The only official Huff devices are on this page, nowhere else. PERIOD

Jan 6th 2020: ALL 2020 PORTALS POSTED FOR SALE on JAN 2nd ARE SOLD OUT! No more available! I will not have any boxes for sale until 2021. These are NOT for everyone! Read below to find out why..

“Steve, I just wanted to share with you how truly grateful I am for you having built my Black Beauty for me and how truly grateful i am to have even had the opportunity to purchase one in this lifetime.  You truly are an amazing man, an amazing inventor, and I am honored and privileged  to know you.  Thank you for all you do in this line of work, and all you do for us out here who are into this field of research… Sincerely, C. Wagner”

Remember it is very important to establish a connection when communicating with spirits. I have developed my connection over several years so my results may not be typical. Once you establish a solid connection (through love, empathy, respect and kindness) it will always be with you. 

The Portal is the ITC Device that started it all. 

I created the portal a few years ago in its most basic and very first form. It was THE device that started the “ITC MOVEMENT” that has now grown beyond belief. More people today are aware of ITC or practice ITC than ever before, and the Portal is the device that really kicked it all off.

In fact, and yes, this is true…Spirits led me to create this device years ago, helping me along the way and now I see why. Because of my portal and the communication that has come from it, more people than ever are into ITC and realizing the truth about the afterlife. That truth is WE NEVER DIE and our soul is eternal. The spirits have proven this, spoke of this and have given many answers about the afterlife since the creation of the portal.

Many use the portal ITC device today. It is known and respected by all who do serious and real research. It is also hated by skeptics as they can not explain how it does what it does. I will tell you something right now…The Secret is US! You, me and the Spirits or…”The Operator”…the one who will be using the device. 

FACT: The Portal is a significant part of ITC history, and is the device that brought things like digital reverb frequencies, direct line reverse speech audio, energy creation and frequency experimentation to spirit communication devices and apps. These things started with my SCD-1 app (See it at GhostHunterApps) and then the Portal. These things are a huge part of ITC today. 

The very 1st portal that launched years ago was just the start. As basic and easy as it was to make (for about $650 in parts cost) it took off in the Paranormal world as an effective tool for spirit communication. Today, there are hundreds of portals out in the world, if not THOUSANDS! There also hundreds of “copy cat” portals or self made portals. A testament to the fact that THIS TOOL in invaluable to those who practice spirit communication. It’s respected and it works when you have a connection. Period. It’s PROVEN and even some of those who push hate towards me make portals yet they call them something else ; ) That always gives me a chuckle and satisfaction as again, it proves how much the portal has changed ITC. 

It keeps getting better. 

Over the years I have improved the device in so many ways.  The Wonder Box was launched when I created “Direct Line Reverse” mode. The SoulSpeaker came about when I discovered that specific energy types helped spirits to speak and I tested things such as orgonite, gold, exotic crystals, magnets and more.

But I have since went back to the one that started it all, and created an all new PORTAL that is much nicer and full featured than the old bare bones basic original but does not cost me a small fortune to make as I keep out the exotic parts. Therefore it is cheaper to make and to sell, also easier to make. While this is scaled down from previous boxes, I kept all the things that seemed to really work well so this is a bang for the buck portal.

The Black Beauty can be seen in the image below, and was featured in that video called “What is the Light”. You can see the video by clicking the image below. 

THE BLACK BEAUTY Portal was inspired by the colors of the Epiphone Les Paul guitar called “The Black Beauty”. The colors are Gold and Black with Amber Knobs. 


This new portal is much less expensive but still features my newest reverb frequencies that spirits seem to use to lengthen replies (two modes), and even become more direct. It features direct line reverse mode, noise reduction, and even voice pitch control. I am always testing new reverb frequencies and have found it makes a huge difference. The new Black Beauty uses the newest reverb and it is working very well. Some ask me “why the echo”  – well, that’s reverb and without it, there would be less replies from spirit. They use those frequencies when they manipulate audio. It’s all there for a reason. Again, I stress…you must establish a connection with spirit for this to work as you see it in my videos. We all have the capability but we all have to learn how to tap in as well as have the passion to do so. This box is for those with ITC experience.

