Here’s the truth. Fake vs Real ITC (Spirit Communication)

Here’s the truth. Fake vs Real ITC (Spirit Communication)

By Steve Huff

The truth and fact is that there are not many doing real ITC research these days publicly. In fact, I can count them all on one hand (maybe two) and that includes myself and my good friend Josh Louis of HOPE Paranormal. There are not too many like us within ITC (though there are many who truly care about this work like we do) as all I seem to see these days are groups of people who are only in this for themselves or what I now call “The Fake ITC Movement”. Drama, attacks, hate, negativity and ego seem to rule the day for many within ITC and some do not seem to even understand the basics of how spirits connect or speak with us. Nothing wrong with that as we all have to learn from experience but it is often these kind of individuals who attack me for being “fake”. They see me as fake simply due to their own lack of understanding or knowledge of real spirit connection and communication. There is nothing wrong with not knowing but there is everything wrong when you know nothing yet act as if you know it all. What I do is real, always has been and always will be. Period.

I blame social media for this massive hate online today in the world but it seriously takes away from the goal of why many of us do this work or why guys like me and Josh devote our life to making ITC better and help those understand better as to what it is, how it works, why it works and what the spirits need and want from us.

FACT:There is a REAL ITC movement going on right now and also a FAKE ITC movement going on at the same time!

Some who are in this “Fake ITC world” seem to want a TV show (I know as almost everyone I meet in ITC has this as their goal), or want to be asked to join the Paracon circuit or hope to make their mark somehow, and some without morals or care, they will do anything to try and get it, and I mean ANYTHING. They want attention, fame, money and to profit from the nonsense that TV and film has been spewing to us for years about ghosts. That is ALL it is about for some people. Money, attention, fame. Things that are shallow and show they are not serious about this research yet they attack ME when people like me and others have released some of the most amazing, real, serious and extensive ITC evidence in HISTORY. Yes, EVER…IN HISTORY. Key word here is REAL.

Of course I am not saying all who are into ITC are all negative like this as there are many amazing loving people who do this THE RIGHT WAY but there are some who are just in this (fake ITC world) for EGO and attention and to even hate and partake in drama! It’s a sad sight to see day in and out. As I mentioned, some (more than one) of these people within “Fake ITC” are the same people who have lied about me, attacked me, made up nonsense stories about me, and have pure hatred in their hearts and yet none of them, not a ONE understands the reality of how to connect with spirits on a deep level. They cry FAKE on me when they are the true FAKES. It’s a classic form of reflecting themselves onto someone doing much better and deeper work than they are, and they feel threatened. But they shouldn’t feel this way as they are not truly doing any kind of ITC research. Rather they are more interested in “Ghost Hunting” based off of reality TV, more entertainment driven than anything else. That is not what I do. I may make my videos “entertaining” with good editing and good quality cameras being used but make no mistake, what I show and present is always 100% real. Only those who do not understand it would believe it is fake and well, Many do not truly understand it. I have made MANY videos explaining things like HOW spirits speak using devices, HOW to make a good ITC app, HOW to feel and tap into spirit energy and how to create a solid connection. Most do not watch those videos, as if they did they would understand better.

BTW, One should NEVER “hunt” ghosts. That is so disrespectful, just the term itself is (to me).

The reality is most of the reality TV shows, some of the YouTube channels, some of the facebook pages, some of the groups and those involved in doing ITC are not really doing any kind of real ITC research! When was the last time you saw a TV actor in a reality show (they are all actors to some extent) talk about how to establish a connection? How to use love to gain trust? How spirits see our true self and heart? Why do these TV actors not tell us anything valuable about the spirit realm? None do as that is not the goal of the shows and wait for it…they do not care. The goal is to shock, scare, frighten and keep you on edge with drama, much of it made up. Their goal is on the “show” and nothing more, as it’s their life. Again, sorry if this is news to you but it is the truth.

I am not stating this to attack anyone or slight any group or show but it is simply TRUE and anyone can see it anytime if they really look. If you are basing your para work off of a TV show, then it is not real ITC research but rather you are emulating a TV show and without the full knowledge of how spirits speak you are all going in blind and getting 10% of the evidence you could. Yes I know, I can hear some of you now “I KNOW MORE THAN YOU HUFF” and to that I will say “NO, you do not. You THINK you do, but you have not yet ventured deep into the how, the why and the true depth that this filed can take you to. When you do get there your communication will improve dramatically and you will have a “knowing” from deep within and you will also realize what I have been saying for years about ITC is true”. 

