My Equipment. What I use to talk to and record the dead.

This page will be updated soon with all current gear.

I get e-mails every day asking me “What do you use to talk with the dead”, or “What is the best recorder to use for E.V.P.” or “What video camera do you use”? Well, I have a hard time answering all of those e-mails while still doing my day job and keeping this website update as well as the Facebook page. I decided to put up a page that lists everything I now own and use for spirit communication. It is very minimalist. I used to own a ton of gear with Pelican Cases holding all of it. I had $3,000 or more invested and realized one day that I did not need all of that stuff and that 95% of what is being sold as “Ghost Hunter Gear” is really nonsense and not needed. SOME of it is genius and some of it is mandatory but at the end of the day I have found that all you need are the basics to get started, and later one when you get connected to the spirit world you can add the things that catch your eye or that you want to experiment with.

These days I have two video cameras, which I feel are THE BEST for serious Spirit Communication and documentation. They are in no way cheap or inexpensive but I am always a huge believer in “You get what you pay for” and this usually rings true. Sure, you can buy a $200 camcorder but at the end of the day that camcorder will get you low quality grainy footage at night, shaky video, bad audio and will most likely break down within a year or two. I have learned long ago that when you are serious about something that investing in that something is a good idea. For me, spirit communication is now a big part of my life as well as a passion. I like to do the best I can with it and will not be afraid to invest money into things that I feel are important for best results.

Below is a list of what I currently use, and where you can buy these items online..where I have bought them. These are the items that I feel are 100% essential for ME. Again, you can get much less expensive items than what I use and still get results, but for me, and what I want to accomplish, this is what I am most happy with. They just work well. 🙂




The camcorder I use is the amazing Sony PJ-790. I actually have two but my backup is now the one I bought two years ago which is very similar. That model is the PJ-710. There is a newer model out but it is not good. They dumbed it down, lowered the quality and it costs more. The Sony PJ-790 is amazing for many reasons. First and foremost is the fact that it has REAL Sony Nightshot. This is not some B&W or blurry version of Nightvision as you see on some cameras. This is true GREEN night vision, and it works VERY well. This means you can see in the dark, and I use this mode all of the time. Second it has an amazing image stabilization method that makes your footage smooth as silk. The actual lens element itself moves inside the body of the camcorder and keeps your images steady as a rock, even when running. NO more shaky video. Third, it has 96 GB of internal memory so you do not even need a memory card. Many times I forget my SD card, and this built-in memory saved me. Next, it is built to a very high level and even has a “pro quality” mic on board with included windsock. The LCD screen is large and crystal clear so it is easy to see what is going on. Next it even has a built-in projector, meaning, if you tare in the dark and want to play back some footage instantly you can project it to any wall and play back super large. Battery life is great and it even has an included sun shade hood that gives it a very “Cinema” appearance. This is the best camcorder I have ever owned or used and for spirit work, it is the best bang for the buck. You can go much higher in cost, but going lower will give you compromises. I loved my first one so much I bought last years PJ-790 so I could make my 710 backup.

Sony stopped making the 790 and there are not many left. The replacement is not nearly as good and I feel Sony stopped this because it was eating into sales of their higher end camcorders. It is THAT good.

You can still find them at B&H Photo HERE for $999.

They will not last much longer and when they are gone, they are gone. They come in at $1300 or so, but will provide many years of service. The camera provides full HD video that is super easy to edit on my iMac using iMovie.

Audio Recorder


I own TWO Digital Audio Recorders and both are fantastic. I have experimented with about 7-8 different recorders and settled on these two, and I love both equally as much. The way I use these recorders is as a microphone being fed direct to my Camcorder’s mic input. I have theories on why this is much better for EVP work but it comes down to the spirits needing more energy and electricity. By using a Recorder as a mic patched into a camcorder mic input it gives more signal for the spirits to work with. I capture amazing “from thin air” EVP using this method as well as professional quality clear and full audio. I created this method for EVP work a few years ago and I now see so many using this method, and they use it because it works and helps provide more class A EVP.


My recorders are the Higher end Sony D100 (which is a lifetime recorder, AMAZING) and the small and compact Roland R-05 . The Sony D100 is nicer and provides more accessible control using dials, so of course it is my favorite but the Roland is my workhorse and has been for years. I have tried the Zoom H4 and did NOT like it. The Zoom H6 was much nicer but still lacked a bit of bass to the sound, it was tipped to high frequency. The Sony D100 is probably the best recorder you can get for under $2000.

You can buy the Roland R-05 HERE or the Sony D100 HERE at Amazon, and they are offered via Amazon Prime as well. 

