I also own Echovox but the SCD-1 gives me so much more. It has never failed to give me near instant validations and the beauty of it all is that it is truly helping people.  I have been doing ITC work for many years and have yet to see anything like what I am seeing here. I now use it for private readings and it is ALL I use. Thank you for all that you do, I have no doubts that this app will skyrocket you and Anthony to new heights. My close friend bought this app for me and now I am recommending it to everyone”  Linda F

“What an amazing night of spirit communication, the SCD-1 is no doubt a game changer. Cant thank Steve Huff from Huff Paranormal enough for designing this device. We have lots to go through and analyse over the next few days. Would also like to add that our psychic medium Alan Drew and the SCD-1 went hand in hand. The SCD-1 confirming alot of what Alan was picking up. Look forward to posting out findings over the next few days. Stay safe” – AGH

“I got more amazing responses today. A fellow named John keeps coming thru to me. He has given me his name three times since yesterday. As I was asking is my spirit guide here, I clearly had in one voice, I’m right here. I was using .50 sec, reverb and in reverse to try and isolate any sounds which could sound like words.  But the most special thing happened this morning. My father who passed away when I was 16, is someone three times I have tried to reach. I picked up two separate, I Miss You messages. It made me cry and means all the world to me. You have no idea the feeling. Once again, Thank You Steve for this amazing app :):)”  – Puma Chick

“I have to tell you, I am beyond amazed by the SCD-1. I purchased and downloaded a copy yesterday, and my very first session was beyond anything I could have hoped for. My father recently passed away January 18, 2015 and he came through crystal clear. His voice sounded just like him. I didn’t expect to hear from him so soon. I wish I could send my video to you. I used my phone to record it. I don’t have any other method right now. Its a 6 minute video, but the responses are direct, clear and intelligent responses to my questions. There is even humour in it. At one point I asked them to slow down, I am not good at this, and I heard, “Crazy”. My father used to tease me that I was crazy. I also asked direct questions about my mother who is still alive. We have all had a difficult relationship with her. I asked my father if I should go visit her. I received a direct reply, “Secrete”. Then I asked Why is it a Secrete, response “Private”. Why is it Private – Response “Regulated”. Then I asked, Would it be good for me to go visit my mother, or ist dangerous, the response “Heads up….Pat”. My mothers name is Pat. Then I said or should I stay away from her, response – “humiliated”. She has humiliated me many times.  I also asked If I should get a job, I received a direct response – “Why not.” – At the end of the session I said goodbye, again I heard a “Bye” I don’t know what program you use to slow down the speech, as I think there is more in this video that I missed.  Anyway, I am truly impressed. Actually beyond impressed. Thank you for creating such an amazing tool. I feel like I have a telephone to heaven.” Cheryl Udell

“I decided to do another session, and holy man.. things changed on a dime. I went right after Bischop that famous spirit of the guy who died in about 1910 that we kind of discovered from our investigation in 2012 who always follows me around and voices his name. Well guys what, he appeared tonight and I captured it on this video and posted it. This SCD-1 is apparently insanely great! Watch the video and see. I even contacted Donn Weldon, the gentleman who died in the White Springs house last year 9 he was in that inestigation in 2012 when we did it- its on Youtube). I can’t wait to do more with the SCD-1 and I gave you some promo on your site(Not that you need it) and will continue going forward..Thanks again for a great tool . Incredible!” – John Moceyunas

“I just had a session with the SCD1 and your dad’s name came up. Sending it for you to examine. I sounds like “Olee is searching again” This app is amazing!! Thank You!” –  Diane

“First, Congratulations to both You and Anthony for such a successful Day 1! I had the chance to conduct approx 3 1/2 hours of sessions today using the SCD-1. Amazing Results, not only did my Name come thru, in addition I heard numerous times my Nickname as a Child; Buzz. Cyrstal Clear! There are only a handful of people in THIS world that still know that. This product is on its own level. Nothing comes close! We are promoting it to out Facebook Followers, because its the #RealDeal! Thanks Again!!!”  – Alan and Anna – Poppanana Paranormal Investigations

“I was finally able to figure out how to download the scd-1 and when I use it I notice they sure do like Steve Huff as I hear them mention his name a lot. They also mention my name before I even speak. They told me what my dogs name is and I never mentioned my adult daughters name but I was on my back porch and she was in the house talking on her phone she walked by the sliding glass door to go into the kitchen and they said her name. wow!” – Jean Keller

“I actually bought this app and i must say for the 15 minutes or so I have used it I have been very surprised! Yesterday, very early in the morning I turned it on and as I shuffled around my kitchen preparing my coffee it very clearly said in a female “Good Morning” It was so clear even with the echo effect on. I caught myself saying good morning back because as I was placing my cup of water into the microwave I thought it was my wife calling me from our bedroom. Then I heard it again plain as day. I finished making my coffee and sat down at the computer took a long drink and as I was placing on the table I heard very clear, ” Is the coffee good”? I almost fell out of the chair. I answered yes and listened for another half of an hour but nothing else came through. Of course I didn’t video the event! Next time I turn it on I will be more prepared. Little pricey if you ask me but so far I have been impressed. – Harvey Althaus