If you have a YouTube channel and half of your videos are hating on others in ITC then you are not doing real research or even trying to. That would be “FAKE ITC”.  REAL ITC requires respect, love and care and also requires dedication. Hatred and attacks are not the traits needed for deep connections, sorry. This research goes so much deeper than most understand and the kicker is none of it has ever been seen on TV…YET! See TV networks have no balls to do anything serious or real. Yes, real ITC research has never been showcased on ANY TV show, ever. Using a ghost box or even my portal on TV is not showcasing or focusing on ITC research as again, it goes much deeper than that. It seems no one ever wants to talk about the truth… that it takes US (Me, You, whoever is running a device) to establish a connection. It comes with love, empathy, care and trust. Not drama, hate and negativity (which is like the kryptonite for spirit communication and why I avoid all negative people and situations in my life).

A Mockery of the Truth

I am tired of the afterlife being mocked in every which way in this “FAKE ITC” movement. Just to be clear, myself and others who have dedicated their lives to this field are NO PART of this fake ITC movement. It spills over to fake youtube videos that are over the top with blood, possessions, and fake staged evidence and over the top acting and personalities. THOSE are not real my friends. THAT is not what the afterlife is like so they are doing you a disservice by representing it as such. Lying to you for views and revenue. 

THOSE kind of things are for entertainment so never take them as reality. If you see a Dybbuk box video where something the person owns ends up in a sealed box? They opened it, placed it and resealed it. That’s a fact and they did it for views, for likes, for subs…. If you see furniture being thrown? It’s not real, spirits CAN NOT do that and no, it’s never been documented as real either. Problem is we live in a time when many have no problem with being dishonest as long as it benefits them. It is what it is but again, I want no par of that. It’s all a mockery of the truth and a mockery of spirits, angels, and even God and the Universe itself.

Myself and Josh Louis both have dedicated our lives to this (REAL ITC) as we have not only seen and heard the power of what spirits can do, we have felt it, and experienced it all first hand. We focus our time and energy on what is real, what is happening and what we should be truly working on to further this field. We do not ever try to get on the Paracon train as again, those are not relevant AT ALL to what it is that WE do. We do not write books about big foot or tree men. We do not exaggerate stories of the unknown. We do not call ourselves EXPERTS on this as that is something that does not exist in this field of ITC. Beware of anyone who claims to be an ITC expert or expert on demons or expert on ANYTHING para related.

We talk about, write about and film videos about the REAL REALITY of ITC and collectively we have recorded the greatest evidence in the history of life itself when it comes to proving the afterlife. I am not shy about saying this as it is true. If you disagree, then send me evidence that bests what we have put out over the years, I’d love to see it.

Problem is because how I and some others work (we think outside the box and actually find the ways that spirits speak to us so it can be improved) and by using new methods that actually work for developing deep connections to the spirits. Some feel it is fake because our evidence is so good and it challenges their belief and their ego just can not accept it. Some have even said “He doesn’t even use an Ovilus”! (IMO The Ovilus is one of the worst pieces of ITC gear ever created and one spirits have the hardest time using as it does not give them the tools they need to use it, it’s a very flawed ITC device that may give a relevant word 1 out of 100 times you use it). There is a reason why thousands around the world have made a portal (my creation) to try this for themselves. Many have success like me and others and some do not (as they do not care to do it correctly or establish a connection or take the time to record and review or use it for show instead of serious work). The reason why it is so popular in REAL ITC is because it works for those who take this seriously. My portal is everywhere these days, in so many boxes as it has been copied to no end. The GEOPORT? That’s simply a portal in a gorgeous shell made by George Brown who makes the most beautiful spirit boxes around. But it’s still a portal, hence the name “Geoport” and yes, George even asked if it was ok that he name it that and I of course I was 100% a YES as his boxes are simply breathtaking.  I’m ok with all of that as it’s a testament to the fact that my device, the portal, the wonder box, the backwards box, etc all work.