Both are fantastic. The Roland has a big beefy sound quality and the Sony has a very balanced sound from high to low. The Sony is built to last a lifetime and my Roland, which is three years old looks pretty beat up, dented and scratched but is still going strong.

The Huff Paranormal SCD-1 App


Yes, this is indeed a game changing piece of software.

An app that will allow you to do your sessions with crystal clarity and amazing replies. Myself and Anthony Sanchez at created this and it has exceeded all expectations from myself and the mass amounts of users worldwide. I will not ramble on here but to read all about it with every detail you could ever want to know, click HERE. Take a look at my best evidence using the SCD-1 below, all from two weeks of testing and use. You can buy this app HERE or see REAL user reviews HERE.

Ghost Box/Spirit Box

The physical Spirit Box. Yes, they work and YES they are real. This has been proven by not only myself but hundreds of others out there who post their evidence. Take a look at my evidence with the Joe’s Box HERE. You can not deny the evidence. Those who do are delusional and in denial. There have been many spirit boxes that have come and gone and a few are still made today. Some are “hacks” which are just hacked radios and some are purposely made for ghost box communication use. The ones that are hand made and built with passion, care and quality are the ones that always work the best for me. Not only do they work and sound well, they are made to last many years. Again, you get what you pay for. There are only a couple boxes that I recommend today for new buyers who want a VERY good and hand made spirit box. BOTH of these boxes are superb. They run quiet, have minimal noise and the responses pour out. These are fantastic, small, and portable. LOVE THEM.

Joe’s Box – I own Joe’s Box #3 (now Broken, not usable)


This is a great but quirky box that sometimes works, and sometimes gives me nothing. It sometimes gives me nothing but problems. Sometimes it just stops working and sometimes it is just plain SPOOKY. Almost like the spirits are trying to rewire the thing. At the end of the day though, this is as clear and amazing as it gets. This is REAL TIME communication without the noise and clicks. When there is a spirit using it with me there is real direct replies and conversation going on. It is amazing. The Andy’s Box is my fave but this one is my 2nd fave, ever because when it is working well there is nothing like it. This is the rarest of all boxes with only a handful made in the world. No more will ever be made as Joe, the creator, passed away recently. If you find one used, expect to pay $2000 and up. Remember though,  you may buy it and get NOTHING from it. Ever. They are THAT quirky and I feel that if there is ever a box you need a STRONG spirit connection with, this is it. I love my Joe’s Box though and will never, ever sell it. The last one on e-bay sold for $1950.00. I bid on it as I wanted a backup but it got way too rich for my blood! See my Joe’s Box files HERE.

Update 4/15 – Andre Wullaert is now the owner of my old broken down Joe’s Box and he is fixing it! Glad to see it get a good home.

The GB-1 Windows App – Ghost Box but in App form


I use the GB-1 and  GB-RIFT in addition to the SCD-1 and while it is much different than the SCD-1 it still allows for stunning communication.

At $30 it is a steal. You can download it from

You can see one of my sessions with it HERE.

My hand-made Ouija Board made by myself and my Son Brandon 


I have had so many compliments on this board and it works extremely well. When I made the board (Brandon made the planchette and hand carved it) I felt as if something was “pushing” me to make it. I worked for three days on it and I am NOT a craft type of guy. It was in reality, my very 1st craft type of project and I had no clue as to what I was doing but it worked out very well and the board came out gorgeous.  The results we get when we use this board are astonishing and we have often caught EVP responses on our camera before the board spelled out the exact word that was spoken via EVP. This PROVES the board works and is not being pushed when I use it. For an EVP response to come through (that is not audible when recording) that states the words that WILL be spelled out, well, that is quite amazing.

The board works very well with my Andy’s box when using in unison. This is also very cool to do as you pick up real time communication from the board and the radio. The picture above shows the board on Day 2, before it was 100% finished. The hold in the planchette was not even made yet. But the board looks just as beautiful today as it did almost two years ago when I made it. It has shown me that boards can and do make a difference as the spirits love to use this board. Yes, SPIRITS, NOT DEMONS! 🙂

I also own a SLS Camera, a few radio shack hack boxes and I am always trying out new gizmos, gadgets and meters but I usually stick to my core kit which is listed above. The ONLY App’s I use today are the SCD-1, GB-1 and RIFT. The only boxes I use are my Andre Wullaert Box and Greg’s White Box. This is all I need as I use what gives me the best communication, and I have used, tested and tried EVERYTHING. Above is what I stick with, what I recommend and what works for REAL communication.