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The “Deluxe” version of the Backwards Box – SOLD OUT until 2024

See the new 2023 Backwards Box In Action in the FIVE new videos below. 



It has been a long time since I offered any of my devices to the public. I am now ready to do it again. 

The Portal. Wonder Box. Backwards Box. SoulSpeaker. Astral Doorway. Miracle Box. All are spirit communication devices that I have created over the last decade. They are also the most copied spirit devices in the world (I take that as a compliment).

I will be making custom signed and updated 2023 backward boxes this year and these are now being offered to the public.

The Backwards Box is an undebunkable spirit device that can be used on location, at home or wherever you want to bring it. It’s small but also a full featured hands on desktop spirit box based on my original portal but with a twist. 

When I created the 1st Backwards Box (see it below from six years ago) it was designed to be used with ANY audio source that has human speech. Simply play anything into the backwards box. Interviews, talk radio, police scanner, etc. You control the voice, or when spirit can use the device with the hands on voice control. This sends the audio source to the backwards module and reverses all speech going in, and it happens in real time. The result is that what comes out is pure gibberish UNLESS a spirit uses it to speak. When a spirit uses the device, you will hear an answer to your question. It can not be debunked. 

The Old (first)Version of the Backwards Box from 2016 can be seen below…

The new one has a much larger olive wood base, all three controls (voice, customized reverse, customized reverb), mini human antenna, quartz or selenite crystal, deluxe sand timer, cables and amp. All will be hand painted by Steve with auto quality clear coat and no two will be the same. They will be improved over the old versions with new reverb frequencies, new reverse settings, larger crystal, gold plated cables and an all new amp. 

Each Backwards Box 2023 will be signed and numbered on the bottom by Steve (Starting with #1) and each person who obtains one will receive a personal video of their backwards box in action as well as showing how to use it.

Feb 26th 2023: SOLD OUT


Q: What makes your backwards box so unique?

A: It is not able to be debunked, by anyone, anywhere. When used as advised, no one can ever say you are a fraud, fake or the device brought a false positive. This is not made to make you think you are talking with spirits (as some apps do) but rather, it is a legitimate ITC research device. 

Q: Is this device hard to use?

A: No, it’s very simple. Just connect the input cable to your phone, computer, laptop, etc. Then play anything with human voice. For example, you can play any YouTube video with human voice such as an interview into the device as spirit needs a voice to use and manipulate. The device will turn that human voice into gibberish meaning no words will be able to be heard unless a spirit connects and uses the device. That gibberish will then be sent to the customized reverb frequencies for spirit to manipulate (if they are with you). When and only when a spirit connects you will hear answers or messages, and this should be scientifically impossible yet it happens daily for me with the backwards box.

Q: What is the difference between this device and your miracle box app?

A: The Miracle Box app was based mainly on my old Backwards Box device along with elements of my Astral Doorway, Portal and the Wonder Box that had the reverse feature from 2016-2017. The physical device, at least for me, works much better and connects much easier. I believe this is due to the intent when making them, the human energy antenna and other factors. Plus, it looks pretty bad ass. This is a device that should be respected. With that said, these principles and methods were placed in the Miracle Box app, all based on my designs, methods and designs from over the years. 

Q: Do you guarantee I will speak with spirits using this device?

A: NO. I can never guarantee a spirit will connect with you, but if one does (and I will show you how to use this in detail via your own personal and private video) connect then they will use the device. You must use the correct technique and methods of which I explain in your How To Video. It’s about focus, respect, love, recording, review and having no fear of the spirit realms. Not everyone can connect, nor does everyone want to take the time to do this correctly. When done the right way, a 15 minute session will take up about 2 hours of your time as you must also record and review to hear all replies. I have days when I record and hear nothing in real time yet on playback of the recording there are messages. So this is for those who want to put the work in, just as I have for the last decade. Even so, I can never guarantee a spirit will connect with you through the device. It’s just not how real spirit communication works, as in, there are never guarantees. I have days where I cannot connect and days where it is incredible. 

Q: Have you improved this at all compared to the original?

