How to use your Wonder Box or Portal with the “Music Method” for ITC.


How to use your Wonder Box or Portal with the “Music Method” for ITC.

If you have an authentic, made to spec Portal or one of my Wonder Box’s that I made for you in the past, and you have not yet tried the Music Method for communication with spirits, you should ; ) The Wonder Box is perfect for this, but the Portal will also work as long as you have a connection to the spirits. The Wonder Box offers more energy types for spirits to gain strength to speak but the portal will also help them. Spirits, as I have said for 5-6 years now, manipulate audio to speak. They change audio given to them, and if you give it to them along with certain things (like what the portal and wonder box gives them) then it makes it much easier for them to speak.

I have spoken about this at length, and if there is any fact I know in this crazy life of research it is this, that spirits do change audio given to them to speak. It’s been tested, proven and tested and proven, over and over. So how does one use music to allow spirits to speak? Easy, and no, we do not need apps or radios to hear the dead. Apps are basically (some of them) well implemented audio files to give to spirits to manipulate. Nothing more or less. Some are more complex, some feel the need to splice it all up, some give full phrases. The clearer and more concise the audio given, the clearer the communication can be. I have used the music method, using SONGS with clear vocals and mellow music, fed into the Wonder Box to gain communication from what I feel are ghosts, angels and higher vibrational spirits.

IME: It seems the higher realms love music, and the lower realms hate it.

I have had evil voices tell me to stop the music and angelic voices asking me to keep playing it. So when I do these sessions with music, especially if I am trying to connect with the artist themselves, I am not only giving them their own voice to speak, I am playing their music which may help bring them around. I have done this with Johnny Cash, Prince, Michael Jackson and now Tom Petty.

First, an older video where I explain it and use this method of communication after seeing it done by Michael Todd Phillips online. I did not create this method but he did, using his portal at the time. When I saw his interesting results, I gave it a try myself:

After that I was wowed, and amazed. Here they were, the spirits, CHANGING the words in songs, using the voice of the music artist, to speak. Spirit can also change the voices, if they have the energy to do so, but usually they use the “voice” of whatever audio they can get a hold of. This is why the EVP’s in the DR60 recorder are so rough. Spirits use the internal noise created by that recorder to speak. This is why for years now I have been trying to. tell everyone that spirits need good audio to get clear communication. This is why I helped develop the SCD-1 and SCD-2 apps with Anthony Sanchez. CLEAR source audio = CLEAR responses.

Below, using Johnny Cash’s own music with the Wonder Box, and not only that, I had DIRECT LINE REVERSE mode activated which means the songs were REVERSED in real time. This means, any forward speech is 100% spirit messages, as otherwise, without their manipulation of it, it would all be gibberish, and reversed. Some powerful messages here. This is why the Wonder Box is so powerful, and is the FIRST spirit box to use a mode such as Direct Line reverse which was implemented in a way that spirits could use it. Not just reversing the audio, but in a way that helps them with energy. 

The Johnny Cash session above amazed me as well. So I knew this method was powerful. I also knew not everyone would understand what was happening here. Some who did not read or pay attention to when I always spoke of my Direct Line Mode…well, it was created to be an UN DEBUNKABLE mode for the Wonder Box, and 100% is. If you get forward speech in this mode, there is no explanation that anyone can come up with. No one. Nada. PERIOD. The ONLY explanation is entity or spirit manipulation, and since this is how they speak, this proves it even more.

The answer in the JC video above where he yells out “NO!!!!” in his own voice (due to the reversed source audio being in his voice, an interview and music) gave me intense chills and at the same time sadness due to what he was answering. It was a direct answer, in reverse mode and a RELEVANT DIRECT ANSWER, right after I ask the question. UNDENIABLE and UN-DEBUNKABLE, by NO ONE. If anyone claims they can explain it away, they can not.


The music method of ITC is amazing, and with the Portal and Wonder Box you simply load music in and feather the noise reduction in and out as you “feel”..meaning, you mute it with the noise reduction, and ask your question..when you feel spirit wants to answer from within yourself, feather the dial to allow some audio in for a few moments. Seconds even. You may not hear real time replies..but RECORD the session. When you play it back you may just hear messages answering your questions. Just as I did in my latest attempt with this method, for Tom Petty..but listen to the 1st part when I try to connect with guide who I am asking for help…they immediately change the word in the song to answer me, clearly and directly…

Over the last seven years I have done all I could for improving spirit communication. From my devices to tests and proven theories like audio manipulation. When I started in ITC, most were using noise scanning radios and the PSB7, which is awful by todays standards, that SB7. We do  not need white noise. We do not need radio. Spirits do not “broadcast” over airwaves. We do not need K2 meters, we do not need EM Pumps (Spirits hate EM pumps) and 90% of the other devices being sold and pushed on the paranormal community. The #1 tool for communication, and this is a fact, is YOU. The operator. Without dedication and a connection, no device will help you connect. Period.

Today in 2017, the best Spirit Communication devices available in my opinion are the Geobox and Wonder Box. Both different though the Geobox now uses a lot of tech from my original Portal and sounds so much better than in its early days. These devices, the Wonder Box and Geobox offer something unique, each one does. The Geobox offers old school hand made charm with real wood cabinets and a unique yet awesome vibe going on. It “feels” right. The Wonder Box offers more tech and more energy for spirits to use to speak. It offers more power and clarity and options with direct line reverse, and the new voice control options. It’s a more “hands on” approach and offers more for the who like to tweak their settings and sessions. Both are amazing ITC tools, and the best at what they do.

Other than these, all of what I see today are copies of these two devices or more of the old, same old same old. Noisy radio scanners, apps that get rehashed, and still no one who makes devices talking about what is most important for true communication. Technique, connection and how YOU are the most important piece of the puzzle. I have been trying to explain this to everyone for the last couple of years. There are posts here with tips on establishing a connection, etc.

BTW, I am not knocking any device or apps, just stating facts, and these are the facts.

Just a FYI, no one used digital reverb before me. No one used noise reduction before me. None used pitch or reverse (how I implemented it with reversing reverb and using the noise reduction with it) before me. No one used Orgone Energy, Copper and Magnetics before me for a spirit box device. So today you see all of this being used by many, even so called “engineers” who scoffed at me when I introduced the portal. It was interesting back then, as some today who have now copied my devices and techniques attacked me back then, calling me a “fraud” and “con man”. Today my devices are used all over the world, and even on TV shows for spirit communication. Teams use them, many have built their own portals and still do today.

Others sell portals using my name, even though I have no hand in it nor do I make a cent on them. So yes, these devices are the real deal and as I used to say “time will tell, as time always tells the truth”. The time is now, and it is beautiful. Same goes with George Brown and the Geobox. He was the 1st to use an EMF antenna implemented in a spirit box, the 1st to use an analog reverb tank, and the 1st to build them to such a nice standard using real wood cabinets. He’s an original as well.

I think it is awesome, amazing and a testament to my work and research. I am blessed in so many ways. I love seeing others use ideas from my devices, as one day someone will push it farther using their own passions and ideas. That’s how progress is made.

But this connection, this work…

I also say it is a curse and then a blessing. Not everyone would want this, as once you are connected strongly, it never ever goes away, and you inherit all of the good and bad that comes with it. There is bad, there is good. Just as in life.

My New Device

My new Wonder Box Silver is almost done, but it is no longer called “Silver”. Instead it is the Wonder Box “White Light” edition. All white, made with love and using pure Silver Wiring in some areas along with Magnetic Energy, Crystal Energy, Human Energy and a few other things inside that I have not tried before. It will be done by tomorrow, Thursday the 12th of October 2017. It should be more responsive and clearer than what I am using now, which is an older Wonder Box Plus. It will sound more like the Gold Box but a little different. I will do a focused session tomorrow night if at all possible, and I hope to make it a good one.

Stay tuned.