Panasonic DR60 EVP Session. Trying to connect with my Father. Listen to these replies

Panasonic DR60 EVP Session. Trying to connect with my Father. Listen to these replies

My latest video…a new direction and focus

Well, I am dipping my toes back in, slowly but steadily. As I said in my last video HERE I am planning for a new series, a focused series, with one goal. To reach higher vibrational spirits by raising my vibration. To see if I can connect others, with their help, to their loved ones with “messages from heaven”. Now, of course there are some reading this shaking their head, saying “not possible, it’s all demons”. Well, you could be right, and I know this. You also could be wrong as we just do not know, we do not know. NO ONE DOES, and if you think you do, remember, it is your opinion as it is not possible for you to know. I wish we did. Would make all of this much easier.

But hey, I do not know and even with my extensive experience in this field, and others who also have extensive experience, we still do not and probably never ever will have answers. Most of you out there who do this work have opinions, theories and ideas of what may be going on (as do I), but the reality is, again, we do not know.

What I do know is that if I take all of my evidence from the last several years and study it, I see moments of amazing love and angelic messages and I also see moments of pure evil and death threats to me from something that did not like what I was doing. But it does prove there is SOMETHING out there, wether that is ghosts, demons and angels or some sort of alien life form..well, again..we do not know.

Just like here on earth, I feel that whatever we connect to has bad and good, and I also feel (but do not know with 100% facts) that MOST of what we have been connecting to with this research has been lost souls, stuck spirits or even possibly, according to them, those in hell.

It was never and never will be my intent to record and play back voices from hell. That’s not my place to do so. I am no guru, I am no God and I am nothing special. I am just a guy who passionately fell into this work for the same reasons many of you have. But I went overboard and got in deep, as this work can and does get addictive. I have theories on that but that will be for another day. For now, I want to delve into why I am even back dabbling again after a few weeks off. I asked myself that many times today but I know damn well what the answer is.

It’s in my blood. It’s part of my life. I have so much invested in this, and have accomplished so much in my own personal mind that it’s not something I could ever 100% walk away from even when it scares the hell out of me sometimes.

BUT I knew there had to be changes to what I was doing as I was abusing the boxes, the apps, the radios.

See, myself and many others do this work, well,  It starts as a hobby. It starts out as a fascination. For some of us, it becomes something we just WANT to do. We are DRIVEN to do it. Almost like an addiction. At that point we start to do sessions just for the sake of doing them. Just so we can say “listen to this spirit voicel”! I mean it’s fun for a while but when I look back, I am disapointed with myself. This work should never be about daily sessions just to do them, It should never be done carelessly, like I have done many times. It should always be respected, as it is pretty powerful stuff. In the past I have been guilty of all of this, as are many others who do this research.

Why do we feel the need to just turn on a box almost daily to record voices of the dead? If we get into this to prove life after death, once we find out that yes, there is something, why do we keep going? I mean, this stuff should be enough to scare the pants off of any of us, but when we get in deep, we get in deep. We get obsessed but I feel it is because something drives us to do so. Attachments, slight possessions, and things that may be able to manipulate us. It’s all very strange indeed and we will never know, but something happens to some of us who get obsessed with this work as doing it without purpose just doesn’t make sense to me now. It did then, but not know. After being cleansed, and having our home blessed my mind has cleared in a way like it has not been cleared before. Hard to explain but something “clicked” and I see things differently.

For the past few weeks I have been praying, talking to God. I have been meditating. Seeing things that may or may not be guides showing me the path to take. I have been protecting myself, my home, my pets and my family using age old techniques. I have been doing my best to create a relationship with my creator, with the hopes that if he is leading me down this path, that he shows me this. So I know.

Yes, there are things that call themselves DEMONS, and they are not fun. There are those who call themselves heavenly angels, and those bring a warmth like you would not believe. There are those who beg for help, who say they are in hell. They beg for the light. There are those who told me I was chosen for “something” yet they won’t say what that is.

So I am conflicted. It’s a 50/50 chance I am chosen for good, It’s a 50/50 shot that I am being led down a bad path by evil.  So I go within via meditation, prayer and gut feeling to find my answers and what I was shown was that I am supposed to HELP others in this world. Wether that is helping connect to loved ones, or helping others believe that yes, there is an afterlife and a god and the devil. I mean, I recorded these things clear as a bell over and over with no explanation or debunking of it possible by anyone, no matter what they think.

THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH and for me, I know this. You may not believe it but some things just can not be explained away when it is constant and so many of us in this crazy ITC field record rock solid evidence of such. But anyone can believe what they want, doesn’t matter really as I am not here to preach about this, just share my experiences.

While we will never see a day that everyone believes, I feel the world needs as much love as we can muster these days. Before this work, I did not have much belief in an afterlife. I just did not know. Doing this work for seven years has now led me to God, led me to believe in Heaven and Hell and led me to be a different man. Not that I was ever even close to being some kind of bad guy, but I never prayed, I shrugged off the whole Jesus and God thing. Today that is not the case.

So while I have had bad experiences here doing this research (VERY bad), much good has come from it as well. Hundreds of emails come in telling me stories of how my work has changed lives. Stories, amazing stories are told about how my work has positively influenced people all over the world. Some who had not believed in a God or an afterlife, and now they do. Some who are more comfy knowing that yes, we do go on. Some who even said my work stopped them from suicide.

So yes, there is good that comes from this, and I think if I do this work responsibly, with full respect and without being careless or obsessive about it, not only will all be OK, but it will excel, move forward and more and more will see the reality of what is happening here. More will be moved and maybe, JUST maybe, a few more out there will spread more love and kindness.

My sprit work from now on will be focused, and with intent for only good. I thank you all for your support, love, concerns, and comments. Even if we disagree on things, that is OK. That’s the nature of this beast we call life. I love you all, and have no ill will towards anyone on this planet. No one.

While I may have less content/videos than before, I am hoping that what I do bring out will be more powerful, and I look forward to bringing it to all of you.

Love to all, have a great night and weekend ahead.


PS, as for the video at the top of the page, I am using the Panasonic DR60 recorder. A controversial recorder that has been hailed by some as the best EVP recorder ever made. Others give opinions on why it is not. Me, I have always been skeptical of it due to the price gouging of it on eBay. Most videos or EVP’s I have heard from it just sound like screeching, or rough voices that are hard to make out. Even so,  I was intrigued for years by it. After buying one today, and using it for the first time in the video above, I am sold. BTW, one was for sale locally to me right when I went to look for one. Coincidence? Maybe.

I know one thing for a fact in this field, as it has been tested and yes, scientifically. Spirits manipulate audio sources to speak. Wether you use a scanning radio ghost box, an app or an EVP recorder, spirits need noise or raw audio to manipulate and speak. It can be a breeze, a breath, a howl, or radio snippets. With this recorder my theory of why it works so well is easy. It’s a low bit, low quality, noisy recorder. That’s the beauty of it, and also it’s downfall.

The beauty comes from the fact (I believe) that the noise being created inside this thing is being used by spirits to manipulate and form words. They sound so gravely and rough because the audio source noise is gravely and rough. When you use a great ITC app into a wonder box or geobox, the spirits use the tools of the box, and us, the operator, to change the audio of the app to say what they want. Since we use clearer audio in an app, when they do reply and change that source audio it is much clearer. That’s why apps with clear voice as the raw audio work so well and are so clear. When a connection is there, and spirits are working with the operator (or attached to them), the replies can be so crystal clear.

With this DR60, all EVPs will have a similar “voice” as they only have that gritty noisy raw audio source to work with .

BUT, you can also record clear voices with the DR60, I have heard a few. When a spirit is strong, and has energy they can sometimes speak directly into the recorder in a haunting but clear voice. It’s more rare but it happens.

Anyway, that’s my opinion based on factual evidence and tests. That’s my belief. Doesn’t have to be yours but after thousands of sessions and tests, for me, that’s how it works in my mind. No offense to those who believe otherwise.

I find the DR60 so powerful even though the audio quality is so low. It made me emotional today due to its power. It is the ONLY recorder that may allow for a conversational connection all on its own, and for that reason alone, it is remarkable. So remarkable that after a day with mine (and I did not use it any after the video above) I went to eBay and purchased a 2nd one to have as a backup. It’s a special piece and part of ITC history. Too bad the prices are so insane. What used to sell for $30 when it was new, now goes for $1200 on average. Crazy but we work in a crazy field, so makes sense ; ) Anyway, 2100 words here so I will give your eyes a break and I will get to bed, I need some rest as another day lay ahead tomorrow.