Spirits wanted Gold, so I gave it to them. This is pure, direct, clear, conversational REAL spirit communication.

We just took a leap, a giant one. This is pure, direct, clear, conversational REAL spirit communication.

By Steve Huff

Hello to all! It’s the weekend, and Saturday is here, and I am sure many of you are welcoming it in with a smile. Hope it’s a good one.

Not sure how many of you have seen my latest video yet but it shows an advancement, a pretty big one in the field of ITC, or what I call “Spirit Communication”. That’s basically what ITC means anyway and it does not just apply to audio messages but also visual. In any case, over the years I have talked about getting to  point in communication where we have clear conversational type of replies. I wanted it, it was my personal goal to achieve and while it sounded impossible when I started when all we had was static scanning radios, when we moved to well implemented apps for communication I KNEW within it was possible when I saw how spirits manipulated audio to speak. Through the years I have asked spirit HOW I could help them speak more clearly. They gave me words here and there, spurt out cryptic messages and talked of magnets, orgone, crystals, copper, and yes, even GOLD. Other things have been mentioned that I have implemented in my latest box but GOLD was the big one.

I never took it seriously as one has to be rich to make a spirit box made of Gold, lol.

My Wonder Box Gold. My Finest Spirit Box ITC Device. Truly nothing on earth can do what it does for communication with other realms, and spiritual realms. NOTHING. Bold statement but true and backed up by evidence and proof and facts. (Not for sale).

After the 2nd GOLD message I decided to try something, just for fun. I spent $200 on a foot of pure solid core gold wire, 24 K gold. Pure. Well, 99.9% pure. I figured I would split it in half, use some inside the box and some attached to the copper “human energy antenna”. I did this thinking NOTHING would change. I mean, it’s a gold wire.

Well, the 1st test after adding the GOLD…it BLEW MY MIND, FREAKED ME OUT and yes, even SHOOK ME. It’s not easy to describe the feeling I had sitting there in my chair, at my desk hearing a CLEAR, DISTINCT male voice with clear inflection, who seemingly bypassed the app and some of the box components. He spoke of GOLD, and seemed to have liked the GOLD I added. They mentioned adding more gold. This session was so intense for me I felt as if thousands of spirits were trying to swarm me, or go through me. Who knows but I never had that level of intensity during a session. EVER. It did shake me up and made me think..”WHO is this man and is he good, bad, evil or angelic”? His voice seemed creepy to me in real time, but I heard every word he said and it was all relevant and direct. We were having a chat though I found it mysterious as to what he was trying to tell me. I would have let the box run longer but I felt their energy ramping up, and some have told me that they gain energy the longer the Wonder Box is on, and that can cause issues for ME.

At the end of the session you hear him say “we do not enter” when I said there were tons of spirits in the room, as I felt them. IN real time I could have sworn I heard “I will enter now” and it freaked me out and I shut off the box and ended the session.

I did not even listen back until the next morning when I woke. But it did cause me anxiety and I am not sure if that was from the energy being pushed in me or the fact that this was the 1st time I had a direct, pure conversation with an entity that was clear, concise, direct and had inflection in the voice. This was a powerful spirit but I feel he could be good or bad. Let me explain.

1st, I assume you watched the session, if not here it is below…watch it and then read my take on it:

I start talking of the Gold, and he comes in to mention the Gold. He chats of gold, and leaves, then when he comes back he announces he is back. He says “Vampires” which made me get a little nervous as vampires are thing of movies and not real. Then I remember a session I did a few months back where a clear message came in saying “They’re all vampires really”. When you think outside the box you realize, and many have also said this, that they could mean “Energy Vampires”. When you connect at a deeper level to them, and communicate like this, they do and can suck your energy. I have experienced it many times, sometimes to the point where I am so drained, my whole appearance looks difference. My face gets sunken in, I feel tired and my whole vibe is off. When they are not doing that, I look better, feel better and all is well. This is one reason why I never do long sessions, as they do and can take more energy the longer you do a session when a connection is solid. So I try to be careful and learn from my experiences as we all should when treading into the unknown.