Painted in a gloss black with gold highlights and a clear coat finish, the Black Beauty is a stunner and features LED Lights instead of the audio analyzer to keep the costs down and also a smaller quartz crystal on the top left that will glow when on (will be smaller than the one pictured as this is my personal crystal that I paid over $200 for). A 12 hour rechargeable battery and the original basic human energy transfer antenna are also included.

The Black Beauty portal price is $1499 and that induces shipping within the USA and all PayPal fees. I will ship only within the USA.

Before you start saying “I WANT ONE” you must read below as these are not for everyone nor is this a starter device. Then if you agree, the purchase link is at the bottom of this page.

Here I am explaining how these devices work, and how spirits speak at a LIVE event I held at the famous “Bellaire House”. We had a group seance that night with intense results, LIVE using the box. Was an amazing time. 

I only offer a few of my creations per year, and ONLY to those with experience in ITC. This is in no way a “starter” Spirit Communication device and not for everyone, nor are there ever guarantees you will communicate with the dead. That is up to YOU as I have said for years. 

I will now tell you something no other spirit box maker or app maker will tell you…and I am going to try and talk you out of trying to buy a device like this…

The most important and effective spirit box is actually YOU! Yes, we are the main conduit and a connection has to be established, no matter what device you use to perform the session. I have said this for years, so do know that buying any type of spirit device will never guarantee you a connection or communication! I feel anyone can do it, but only if you are serious about it and do it correctly. These devices should NEVER be bought with the goal of contacting a loved one, as that is not only very hard to do without vast experience but it takes time, sometimes even years to achieve this. Diving into ITC is a lifestyle of sorts, something that stays with you for life rather than a short term passing interest. Oh, and Once you establish a connection and trust with the other side, it is with you for life. 

Only three of these were ever made. The SOULSPEAKER. 

Some think buying a device, app or radio will instantly “auto connect” them to the dead and this is not the case. For some it comes quick, and for others it takes work, dedication, respect, love, and the willingness to build the connection to the other side. For some it may never happen. It has a lot to do with you, your personality and how you approach this research. My Portal and various devices are there to grow with you along the way but are in no way magical devices. The stronger the connection you establish the better the box will work. The more you use it, the better it will get. It can help you delve deep into the spiritual realms, when used with care and when used correctly.

If you are an empath, are sensitive, are a loving kind person, then spirit communication is probably something that will come quickly to you. If you are a skeptic, see this as something that is “just for fun” or just want to “try out” spirit communication then this is probably not for you.

My devices have been used with huge success by researchers across the globe, and have been proven by many others other than myself. TV Shows have used my devices. Investigators. mediums, researchers, and also many hobbyists have built their own portal using my instructions for the very 1st and most basic portal, here on this website.

This is a very powerful device when you use it correctly. Using it correctly entails many things. Establishing the connection, recording each session, reviewing each session, respecting the spirits and building trust with them. The more serious you take it, the more serious your results will be. It’s time consuming, real ITC research. 

The RED BOX, no longer offered but it was a beauty. The Wonder Box has been retired. All future boxes will be under the Portal or SoulSpeaker name. 

Anyone who buys a box from me gets a full tutorial and demo video using their box. Just an extra I like to give as if you do not use it correctly then it will be hard to get anything from the experience of using it ; ) Those who use my methods/technique normally have success with spirit communication. It is based on love and respect and having NO FEAR. Sadly I have seen some use my devices in the wrong way, and acting as if it is a joke, or fun and games. Going out searching for demons or making a mockery of it on YouTube to gain views all while not using it even 10% correctly.

FACT: There is so much mockery of the paranormal today on YouTube and many think those videos are real and they feel the real ones are fake. When you see overacting, over drama, chairs being thrown, possessions and bloody noses, vomiting…well, I hate to break it to you, those are not real. They are videos made to entertain and rack up views but at the same time it mocks the real spiritual realm and real ITC research.

It boggles my mind but it seems the acted, fake nonsense is what people see as real (maybe because we have been trained by “reality” TV) and the real and serious research most see as fake. It’s amazing really, the human mind. I really dislike seeing my devices used by those who do not respect spirit which is another reason I limit sales to serious researchers only.

I take this research as serious as I take life itself, and I only want my devices to go to those who are just as serious as I am. I put my heart and soul into these. If you do not have experience in ITC, I can not sell you one of my devices. 