“I would like to say wow smile emoticon Someone I used to know passed today and I asked a straight out ? Did —————- got straight to heaven. The reply came through so clearly “not here Buddy” for so many reasons that reply makes so much sense. 100% confirmation for me!”Faith Griffiths

“This is amazing was worth waiting so long for the download. The message my Fiance just got was something he really needed to hear. Not only that but it was about three sentences worth of communication asking me to relay something to him that has bought him great comfort. All I can say is we have followed all of your posts and bought the GB 1 and the GB rift and had amazing results with them but this has left me speechless. To have a tool like this to communicate is amazing and I honestly would of paid more. You can not really put a price on something like this. Thank you to you and Anthony for all the hard work you put into this.” – Denielle Garvin

“Okay, its up now.. my first session using the SCD-1 5 mins after downloading.. I recorded EVPs as I would mute the app to ask questions, i recorded them saying satan is waiting.. alot of crazy stuff guys.. im serious.. its a 15 min video.. but its chalked full of AWESOME REPLIES.Chris Tre Bogie”

“Purchased the SCD-1 yesterday. Tried it out this morning and I was very impressed! My friend and I was just trying to get the feel for it so we didn’t record this time. On previous sessions in my house we had picked up on the name Mike (on a Shack Hack). First question we asked this morning using the SCD-1 was “who is here” and loud and clear the name Mike came through smile emoticon If anyone is debating on buying this……don’t wait! It’s definitely worth it!” – Marci Grimes

“After the 5th session with your SCD-1 (I wasn’t giving up!) I got three awesome voices come through. One says my name clearly, one whispers “Maria” (Although I don’t know a Maria) and the last, the most impressive to me, is that I was thinking about my Mom-In-Law who passed from complications of Dementia…and a voice said (picking out words from the app) “Her brain is free…” AWESOME” – Grace Frasca Fulljames

“OH GOODNESS.. my first session was AMAZING…I would mute most of the time when I would ask a ? and I captured I dont know how many evps saying my name, get huff.. GET OFF like 10 times.. I captured my full name.. someone saying CHRIS SATAN IS WAITING.. just amazing.. I think u guys are going to flip when u hear this.”Chris Tre Bogie

“Comment: I finally had the chance to use the SCD-1 alone with headphones and I am completely shocked. I received immediate direct responses in the first ten seconds from my mother who recently passed and I didn’t even need to say a word. It was as if she knew what I was thinking. I have been obsessed with EVP and the paranormal since I was a child having being connected at an early age. Before my mother passed I asked her to talk to me and she has. Unfortunately I wasn’t recording but I own a professional recording studio and will be from now on. I cannot thank you enough”. – Dan Grapko

“Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the SCD-1. It blows everything else I’ve got out of the water. I cannot believe the amount of replies I am getting, it’s unreal.  I’ve had limited success with echovox and the SB7 but this SCD-1 is just brilliant. On the apple App Store, there is a ton of garbage on there and I was a wee bit skeptical but a few minutes into my first session I was getting the validation I needed. Keep up the good work Mr Huff” – Alan Spindlow

“I am BLOWN AWAY Southern Angels Paranormal’s Huff Paranormal SCD-1 hits a HOME RUN out of the park!! SCD-1 gives me massive hits on this session.. Check out this out, fully annotated and it not only gives me my given name Heather but my nick name Kat and more.. a full 7 plus minutes of direct hits.. GAME CHANGER does not even cover what this is!!! RUN DON’T WALK TO BUY THIS Ghost hunting tool today!!” – Hugs XXOO KAT/Owner Southern Angels Paranormal Investigators

“Absolute validity with the SCD-1, within the first 5 minutes of using it for the FIRST time ! I heard my full name which I have never had happen, and when I asked them what was sitting next to me (the cat), they responded with the cat’s name ! Great work, you and Anthony have definitely changed the game !! Thank you !!” – Mike Robins

“Yup…. I can Validate…… I take 3 hours non-stop meditation – etc etc . I open the SCD-1 : I said, Hello Hello.. Answer.. Hi Nelson !!!!! I ask: what I have in my left ? Answer: An angel. And I have an miniature Angel Del light .. So No Doubt It work!!!! 1000 and 1 Excuse Steve for this morning!”Nelson Junior

Coming through my SCD-1 “The science is ready…It’s miraculous” – Brandon Williams

“Great app from a stand up guy..plain and simple” – Ghost Seeker Research

“You have outdone yourself with this app. This is my first session and it is mind blowing. I’ve been doing spirit communication for years and this is the best results I have ever gotten. I’m so satisfied with the absolute clarity. It makes this job a whole lot easier. Thank you Steve and Anthony! This app is not only going to educate us more about the other side, it’s going to help people.” – Michael Acosta

“Did a test today Steve for the new app, can I just say, best device I have ever used for spirit communication. Here the video. use it as you wish just to show people everyone can achieve excellent results with it not just you” – Anthony Mark of Afterlight Ghost Hunts

“I did a 5 minute session and I asked, “Do you know who I am?” I got a response, “Mark”. BLEW MY MIND!” – Mark Dimaano 

“I have received many replies in my first session. With a 30+ % hearing loss, using other spirit boxes I have a hard time picking out the replies. With the scd-1, during a 15 minute session I heard 32… Which is about 31 more replies than I normally get! Excellent job guys and very pleased with the app.”Tony McDaniels