A: Yes, I have tweaked the algorithms for the reverse and the reverb which are the two most important aspects of this device. I now use gold plated cables as gold seems to help spirits in some ways. The olive wood base is double in size as the original and I am including some extras. I spend more time on these than I ever have, and attention to detail is evident. This is not a copy of my work using cheap parts and sloppy work, rather it is an official Steve Huff device, made by Steve just for you. 

Q: Does this run on battery or does it need wall power?

A: You will need to plug this one in. It is a desktop device made to be placed on a table and used hands on. The amplifier can be recharged via the USBC charger I include in your package. 

Q: Can I just order a plain one without the paint, crystals or antenna?

A: No, I am not offering anything like that as I feel each device should be special, unique and beautiful. This will make a great display piece as well wherever you decide to keep it. I believe in the intent when building a spirit device, and this is something that is impossible with an app. When I shut down to make the device I focus on love, light, spirits and my guides. I ask them to bless it with light and love. I ask them to allow only higher vibration spirits to use it. I can not guarantee this does anything but I feel it does, and it has always worked for me and my work. There is something about a piece that was created with love and respect vs something that was just churned out to make a buck. I want each one to be unique and special so those who own one can enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed. 

Q: Why are you offering this but not your larger devices such as the Astral Doorway?

A: Those larger devices take more time, money and I would have to charge more than I would want to if I offered them. They also weight quite a bit. For example, my Astral Doorway II that I use now has about $3600 in parts, weighs 30+ lbs and is constantly being worked on and upgraded as I test new methods and techniques. I’d rather offer a smaller, lighter, and just as cool looking device that can be offered for 1/4 the price of what a larger device would cost. The 2023 Backwards box is about 80-85% as effective for me as my flagship Astral Doorway II w/Beacon. Remember, it is YOU that connects with spirit! 

Q: Can I send it back for a refund if I can not connect with spirits?

A: No. There are no refunds once the payment is made. As soon as you make payment, parts are ordered using your payment, then your device is built. I do not and can never guarantee you will speak with spirits. That is up to you and wether you can connect. As I said above, not everyone can. I recommend these devices only to those who have connected with spirit using radios, apps or other devices. This device requires you to put in the work for the reward. All devices do for best results. 

Q: Do you ship outside of the USA?

A: At this time I do not. The shipping costs within the USA set me back nearly $100 for Fed Ex ground shipping and packing. Outside of the USA would be triple that. I’d rather keep it simple, so I will ship to the USA only for these. 

Q: Why do you need payment in full for a preorder? 

A: Because I use your payment to order all parts for your box and some parts take 2 weeks to get to me. By paying up front you will secure your Backwards Box and lock it in. I am not a wealthy guy, so do not have $700 to order parts for something that someone may not pay the balance on when it is done. In this case I am making several of them for the many pre orders that came in starting early Feb 2023. So be 100% sure you want one as after you pay, the parts are ordered same day and there are no refunds once this happens. In the past I would allow deposits but had boxes made and then payment never came. These days I only accept full payment up front, and your box is started as soon as payment is made. 

Q: What makes the Backwards Box Deluxe Different from the Standard?

A: I am making my own Backwards Box to replace my Astral Doorway II and wen making it I added things such as herkimer diamonds, a copper plate that my left palm rests on during sessions for maximum energy transfer. This is wired in to the system from underneath the board. The Deluxe Version I am making for you will look nicer than the standard as I will place custom crystals that I hand pick for you onto your device (though not herkimer diamonds). I also wire this up from underneath rather than on top for a cleaner appearance. I also hand pick the olive wood for the nicest patterns and style and include an amber flex light to attach so you can work in the dark. This costs me more to make in finances and time so the price is slightly higher for this version. This deluxe version is limited, STRICTLY, to only three. I can not offer more of these until 2024. Once these three are gone I will make no more devices this year.

The Deluxe 

Total shipped PayPal F&F for a Backwards Box will be $1,670 USD.

2/26/23: SOLD OUT

Total Shipped PayPal F&F for a Backwards Box Deluxe will be $1,895 USD

3/9/23: SOLD OUT