Making DEEP CONTACT with a limited edition Signature Portal (Only three were ever made).

Another classic box, no longer made. My devices are all hand made by me, using only premium parts and tested parts that help to enhance communication when you connect with spirits. It is an “enhancer” meant to be used with the SCD-2 app and/or a P-SB7 radio or even the deads own voice. It’s been proven worldwide by many in the field who use it, and get very real results with it.  Some are like works of art as well, worthy of display. One of my older favorite designs…

You must agree to the following before placing an order for any of my devices, and by placing an order you state that you do agree 100% to and understand the statements below:

  1. There are no guarantees of spirit communication using this device. It MUST be used correctly and I/you must have an open mind to the spiritual realm. (If you have done this work before, you should have no problem connecting. If you have not done this work before, it may take a while before you establish a connection, or it may never happen. I give video lessons on how to connect at my Patreon, and go into why some may never be able to establish a deep connection). Spirit communication can never be guaranteed as we do not control the spirits nor can we predict who will be able to establish a connection.
  2. You must have no fear of this work, and will use this device with respect, care and empathy towards the spirits
  3. You state that you have experience with ITC and spirit research. (Team, TV Show, Researcher, ITC Hobbyist, have used radios, other devices with success and know how to use them correctly)
  4. I understand that Steve Huff takes no responsibility if evil spirits creep in and/or come through the box. I understand I will be using this device at my own risk. (If you seek evil, you will find it. If you seek love and kindness from spirits, you will find it but we usually encounter both on this spiritually journey. There is love and hate in the world. Yin and Yang. Good and Evil and we can and do often access both in this journey)
  5. I understand the Portal comes with a six month warranty against defects. If I drop it or do something to damage it, I will be responsible for the costs of repair. If it fails naturally, Steve will repair at no cost to me.
  6. There will be a 3-5 week wait after I order before the box is shipped to me.
  7. There are no refunds of any kind once I send the money for the order as this is a custom made to order spirit box. (Steve orders the parts for your box immediately after you order one, and he will use your funds to order the parts).
  8. I have to state this for legalities. This device is sold for entertainment only.


Can I use your box for doing medium sessions? Will it connect with lost loved ones?

Answer: That is up to YOU as YOU have to establish the connection through love, respect, dedication, belief and for some this is the hardest part. My device is not for beginners because if you are just starting out, it will not give you what you want. When you see me using it, I am using it with the SCD-2 app or a spirit radio. This device helps to enhance these apps and devices. Spirits speak by manipulation of audio using energy and electricity. Our energy as well. When we connect to to them, they will speak for you when you use the device correctly. Record, and review. But I could and do not ever guarantee who will come through the device. That is up to you. It is not easy to contact specific spirits and while I have proof of it in my group sessions, I have been using these devices for many years and have developed a strong connection to the other side. 

Why is this so expensive. Isn’t it just an amp?

Answer: No, it is not just an amp. It consists of many parts, and in the case of my 2019 Black Beauty Portal, the cost to make is high. With the cost so high, there is also the time to make. It usually takes me around 2-3 weeks to make one from start to finish. Time is money as well.  I am not out to sell a ton of them, in fact, I do not even like selling them at all but many email me constantly to offer them. So I do, at my price, and I am not desperate to sell any of my devices (nor do I have to). I see them as functional works of art. They have been used and proven by myself and others who have used the device with success. I am always testing new ideas as well, and that takes money as well. I have sunk tens of thousands into this research so we can get closer to finding answers and closer to clearer more direct communication. I have found MANY answers about the other side with my research and devices, so for me, it is all well worth it. 

Why do you say this is for Entertainment Only?

Answer: Because there will always be those, who even after reading this page to show them why they should not get one, buy one and agree to what I say here. They may not get communication and blame it on the box, rather than themselves (the connection has to be there so if you get no results, you have not established the connection that is required for ANY spirit device to work). So to avoid any issues, I say it is for entertainment only. It’s a legality. Same reason something like an Ovilus ITC device that is used on TV says “for entertainment only” on the device itself though many use it for serious investigations. This is also why I only sell to those with experience in ITC. You must have an understanding of how spirit speaks and have experience using other devices to do so. Without that, or without taking it serious or without establishing that connection then this is not a device for you. No one else who sells ITC devices will EVER tell you that as they do not want to hurt their sales, but it is the truth. That is what you get from me ALL the time. Truth

How do I know that you are real, and what you do is real?

