The Portal is a device I created many years ago now.

It was the first of its kind within the field of ITC and came from passion, dedication and lessons learned from spirits themselves who told me what they wanted in an ITC device.

This was the very first device ever built that made it easier for spirits to speak clearly. It’s also the first device to prove and show how spirts speak audibly. The first to feature digital reverb frequencies. Then, following the Portal, the Wonder Box was the first to feature multiple reverb frequencies and also introduced pitch to ITC, which helped spirt speak more direct and clearer than ever. What followed was implementing magnetic energy, orgone energy, and the “Human Energy Transfer” antenna that helped spirits to use our own energy. All of these things were introduced to ITC by me, Steve Huff in my SOULSPEAKER device, of which only 3 exist. 

Today thousands around the world have made and are using my original Portal design.

The Progress made within this field of research has been staggering due to the portal and what has come after it.

In 2019 and 2020 I created the Astral Doorway device which delivers clearer, more direct answers and even small conversations with spirit. It does not need an app, a ghost box, or any ITC device to work. It has no scanning, no noise, no sound effects. It brings pure spirit response when the connection is present.

As of 2020, I am not selling any of my creations at this time as I need time to work on my own connection. So I can deepen it further.

Remember, the connection has to start with YOU, not a device. If you do not get results with a good app or ghost box radio, a portal will not help you until you build the deeper connection.

Also understand that portals that you see others selling are not made, authorized or recommended by me at this time. They are not official portals but attempts to copy my devices for profit, by using my name and device name. So buyer beware!

PORTAL Q&A from Steve:

Can I use your box for doing medium sessions? Will it connect with lost loved ones?

Answer: That is up to YOU as YOU have to establish the connection through love, respect, dedication, belief and for some this is the hardest part. My device is not for beginners because if you are just starting out, it will not give you what you want as that has to come from within you. When you see me using it, I am using it with the SCD-2 app or a radio. This device helps to enhance these apps and devices. Spirits speak by manipulation of audio using energy and electricity. Our energy as well. When we connect to to them, they will speak for you when you use the device correctly. Record, and review. But I could and do not ever guarantee who will come through the device. That is up to you. It is not easy to contact specific spirits and while I have proof of it in my group sessions, I have been using these devices for many years and have developed a strong connection to the other side, which is mandatory to do what you see me do with these devices. 

Why is this so expensive. Isn’t it just an amp?

Answer: No, it is not just an amp. It consists of many parts, and in the case of my 2019 Black Beauty Portal, the cost to make is high. With the cost so high, there is also the time to make. It usually takes me around 2-3 weeks to make one from start to finish. Time is money as well.  I am not out to sell a ton of them, in fact, I do not even like selling them at all but many email me constantly to offer them. They have been used and proven by myself and others who have used the device with success. I am always testing new ideas as well, and that takes money as well. I have sunk tens of thousands into this research so we can get closer to finding answers and closer to clearer more direct communication. I have found many answers about the other side with my research and devices, so for me, it is all well worth it. 

Why do you say this is for Entertainment Only?

Answer: Because there will always be those, who even after reading this page to show them why they should not get one, buy one and agree to what I say here. They may not get communication and blame it on the box, rather than themselves (the connection has to be there so if you get no results, you have not established the connection that is required for ANY spirit device to work).

So to avoid any issues, I say it is for entertainment only. It’s a legality. Same reason something like an Ovilus ITC device that is used on TV says “for entertainment only” on the device itself though many use it for serious investigations. This is also why I only sell to those with experience in ITC. You must have an understanding of how spirit speaks and have experience using other devices to do so. Without that, or without taking it serious or without establishing that connection then this is not a device for you. No one else who sells ITC devices will EVER tell you that as they do not want to hurt their sales, but it is the truth. That is what you get from me ALL the time. Truth

How do I know that you are real, and what you do is real?

Answer:  I have been doing this for over ten years. I have done it in the face of hate, in the face of evil, in the face of slander and lies spread about me yet I never backed down or stopped, because what I do goes much deeper than “ghost hunting” (I am NOT a Ghost Hunter). I am a researcher, and have been finding REAL answers for years due to this research. I do this from a place of love. I do ITC for the right reasons, and not the wrong. I have done this live (posted videos of live sessions, call in sessions, and event videos where I use my device) and proven not only my devices, but my connection. Group session nights at my Patreon always bring forth validations of love and peace and many have experienced the reality of what I do. I have created over 1000 videos with evidence, documented from day one of my journey. The progress has been shown. I have been on TV, on Coast to Coast radio, podcasts and even in Magazines and Newspapapers.  I have discovered HOW spirits speak to us, and HOW we can improve it. I have validated, through messages from the devices things such as Heaven and Hell and the “Light”. IMO, Anyone who fakes this kind of work deserves a special place in hell as it is not to be mocked. It is a beautiful thing and something that has been within me since I was a young boy. I have had near death experiences in life… three of them. I have seen and felt the light and have had spiritual experiences that I would have never dreamt possible. What I do is real, and for those who still do not believe I would suggest not watching what I do as you will never believe. I will say that once you open up spiritually and realize the reality of what is possible, it can truly improve your life in many ways. This is much more than just “Talking to the Dead”. 

So HOW does this WORK:

Answer: Spirits manipulate audio to speak WHEN you connect with them. They can also manipulate physical elements in a photograph to show themselves. They do this via energy as spirits themselves are pure energy. They use our energy as well as electrical energy, crystal energy, magnetic energy and other forms of energy. Reverb frequencies are also able to be used by them it seems, allowing them to speak longer and more direct at times. There is no real science to it, it’s simply energy and audio as well as your connection to them, which as I said, is a must. I have tested so many things, and have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years to find what seems to work for them to speak clearer. It’s a challenge but one I will continue on for as long as I can. Some things can not be “explained” by Science, as this is something that is out of our realm of understanding. I do know it starts within US, not the device.

This is too expensive for me and I am just starting. What do you recommend I start with for ITC?

Answer: This: https://amzn.to/2Ikb9LC  It is a P-SB7 radio, Use it correctly (with respect, and care. Also record and review sessions) and it will reward you with some decent communication. Very basic early days ITC here. I recommend this basic but crappy and cheaply made sounding spirit box for anyone who wants to dabble in ITC. I’ve had over 6 of them break after a few months and have owned over a dozen of these ; ) It works when used correctly so that is all that matters. Yes, I say it is crappy and cheap but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for ITC at its most basic level. It’s what I started with many years ago and what many start out with today. It needs a lot of fixing to be a GREAT spirit box but as is, it will bring some form of communication for some.