My Review of the Panasonic DR60 Recorder. USA and Japanese Versions. Real EVP tests.

My Review of the Panasonic DR60 Recorder. USA and Japanese Versions. Real EVP tests.

If you missed this one (many did as I never posted here about it) then it is worth a watch (video at the bottom) if you are infatuated with old school from “thin air” EVP. Back in the old days, all we had were recorders, tape recorders, etc to connect with spirits. It was hit or miss and still is today but there is an elusive recorder out there today that delivers from “thin air” EVP to me EVERY TIME I use it, without fail. That is the Panasonic DR-60 recorder that has become a legendary ITC tool in its own right. I used to be so skeptical of it, and never shelled out the $1100 to buy one. Now I own TWO and while I toyed with the idea of selling one, all I want to do now is buy 1-2 more to keep them in storage. This recorder is legendary, and is the real deal. It does have its pros and many cons as well, and I go over that in this article HERE. But as an EVP device, there truly is nothing like it. No other Panasonic variant will work like the DR60. NONE. So when you see other models on Ebay for $500-$1000, do not buy them. They are nothing like the real deal, the DR60.

I have found use of them to validate my sessions with the Wonder Box. After the session and before I ask any spirit guides to leave validations on the recorder if they helped, or if they will help. I ask if the spirit of whom I wanted to connect to showed up. I always get answers. They do not sound “nice” but instead sound gravely and dark, but that is because of the voice we are giving them with the recorder. Internal Noise is what the spirits use to manipulate, therefore that is their voice. Any EVPs from this recorder will all sound like a male, gravely voice or whisper, and in some cases they may sound like they are yelling. This is due to the Nasty internal noise the recorder creates, and the noise the spirits can use for speaking. Nothing more or less. This is how I feel they work.

Anyway, see my video review below where I compare the two models I own, both are equally effective though I now prefer the USA version as it has captured more relevant EVP for me so far.

I once said these are worth $500 or so. I now feel they are worth every penny Paid, at $1100 each. Just beware, they are old, and are electronic. Electronics do eventually fail and break down over time, so be careful if you buy one online.

My Review of the DR60’s and a side by side, with EVPs.