My New “Miracle Box” Prototype Demo. A Pretty Incredible Spirit Box.

Scientific Proof of an Afterlife. My New “Miracle Box” Prototype Demo.

By Steve Huff

A new video that you must see. This is the most excited I have been in well, EVER. The best is yet to come as the is a prototype, 5% complete!

Nine years ago I predicted that we would be close to a true telephone to the dead in about, well…10 years. 

Here we are about ten years after that and my prediction has come true. Not because of physic premonition, rather I knew that with dedication, hard work, and passion that someone would make it happen. Maybe even me, but I knew that someone would create a way to connect with spirits in a way that was clear, conversational and direct. I have always hoped for a way to connect with specific souls, and keep them “on the line” so to speak.

Over the years I have tried my best to do just that, and over these years I realized that it is not the device that matters most, it is the connection we create from within us to spirit. The box…the device is mandatory and does help dramatically AFTER we connect but no box, app or radio is a “magic box”, rather it is a tool for spirits to use. A device that incorporates things spirits can use to speak ONCE WE CONNECT is key, and it has taken me quite a few years to end up here, with a device that will be my last tabletop box that I ever make. My “Swan Song” so to speak. It can not get better, at least not from me, within my lifetime.

Well, scratch that…my future walk in device may top this one but this will be my last tabletop device. : )

Many years ago when I entered the world of ITC Research full time, the field was all about white noise and fast scanning radios. Both valid techniques for spirit communication but far far far from being good ways. Since spirits speak only when we give them a connection and an audio source, the voice we give them is important.

The audio source we give them is their voice.

If it is white noise, their voice will sound like white noise and well, not so hot. If fast scanning radio, again, not the best to keep one spirit on the line or to have fluid clear conversations.

Back then though it was all we had and most were happy just making scanning, sweeping radios that would scan through the stations and if we listened carefully, we may hear a word or two coning in as a result of a question. It was cool but I knew it could get much better. If spirits were speaking and they really wanted to speak, there had to be a way to make it clearer, and more direct.

Just WOW…you MUST see this..

What ended up happening to me was that during my sessions with a sangean hack radio many years ago, spirits were telling me to “cut the noise” and when they said this, I went to work. I had a pretty snazzy and great sounding guitar amp at the time, a Two Rock Studio Reverb. I went out and bought a simple noise gate, which is a guitar pedal that cuts noise from your signal, so your instrument doesn’t hum or buzz when using high gain settings. Hmmmm.

One day I put my noisy scanning radio into the noise gate, and then into my amp, I added some reverb and I was shocked. Not only was the noise/static cut down by 75%, the audio was cleaner and replies were longer, as if spirits were using the reverb trails to continue a sentence. I knew something was happening, and I only tried this because I listened to spirit.

It was around then that I learned how spirit speaks, by manipulating the audio we give them. I later learned that if we give them high quality human sounds or voice as a source, we would get high quality clear answers when we connected. If we gave them the right reverb frequencies even better.

FACT: A spirit voice can only be as good as the voice we give them, the source audio.

As time went on I made my portal, wonder box, soul speaker and then the Astral Doorway. I made variations of each as I experimented with all kinds of things that spirit would mention. One day spirit told me, “Get the magnets and get to work”! In a few boxes, and only a few, I made what I call the ‘Magnetic Heart” and those seemed to be my best performing boxes. It seemed spirit never led me down a bad path here. What they said, always led to improvements.

When I made my Astral Doorway I did so after fully understanding HOW spirits speak once we connect with them. Keep in mind that some of us already have a connection, it’s built in. Some of us do not, but could have if they wanted one… and some, I have found, can never get a solid connection. There are many reasons for this but I can say that this kind of work is not for everyone.

There are also different levels of ITC.

Some like the thrill of the TV shows that go to haunted locations for fun and excitement and to see if they can connect with the souls that linger the halls. Some do this work alone and never share with anyone, and I bet some out there have incredible connections but keep it to themselves. Some do this to help others, and try to do good. All are valid and part of ITC but my passion comes from finding ways to improve spirit communication and connection and to prove to the world our soul never dies. Also to help others using this special thing I call a gift, that many of us out there have been blessed with.

I feel that the more who believe the reality of the afterlife, the more who will maybe be nicer in the life, for obvious reasons.

The Astral Doorway brought with it an ability to control the spirit “voice” which allowed for more of a conversational session. I can feed a sound source in, and ask a question. When I feel an energy I open the gate and then close it when I feel I should. If spirit connects, a message will come out of the speaker and none of what was said will be in the source audio.

