The Panasonic RR-DR60 IS the best EVP recorder ever made, with a hitch

The Panasonic RR-DR60 IS the best EVP recorder ever made, with a hitch

For years I have heard of the RR-DR60 by Panasonic which is an old low quality digital recorder originally sold for around $30 years ago as a normal digital recorder. It was discontinued by Panasonic after complaints about users picking up sounds and voices. Well, that’s the story floating around, I have no way to validate this. Could have been made up by a slick marketer trying to sell a few on eBay.

Speaking of eBay, today the DR60 sells for around $1200, and it seems now it is trying to creep up past that, around $1400.

I now own two of these, one is the American version, the other the Japanese version. Some say the Japanese version is better, and I am not sure of this yet as I have only used them twice. I am only doing one video per week right now, and as I stated before, only with focused sessions. No more sessions to reach random spirits for me as that opens things up for trouble in my experience, even the kind you do not even realize is there until it is too late.

But the DR60…is it the “Holy Grail” as some have said? I never did think so as most EVP’s I have heard from this sound like internal noise issues with the recorder, and others that were real EVP’s were gravely, or rough. Low quality. Some who own this just constantly get what they call “screams” but if it happens all the time, it would appear to be a recorder issue more than a spirit scream. Me, I have yet to get any screams. But I have gotten words, and direct answers to questions, from thin air. What you get with a device like this are true EVP’s. To me, a true EVP is from thin air. Using boxes and apps and radios, I never called those EVP, I just called them spirit messages. But Electronic Voice Phenomenon has been going on forever. It’s not new, and there are tens of thousands of EVP’s that have been recorded all over the world over the years. But catching them can be hit or miss, depending on the recorder, and the person who has the connection to the other side. If the recorder is good at catching EVP ad it is operated by someone who has a connection, then they can probably capture voices 90% of the time. This DR60 is currently the king of recorders for EVP, though it does come with a coupe major drawbacks. One, the cost second, the sound quality.

But when I picked up the 1st DR60 locally, and had instant replies to my questions, I knew something was special about these old school recorders. BTW, it is only the DR60 that has this ability to capture EVPs more easily than other recorders. Some try to sell lesser Panasonic models on eBay claiming they are almost as good, or work well with the DR60, but they do not. I have used moneyslots a couple of these and they do no better to capture EVP as your normal every day $20 recorder. So I would never pay $200,$300 or $500 for a QR100 from Panasonic as it is in no way anything like the DR60 when it comes to EVP capture. I have also tried the QR80 which can be had for $70 or so if you look around, but it is also nothing like a DR60. So beware of anyone who tries to sell these at a high cost claiming they are the same or similar as a DR60, they are absolutely not.

Also, we must understand and realize that not everyone will capture EVP, even with a DR60. One must have that connection to the other side, and still today, many do not realize this fact. To record a spirt, we must be receptive to the spirit, so it not all the recorder, or box or app. It is part us, part the tool we use and part the spirit energy. After seven years of intense research, with ups, downs and everything in between, I have learned a few things about how spirits speak to us, and have proven it over and over. 

While I do not have answers for The Who, what or why, I do know how they speak using devices or boxes or radios. I do know they need our help, and energy to do so fluently.

So please, do not rush and go out to buy a $1200 DR60 on e-bay thinking you will start conversing with your loved ones instantly, as you may or may not be able to connect. If you can connect reliably with other tools, chances are you can with a DR60, but know its limitations.

It doesn’t have USB. You record and play back in real time and I like to film myself doing this. As evidence and proof of real time EVP.

It’s low quality output is rough but you can hook it up to a speaker via its line out to get better playback sound. Remember, this is a $30 recorder, now going for $1400 on eBay. Something like a Geobox or Portal or Wonder Box will give much better communication and clearer but some just prefer doing EVP from thin air. It is harder for spirits to use but still, when you get that voice answering your question it is amazing every time as no one can explain it, especially when you get a clear concise real time reply in real time.

I have never experienced a recorder such as this. It’s quite amazing which is why I now own two. They are getting old now, and electronics do not last forever so these can break down anytime. I had to have ab backup, because if one decides to give out one day, at least I will have a 2nd. If these were $300 I would buy 10. That’s how special these are IMO. Many have praised these to no end, many have trashed them to no end. There are reasons for both lines of thinking here, and both those who praise and trash have valid points. Not everything you pick up on these will even be able to be head or figured out. Sometimes it sounds like xcasinobonuses MUSH. But other times, as you will see below, answers can be clear and direct. It’s hit or miss. So I can see someone buying one, only recording gravely mushy sounds and saying it’s just a defective recorder. Then selling it. Again, no connection, no EVP. On the other hand, those with a connection may buy one and get an intelligent clear direct answer from thin air. For that there is NO explanation. At all. To them, this will be the holy grail for EVP capture. Just as it is for me.

The reason I think it works so well is due to the low quality and internal noise created by the recorder. Spirits do indeed manipulate audio to speak and I feel the reason the voices are rough with the DR60 is because they are trying to take that internal noise and form words with it, just like they do with apps or radio scan boxes. So the low quality is a blessing and a curse for this DR60.

I will work with it more as it is fascinating and one can have a back and forth chat in real time by recording, listening and recording again to address the answers you may have received.

So the DR60 is the real deal. It does have the ability to capture EVP more than other recorders. But as with any ITC tool, it will not work for everyone. If you are not open, or receptive to communication it just will not happen.

Either way the DR60 is an ITC legend and IMO, part of ITC history. See my two videos using one below:

No mistaking the direct answer of “friend” and “heaven” in this one. 

The 1st attempt with this recorder