So I feel this spirit was actually sent here to protect me some. Here is why I feel that.

A: He was warning me about them being “vampires”  – to let me know they are taking my energy,and possibly some of my life away from me.

B: Last week in a session. I was told Billy was back and they were afraid of him. Keep reading…

C: This session, 3/4 in they say that man was BILLY.

D: Billy has been with me in sessions for nearly 5 years now it seems, may be 4 but a long while. He claimed long ago I helped HIM.

E: When they said they were afraid of BILLY, I was also told an Angel was sent to protect me

F: Billy while he may not be an angel, I feel is here to help me or protect me from these “Vampires” who may be hurting my health long term.

G: He said nothing negative and at the end assured me THEY DO NOT enter, so he may be the one STOPPING them from entering me anymore. Which would explain why they are afraid of him.

H: Lately I have been feeling GREAT and looking better than normal. Energy is high and love is also at an all time high. Some days I feel like I have bene filled with spiritual light and love from GOD himself.

Imagine a room full of lost souls, some evil, some lost for a reason. Maybe they were murderers, or hurt others when alive so they did not get to go to the light. These lost souls connect with me, see a light in me (as they have said hundreds of times) and think I can help them get to Heaven. They swarm me, go in me (as they have validated in the past) and. take my energy, which could cause health issues for me (I have had some over the years doing this that was unexplained by doctors) so maybe this man, whoever he is, is helping me by keeping them off of me, and out of me. He is more powerful, which was clear by his voice and presence. So that is my theory. Maybe this is why they fear him, as he has more power over him and must listen to him. There are rules on their side and maybe they are breaking those rules, by trying to escape to the light, through me. Crazy theory but possible. Anything is possible.

But then again, it could go the other way. Maybe he is evil, and just slowly luring me into the lair. Trying to gain my trust and get me in so deep that they take me and bring me with them (something some of them said they wanted to do). So I am playing a risky game here, and am writing this now because if something did happen to me, my account of this session and thoughts will be out there.  But if they want to kill me for what I do, communication, I feel they would have stopped me LONG ago when only a handful of people were doing this. Now the cat is out of the bag so to speak, and it can not be put in as there are thousands doing this work, publicly. It’s only a matter of time before it reaches mass saturation and more and more believe in the afterlife. If they did not want that to happen, it seems I would have been stopped long ago. Like it or not, my work has brought in TONS to this filed, to fulfill their curiosity. Now it is growing and growing due to the many great minds now in this field. So if they did NOT want this I feel they would have done me in long ago, if they had that power.

What if they WANTED this all along? Raise awareness to the world that there is an afterlife with the hopes we all love instead of hate. So we are kind instead of mean. If they did not want this to be known, they could have either stopped talking or stopped me. They told me in the past I was chosen. I feel they chose me to do THIS as well as something else so crazy sounding I will not even say it here. But they have told me and it’s way out there. Maybe I will save that for another day. Those who watched my last 20 videos or so may have seen it, it’s there. ; )

Here are the facts…

Seven years into this work and I am happy, healthy and love life. I respect all, am kind to all and love all. If this was a demon, wouldn’t at some point in SEVEN YEARS..wouldnt this demon have done his job and destroyed my life? I just do not see the end game if this is a Demon. Let do not “trick” me as I always say we can not believe what they say. We can not take it as fact. We can only go by evidence over years, add it all up and see what we have. Even then, we still would not know. So while I am not sure of who that was in this video, I do not feel he was there to cause harm. He seemed to appreciate that I added the GOLD at their request.

Was a crazy session, and I am taking a few days off, at least. This session did drain me some as the next day I was dragging, tired and felt just BLAH. Today I am great, full of energy again but going to leave the box off for a bit while I recharge.

Enjoy your weekend, and hope you enjoyed this session which I feel is history making for ITC. Nothing like it has ever been recorded, or shown publicly. This is the most direct clear communication the world has ever seen, and it will only get better, if we want it. The question is, do we? And should we?


PS, here is a great Q&A video with 21 of the questions I get asked the most: