The Miracle Box Spirit Box is Truly Miraculous.

Hearing God. The worlds most Advanced Spirit Box 2021 proves Life after Death. The Miracle Box Spirit Box is Here. 
New video, all humans must see this…

It’s Here!
The full size Miracle Box Spirit Box, my Last Spirit Box creation (until my walk in device down the road) is almost done. See it in action wihin this new video as I test it during group night for 3 segments. This is beyond anything I have ever done in the past, and it is also able to be scientifically proven (and well, it is). This is without question the worlds most advanced ITC spirit box (and evidence) ever presented. Let me be clear… It is real, period. It can not be proven otherwise by anyone, and that is the beauty of it.
My Definitive Device
This is my definitive device but only works this well due to the connection I have worked so hard at developing. Over these almost last 11 years spirits have taught me so many things about love, respect, what is important in this life and what is not. They have even explained to me what the afterlife is like. This is real, it is clear, it is direct and it is miraculous. 

Witness a true Miracle in Action
It’s called the Miracle Box as spirit change the audio, which is gibberish,  to form messages and words in real time. When the person using it has a strong connection the possibilities are limitless.
The Miracle Box is almost completed but not quite. As you see it now it is only 75% completed. It will get better as I tweak it, and finish it. This box is close to 40lbs, and set me back a few grand so far to create but it will be so worth it when it is done. Enjoy, and I recommend watching this in full as the middle segment will blow your mind more than the first. This is truly a miraculous device. 
Love you all!