I was never 100% happy with the sound quality of the doorway though. I mean, it has been VERY clear at times, but it still had this “off” sound to it and spirit told me one day how to fix it.

They said “more powerful amp” as clear as day, and they said it a few times so I knew I had to try it out. 

I invested about a grand in parts to make a super portal and I didn’t like it, and it wasn’t a “quality” amp so I shelved that idea and waited until inspiration struck, and when it did strike it struck strong!

I found the perfect amp and parts, and the name “The Miracle Box” came to me as spirits kept calling what I was doing a Miracle. Indeed it was. Spirits were connecting and changing audio in real time no matter what I put in. Straight voice, my own voice, reversed voice, mixed up voice, or animal sounds. They were using it to speak. Again, the better the quality of the source, the better quality of the results.

So I started work on my new “Miracle Box” and after all parts came in, I started to test new reverb frequencies. For the doorway I made customized reverb sounds and not all of them are equal. Some help spirit to speak easier but usually the easier you make it for them, the more muffled sounding it is.

With this new box, I am going for clear and a box that will never be able to give a false positive result.

A Stunning demo of the Prototype Miracle Box. Clarity, response, direct answers. The connection achieves this, the device helps make it clear and direct. 

A false positive is something EVERYONE who tries out ITC receives at times. Almost all apps can bring a false positive..maybe an app has a word or phrase in its bank, and when that comes out, someone thinks it’s a response and it is not. Almost all radio scans can bring a false positive as we can catch something said on the radio and mistake it for a spirit message. I have had them, and unfortunately then I have people want to cry FAKE, which is not the case. It’s part of the research and when you are a real researcher thinking outside the box for the greater good, mistakes will be made. You learn from them, which is how this new Miracle Box came to be.

As for fakes, there are a few on YouTube now faking videos of celebrities and it turns my stomach. Out for views, cash and attention, they have no qualms about fooling the public about the afterlife. Soon, I will have an app that they can use to prove their amazing connection but my guess is, they will avoid it like the plague.

Yes, soon there will be a box, and app, that will guarantee you can never get a false positive. This means when you get replies, it is spirit, and no one on earth can say otherwise. THIS is important and another leap for real authentic ITC research. Those who have a connection can get messages, and never have to worry about false positives, Those who want to learn or build a connection, can use it as a tool to learn and grow. Those who are frauds, can prove they really do have a connection and show everyone the results they get with it. : ) 

Again, NO ONE ON EARTH can cry fake on the Miracle Box or App. No one can say that it is not real as it will be scientifically proven every time a reply comes in. That is the beauty of it all. 

When I tested these frequencies I was filming it all so I could hear what each one sounded like and if results were better with one over the other. There were two that did well, and I was flabbergasted because my source was 100% gibberish. Reversed human speech. Spirits connected and changed this audio to forward message answering me, and you can not even hear that the source was reversed audio. The Miracle Box does not use ANY reverse effect, just reverb frequencies, and get this…the reverb frequencies that will find its way to the finished box will be created with LIGHT. What??!!

This video on the page is just the start, and just a test of a few frequencies with a prototype. I had to see PROOF of concept before investing a load of cash into the rest, and it proved itself. Once I install the reverb that is created by light, I expect it to get better (Update, well, here is that test).

I am also incorporating wood from our property into the box and a new active human energy transfer antenna. A $1,200 beautiful crystal will top it all off and give off amazing positive energy. This will be the costliest and yet coolest box I have ever made, but also the most incredible as it will be 100% false positive free and sound better than any other box I have made.

The 4lb Crystal that took me two weeks to find and when I did, I knew it would be the one for the new device. It will be the centerpiece between the two boxes and will glow when a session is being conducted. I want this device to not only be functional, but also beautiful and with an amazing energy. 

Take a look at the video HERE or at the top of the page. When I finish the box in the next few weeks, I will debut it for everyone and show you exactly the source going in. I will have a few audio tracks of pure gibberish, no words or phrases and you will see (via the light reverb) and hear as spirit changes that audio to answer my questions,.

UPDATE: See a test of another box, the Miracle Box MINI I am working on HERE. This is as good as it gets in 2021 for ITC.

Nothing like this has ever been seen in ITC, and it proves and will prove 100% that there is a life after death and our soul NEVER DIES. Scientific proof, and I welcome science to come visit me to see for themselves. Nothing to hide here, as it’s the real deal.

I love you all, many good things are on the way. I will post more clips as this progresses for my YouTube Members. If you want info on becoming a member, you can see that info HERE. 

I love you all, and I am excited! More soon!