Middle of my Break with an Update…New project Starts November 2017

Middle of my Break with an Update…New project Starts November 2017

Hello everyone. It has been a few weeks since I have done ANYTHING paranormal, even watching para videos. It will be another 4 weeks before I delve back in, but when I do, it will be much different than my previous work. Instead of doing session after session in my home, just to see who or what connects, from now on all work I do will have purpose. Something that will or can have the potential to ONLY do good.

In fact, the next step in this journey will involve some of you who watch what I do, with in person face to face sessions. Also to clarify, I will not and never charge for these sessions. For me it is enough for some to join me just to test this in a scientific way, to see what is truly possible, to see if we can connect with those who have crossed and to receive messages from heaven. We may succeed, we may fail. Either way I plan on filming in October and publishing these short films in November. Also to be clear. I WILL NEVER AGAIN MAKE ANY DEVICE TO SELL. While many still ask me to sell them a box, those days are over. I just can not do it as it’s not something I enjoy doing, and even with them selling on eBay for insane amounts, I have no interest as money does not tempt me here. Never has, never will. It’s much bigger than money, or anything. To those who understand that, wonderful. To those who do not, well, you should. 

So check out the update below, and see my plan and idea. I feel that if we succeed here, it will be not only amazing but beautiful as well. This will be like nothing that has been done before, documented in the way I will do these. NO, these will not be done live, and NO they will not be done via Skype. For reasons I have spoke about for years and in my recent Q&A video on my Youtube channel. I feel a need to connect, one on one with individuals, and to sit with them as we try this. It makes it much more powerful.

Each session will be recorded and filmed, there will be short interviews and since 70% of what comes through is usually never heard live, we will sit in my home and edit right after, to listen for the replies. All will be documented. We will listen for meaningful direct replies and only those. So this is it. Me meeting with those whom I never met, in my home, to do private one on one sessions to attempt to connect with loved ones who have passed, all in the name of scientific ITC research. To try to get a message from the other side for them.

While I have no device on hand, at all, for ITC right now. In September I will build only one (it will NOT contain gold) and it will be used solely for this purpose and nothing else. If we fail, it will be seen as an experiment that did not work. They will still be shown. If we succeed, I will continue this in the future to help as many as I can, again at NO CHARGE. My goal is to shoot 10 episodes for this initial test. I will spend the next 30 days session free (as I have the last few weeks) to prepare myself mentally, physically and emotionally for this. We do not see many doing scientific experiments like this in ITC, so I think there is no better time to start.

When done, these episodes will be shown, for free, on my YouTube channel. Hopefully sometime in November of 2017.