In fact almost ALL who make gear (besides ME) will never tell you that the truth about using that piece of gear. First, you need to connect with the afterlife and develop a bond of sorts to get deep consistent communication. WE/YOU ARE THE MAIN tool, NOT the device. Those who sell garbage devices will also never tell you the correct way to use them, as they do not even know themselves (which tells me they shouldn’t even be making them)! It’s all important. Dedication, Passion, Focus, Mediation, Connection to our own Light, Prayer, Being spiritual instead of religious (religion is all man made) and LOVE, EMPATHY, CARE, RESPECT, and TRUST! THESE ARE ALL ingredients to truly connecting to the other side. This should come before ANY device is purchased. I have learned this over 9 years of solid full time consistent research and experimentation as well as working with a handful of others to find answers.

FACT: In REAL ITC one has to connect with guides and our inner light with love, respect, empathy and care. We have to throw our ego out the window and truly care about the spirits and the living both and not worry about fame, fortune, attention or any of that. We have to do what we feel is right, not what is wanted. We have to listen to our inner voice that guides us along the right path. REAL ITC takes a lot from a person, even exposes us to real dangers at times. It’s a commitment. 

Real ITC is not about Paracons, TV shows, Social Media, Movies, Ghost Hunts or ANY of that. Those things are in the entertainment realm of ITC which is a far cry from what I do. Real ITC takes time, dedication, work, and can be as rewarding as life itself but it takes countless hours, many more than one would ever put into a job or work, as I said, it is a commitment. With that said, what I do has changed my entire life, my outlook on life and also taken away all fear of death, all fear of life. It has brought me peace, joy and an inner calm that can never come from money, fame or attention. So the hours spent, the grief from haters and even the nasty the lies spread about me are nothing compared to the gifts I keep receiving from this work.

Sadly, FAKE ITC has no interest in the realities of spirit communication, just the myths that TV and some have put out there along with some anger, drama and hate which many peddle in for their daily dose of attention that they crave. The reality is Josh and I are two of just under 10 or so (that I know) who do this for the right reasons, and sadly some see me or even us as the enemy for doing just that, and for being real, and for calling out the hypocrisy among those who play the hate game yet show no real good evidence of their own. EGO is a killer my friends. It kills your soul, your progress in life and your potential. Do not confuse EGO with Confidence though as they are TWO separate things. I am confident in what I do but never let EGO get in the way. Confidence is a huge part of success as well. EGO is not.

I’m the real deal, practicing REAL ITC that goes so far beyond what most think ITC is. It’s more than using a spirit box, it’s about delving head first into the unknown without fear and being willing to even be the guinea pig for the greater good, which I have done many times. For example, I paid $6000 in hospital bills after an attack from evil so we could further research and that is one example. I keep going for the greater good, no matter who says what or who does what. I do not care who likes what I do or likes me but everyone should respect the research as there has never been anything quite like this, ever. That’s quite the claim but it’s true.

I am happy to say I see quite a few newbies learning the right way and ignoring the hate and drama and nonsense that comes from the “fake ITC” world. I know a few at my Patreon who have grown exponentially over the last 6 months by using my techniques. Their communication has improved ten fold. That is a beautiful thing. So many do get it, many do realize the truth but the falsities are so rampant some do not know what to believe. Just know all I do is based on real facts, real evidence, and real truth. What I do have been proven over and over again in all kinds of ways. I have nothing else to prove to anyone. Been there, done that.

There is so much more that we understand now about death, more than ever before, due to the evidence that people like myself and Josh have brought to the public and it will ONLY get deeper and more intense with time. Those who try to say we are fake and peddle hate and lies are the true frauds, and sadly it’s the same as it has been since day one. Those people fade with time as they have no substance, are not original and have no connection but those who do this for the right reasons and for the GOOD of it will always be around as it is the spirits who flock to those who do this for the right reasons. I have the best team on my side (on the other side) ready and willing to HELP me with this research and spreading the word they want me to spread which is LOVE. Yes, LOVE IS THE KEY 100% and you better believe it.

TV SHOW? Not for me!

So I am stating here and now…TV PRODUCERS..stop calling me. TV NETWORKS, stop calling me. Until you can stand up and decide to be real, grow some balls and show the world the truth I have no interest in being a part of any “reality” show. When you are ready to produce a show about REAL ITC instead of the same old tired ghost hunt shows that are scripted and staged then call me and I promise you that you will be blown away by what is possible and by what is happening. Stop the “FAKE ITC” movement and start a real’s a challenge but I guarantee you it would be a powerful change for the better and for the world.