Answer: Read THIS if you want the Nitty Gritty but….Because I have been doing this for almost nine years. I have done it in the face of hate, in the face of evil, in the face of slander and lies spread about me yet I never backed down or stopped, because what I do goes much deeper than “ghost hunting” (I am NOT a Ghost Hunter). I am a researcher, and have been finding REAL answers for years due to this research. I do this from a place of love. I do ITC for the right reasons, and not the wrong. I have done this live (posted videos of live sessions, call in sessions, and event videos where I use my device) and proven not only my devices but my connection. Group session nights at my Patreon always bring forth validations of love and peace and many have experienced the reality of what I do. I have created over 800 videos with evidence, documented from day one. The progress has been shown. I have been on TV, on Coast to Coast radio, podcasts and even in Magazines and Newspapapers.  I have discovered HOW spirits speak to us, and HOW we can improve it. I have validated, through messages from the devices things such as Heaven and Hell and the “Light”. IMO, Anyone who fakes this kind of work deserves a special place in hell as it is not to be mocked. It is a beautiful thing and something that has been within me since I was a young boy. I have had near death experiences in life… three of them. I have seen and felt the light and have had spiritual experiences that I would have never dreamt possible. What I do is real, and for those who still do not believe I would suggest not watching what I do as you will never believe. I will say that once you open up spiritually and realize the reality of what is possible, it can truly improve your life in many ways. This is much more than just “Talking to the Dead”. 

So HOW does this WORK:

Answer: Spirits manipulate audio to speak. They can also manipulate physical elements in a photograph to show themselves. They do this via energy as spirits themselves are pure energy. They seem to use our energy as well as electrical energy, crystal energy, magnetic energy and other forms of energy. Reverb frequencies are also able to be used by them it seems, allowing them to speak longer and more direct at times. There is no real science to it, it’s simply energy and audio as well as your connection to them, which as I said, is a must. I have tested so many things, and have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years to find what seems to work for them to speak clearer. It’s a challenge but one I will continue on for as long as I can. Some things can not be “explained” by Science, as this is something that is out of our realm of understanding. 

This is too expensive for me and I am just starting. What do you recommend I start with for ITC?

Answer: This:  It is a P-SB7 radio, Use it correctly (with respect, and care. Also record and review sessions) and it will reward you with some decent communication. I recommend this basic but crappy and cheaply made sounding spirit box for anyone who wants to dabble in ITC. I’ve had over 6 of them break after a few months and have owned over a dozen of these ; ) It works when used correctly so that is all that matters. Yes, I say it is crappy and cheap but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It’s what I started with many years ago and what many start out with today. It needs a lot of fixing to be a GREAT spirit box but as is, it will bring some form of communication for most. 


  1. In over four years of offering my devices I have never had anyone contact me with a complaint or a request for a refund. This is 100% fact. I have had emails with “Thank You for selling me this Device” many times.
  2. In over four years of offering my devices I have had two come back for minor repair. One had a loose cable, and one a loose noise reduction box (one of my 1st portals ever). Easy fix. One arrived to the new owner with some slight damage from UPS (input cable was bent), but I took care of it (sent him a new cable within an hour)  and the new owner had it up and working within 48 hours. He is now happy ; )
  3. In over four years of offering my devices it has become a respected device in real ITC Research by those who practice REAL and serious spirit communication.
  4. In over four years of offering my device there have been numerous copies but the portal is the ORIGINAL and no copy is even close to an authentic portal device. I’m the guy who created it, and with the help of spirit and I make them with a passion no one can match.

So you made it this far and you still want one of my creations?


Once you order and pay via the PayPal link below there are no refunds as I use your funds to order the parts. These are made to order, not something I stock. Each portal is made specifically for the new owner (you) and it will take 14-21 days to build and ship off to you. If you want one, the price is $1899 total shipped within the USA. Each Portal will be signed by me, Steve Huff.

The only official Huff devices are on this page, nowhere else. PERIOD

Thank You ALL! 

A few Classic Boxes from over the years that are no longer made