The world should understand that we have proven that our soul lives on after physical death. We have proven our soul is energy, light energy. We have proven spirits can speak to us directly and be heard. They can and do answer our questions clearly and loudly. WE CAN connect with loved ones on the other side. We have proven this and so much more but amid the “noise” within “FAKE ITC” it seems many are not understanding what is real and what is fake.

The good news? It is taking years but the world is seeing this, and many are truly starting to “get it” but it will probably take 20 more years for most to open their eyes and see the truth, the light and the fact that the world today needs LOVE to survive and the spirits are saying it as well. For me its been about awareness since day one, and I have said as such way back then. I am happy to say more and more are seeing the truth, blocking the hate and even experiencing this for themselves through teachings that people like Josh and I put out there for them. Others are able to recreate what we do by following our techniques and by connecting rather than just going out there to “hunt” ghosts. What we do is on a deeper level that many will never understand or want to understand but I promise to always be honest, be real, and maybe even call out some hypocrisy every now and again.

Just never ever confuse me with a “Ghost Hunter”. I am not a psychic, a medium nor do I have superpowers. What I do have is a solid and deep connection to God, to light and my guides which helps me every single day do what I do to prove to those who care to listen that we truly NEVER EVER die.

The truth is out there…

When you are doing something amazing, when you are at the top of your game and when you have been around for almost 10 years doing it, that puts a target on your back. Others want to be where you are, and they will trash you, hate on you and lie about you to try and get there. It never works though. All of those in the past who have lied, trash talked and hated have withered away within the ITC field. No one likes them (I tried to tell them this early on that hate is not the answer) and they have shown their true colors over time to others who saw them for who they are. They have attacked others, good people, and people see these fakes for who they truly are. Sadly, this will never end. It is all about EGO and some just can’t handle the facts and the truth.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. ANYONE who fakes ITC deserves a place in Hell for them as it is mocking the spirits, mocking GOD and the Universe itself. They are mocking LIFE itself and spirits do not take kindly to it. Faking evidence is for those who lack the confidence to do something serious and real. For those who CAN NOT establish a connection to save their lives due to their negativity and doubt and closed mind they are not even aware they have. Faking evidence is rampant among YouTube and TV yet it seems many believe the truly fake stuff and disregard the real and it’s really confusing to me. I think it is due to most being raised on reality TV and believing in it as well as what I mentioned above, Social Media.

I think this shows that most are not ready for nor do they care about the real reality of ITC and what it is all about. For many out there in this world it’s the daily drama, the daily fights, who is better than who and social media attention posts all day long. Jealousy is everywhere. Hate is all over the place and negativity is at an all time high. The world needs love today more than ever as the world today is full of more hate than ever.

For me and others I work with like Josh, none of that is important to our goal. We would rather work on the truth and show the world what is truly happening in REAL ITC. We would rather progress the field as we already have with evidence that has NEVER been achieved before, EVER. We are about the connection, the love, the real results that we can achieve by working with those on the other side. This is why you do not see me on facebook often, this is why you do not see me at Paracons. This is why I do not do a TV show. This is why you never see me talking trash about ANYONE in my videos or here on these pages. I have grown above all of that and today only have an interest in pushing ITC forward. We should all grow with time and lessons learned, and I have learned many… but yes my friends, The best is yet to come.

I love you all and please know I will be doing this until my dying day and NO ONE will ever stop me from sharing truth. I thank all of you who have been with me for years. I thank you for watching what I do, understanding it is real and being one of those who truly “GET IT”. I thank anyone who has an interest in REAL ITC and invite you to join me on this lifetime journey that goes well beyond the norm.

My goal has always been to raise awareness for this work and I am doing just that. It will be the first ever ITC YouTube channel to hit 1 million subscribers and my videos have reached over 71 million views to date. It’s happening just as I had hoped and envisioned, and what I see for the future for this work is pretty special and a few others have the same ideas in mind with me.

Believe this: You ain’t seen nothin yet. Here’s to the next 10 years.

Just for fun ; ) Myths about me and my work fueled by hate, jealousy, and all out lies. By request I address the nonsense…

Myth 1: I take advantage of grieving people by selling them a $5000 box to contact loved ones. 

Nonsense. In fact on the rare occasion I offer a box for sale I state clearly that it is only for those with vast ITC experience and NOT for those trying to contact a loved one. The proof is on this very website HERE. No one can buy a box from me unless I have them for sale (3 times per year I offer three) and unless they read and agree to the terms on that page. It’s as clear as day for anyone who cares to read it. Problem is many do not like to read. I am the ONLY PERSON in ITC who tells the truth about DEVICES and why they are not for everyone. So it is others who take advantage by selling useless gear that doesn’t even work for real ITC. BTW my portal black beauty of which I only offered three to date sold for $1599 not $5000. So myth one…DEBUNKED!

Myth 2: I fake evidence. 

Nonsense: Never have I EVER faked one shred of evidence. I do not need to and believe me, if I did it would be way more impressive than what I show now. The reality is what I show is REAL communication. It is REAL spirits interacting with me. Remember, this is not TV, but REAL REALITY. None of my work has ever been debunked, and anyone can say I am fake but no one can prove it as I am not. Again, it’s been proven (look that word up for those who do not know what it means) live, in groups, in person, on the radio live, etc. Many many times. Anyone who fakes THIS kind of thing deserves a special place in hell for them. I wouldn’t waste my time to fake videos. Why would I? To make less money than I ever have in the last 20 years by going full time with it? Lol. Seriously? Anyone with intelligence and who truly watches my work will understand and does understand it is real. Those who have hate, jealousy and anger in their heart will always hate, lie and reflect but it does them no good, and doesn’t harm me in the slightest. MYTH #2 DEBUNKED! 

Myth 3: I am an actor, I sell violent porn, I make loads of cash in ITC.

False, False, and False. 100% false. Sorry, doesn’t work. I am not an actor and wouldn’t know how to act if I wanted to. Would be cool to be an actor as actors make much more money than I do. As far as I know I do not sell, make or have anything to do with violent porn as I wake up and do this every day. THIS, ITC is my full time gig. It’s what I do day in and day out. Part time I run a photo website where I have reviewed cameras for almost 12 years. THAT is what I do with my time ; ) I do not make loads of cash doing Paranormal work, in fact, I refuse cash offers all the time for readings. I refuse cash for boxes from those who should not own them. I make less now than I have in the last 25 years, but I am at my most happy doing what I love to do. If you must and have a few hours to read it, THREE years ago I posted my life story HERE on these pages. It’s detailed, it’s deep and says more than it should but my life is an open book, and has been for years. MYTH #3 DEBUNKED!

Myth 4: I charge people to contact their loved ones. 

100% False! What I do is offer my Patreon page where for $5 one can take part in a group session where we TRY to get a message. I am clear and state that I can never guarantee a message but many have gotten them. So for $5 anyone can give it a try, and we have had over 100 validations since my Patreon page started. If you read the page before you sign up then you will be well aware of what is offered there as perks. I never say “Pay me and I will bring a message forth from your loved ones”…all we can do is try and try we do. 

We have had AMAZING validations. Messages, photos, etc. Undeniable. Those who get those validation get sent a “LOVE IS THE KEY” card and key with a signature and date of the session so they can always remember when their loved one reached out. See, I know nothing about those who take part and what comes out during the sessions is an unknown. When those who take part watch it, that is when they listen for their validations. So I charge $5 for the opportunity to take part in a group session as it takes up around 14 hours of my time to do and sucks my energy for 1-2 days after. That $5 also brings bonus video clips, private messaging access to me and other perks. So no, I do not charge for sessions and do not offer one on one sessions at this time but when the time comes, I may do it in the future I feel up to the task. When I do, it will be to truly help with REAL messages and to be honest I may never offer one on one sessions. It’s not a goal. But I will not rule it out if I feel I can do it with success. MYTH #4 DEBUNKED!

Myth 5: Apps are fake. 

Lol, this is a whopper of a lie spread by those who sell RADIOS for communication and they feel threatened by cheap apps. ANY good app will work for spirit communication when used correctly and when the person using it established a connection. Remember, its not the app so much as it is YOU. Most who hate and lie have no clue about what a connection is and feel they do not need it. This is why they do not have good evidence, as they can not get it due to their negativity, hate, behavior and lack of understanding of how spirits speak. Apps are real when they are made correctly and to be made correctly they must offer the spirit a stream of sound that is easy for them to manipulate (change). It must be free of sound effects, noises and music. Random is best. A stream that is NOT constant is best. But wether an app works for you is 100% up to you and your connection and technique, not the app itself. It’s funny as when a great ITC app is given a one star review it is actually that person giving themselves a one star review as it is their fault the app did not work for them. Most do not understand this as no one ever told them a connection is REQUIRED as is correct technique (record, review). PROVEN FACT: Apps can provide some of the clearest most concise communication ever. Anyone who says good apps are fake, truly proves they know NOTHING about real ITC or how spirits speak. This is truth. MYTH #5 DEBUNKED!


Also a fact is that some apps load in words that users do not know about. Scary words. This is the wrong way to make an app. In the past I have heard bank words that were in the app and thought they were a response. That is all on the app and maker, not me. This is also why I prefer to use RADIO SCAN apps like SCD-2 as it’s all random radio scans. I also love the new Panabox which is a spirit radio I introduced recently. Hmmm, no one has “debunked” my videos using that and again, no one has ever debunked my work as it’s simply not possible. Almost 10 years in and no one can do it. You can not debunk reality and sometimes people do not like the truth but if you are here with me, you value truth. ; )

Myth 6: I am being sued for selling fake portals

A WHOPPER!!! Recently a fake medium who saw my work as a threat to her scam started a hate campaign on me and I didn’t even know her beforehand. She messages FRIENDS of mine, facebook followers, spent HOURS each day messaging them lies about me. One was that I was being sued about the portal as she knew a lawyer who talked with my lawyer about the case. Said my work was fake, I was a fraud and I was being sued. Well, not only was I not being sued, it was 100% MADE UP just to try and “take me down” as they always say. It’s sick, and some of these people are sick frauds who again, see this as some sort of threat to their work. How could I be sued when I am up front about what the device is and refuse to sell to those with no experience? I have never once had a complaint or request for a refund. One guy sent his back after it scared him half to death. He wanted nothing to do with it, which again tells me he didn’t read the page where it is sold. If he did, he would have seen that anyone with FEAR should never use my device. MYTH 6 DEBUNKED!

Myth 7: I exploit the deaths of celebrities…

This is spread by those who do not understand death and by those who do not understand what it means to respect the dead. When we die our soul moves on, and that soul can reconnect with us when we know how to do it. What better than to get a message from the recently departed to show their loved ones they are there, they see them, they can hear them and they still feel LOVE. Death is not the end yet some act as if it is some horrible thing. Death should be a celebration of ones life, celebrating what they accomplished, what they did and achieved and for the love they shared. It’s natural and I do not fear it in the slightest as I know it’s not the end. The truth is I connect with only a select few celebrities who pass either from getting thousands of requests or a personal push from within. To those who do not understand death or respecting the dead I can see how they may see it as something else but this comes from the hate and anger within them. The best way to respect the dead is to give them a voice when they are gone and if you can not see this, then you have no business in the field if ITC. You are a fraud to the spirits and do not have the capability to look at the bigger picture of life, the universe or connecting with the dead nor is the empathy there within you. My work is done with 100% respect, care and love and I deliver amazing messages from those who have passed. If you want to cut off someone like Lorrain Warren from speaking after she is gone, then you are disrespecting her in a huge way. Give her a voice and she will be happy that someone cared enough to allow her to speak. If you can not see that then why are you in a field that is all about researching communication with the dead? Yes, another myth about be DEBUNKED.

It’s all about LOVE my friends. Here in this life and the other side. Accept love in, reject hate. When you do your inner light will shine and you will feel it improving your life. Hate is like a bad virus, it infects people easily. In fact hate is easy, love is hard. Hate is for the weak, love is for the strong. Just a fact of life!


LOVE YOU ALL and always know 100% that LOVE IS THE KEY! Go with REAL ITC, not FAKE ITC and your life can open up like you would never imagine. If you are not following me on YouTube, be sure to subscribe HERE. You can see my friend Josh’s YouTube page HERE. I post new videos each and every week and I promise you all that they will always be as real as it gets, drama free and eye opening. They will teach about the afterlife, and our souls journey rather than degrade and attack others. They will offer love guidance and support and help those who are grieving from a loss or even from depression. Yes my friends, our soul never dies, we’ve proven that and so much more. Stay with me on this journey as the best is yet to come. Love you all!