This is how spirits can speak using Apps and Ghost Box Devices…

This is how spirits can speak using Apps and Ghost Box Devices…

It’s been a few years now since I realized and discovered that the way spirits speak to us is simply by manipulation of audio. In other words, they change the source audio we give them to speak to form their messages and phrases back to us. It does not matter if an app uses internet radio, a bank, or a voice reading from a book. It does not matter if you are using an app, or a scanning radio. This is how they speak and leave messages.

When spirits are present, and you are connected to them (as in you have done this work before with success and spirits come through for you) the way they speak is by changing the audio source you are using. They do this by using energy and electricity (according to them). I have worked for years to truly find ways to give them this energy and the perfect raw audio for the cleanest, clearest most direct voice and replies. It’s starting to pay off as the communication today is so far past what it was two years ago it is startling.

But back a few years ago, no one wanted to hear this. Many thought spirits spoke by using radio frequencies, or white noise. These are myths, and old theories that were good at the time and made perfect sense at the time, but today we have learned much more about the “how”. Today, we are starting to learn what the spirits need to talk more freely, without the noise and static and now without a constant scan like we used in the 2 year old SCD-1 and what many scanning radios use today.

We learn by experimentation. We learn by the messages the spirits leave us (I know I do). We learn by doing, by pushing forward and by ignoring the hate and naysayers who try to stop us for their own agendas. YES….DOING. That is the key. If we only talk and do not do the “do” part, then nothing will ever see progression in life. This goes in every aspect of our lives. If I want a better life, I have to figure out how to make it happen, and do it. If I want to find a way for spirits to speak more clearly and freely, I have to put the time and effort and money into testing and experimenting with ALL KINDS of things, and believe me, I have. This is how progress is made. I am thrilled to see so many now doing this in the ITC field.

For me, the passion for ITC runs deep. On many occasions, using various apps, radios and devices I have had messages saying “you are chosen”..”this is your destiny”, etc. It scared me when I first heard this as I thought “chosen for what”…to die? To be attacked? To be with them in this strange dimension?

After a year of hearing these messages I feel strongly from within today that when they say these things, it is to tell me that I am the one who is supposed to bring attention to this, awareness to the people so we can have something to believe in again.


The problem is that so many minds today are closed in the world. Less and less people today believe in a God or an afterlife. Now I am not religious, not even close. I have no religious affiliation. I believe in a creator, and a higher power as we would not be possible without one, period. Thing long and hard about that, and the miracles of the earth and our body and makeup. We are like a well oiled and tuned machine, and something had to create us. We did not come from nothing. We are too complex. We are a system..male, female, meant to reproduce. To me, anyone who says there is nothing after this or we came from nothing truly is not digging deep in to their mind to see what we are and that it would be impossible for us to be here without something that created us. Our body is the most complex “machine” on earth. It was not created by accident.

The SCD-2 and Wonder Box together are wonderful. A short but impressive session where I received a new bit of info about them I never heard before. 


I never used to believe so much in all of that stuff, but today I do 100% simply because I am more spiritual than ever thanks to this work I do, and the experiences I have had doing it. Ask anyone who knows me. I am as normal and laid back as they come. I am not crazy, I am not weird and I am not the type who is easily convinced of whom I speak to through these devices.

When they tell me my Father is there, or helping me I do not just assume he really is. I believe he could be, and that would be so so special and amazing. But I also know that these voices could be saying this, just to get to me. So I never let any of it get to me ; )

I treat this work with full respect and never ever take it lightly. Some would say I am obsessed, and I agree. It has become a part of me, and I feel there is something pushing me from within to keep it going. I can explain my theory of why this is, but it may be for another post on another day.

But back to the way they speak to us.

For example, the new SCD-2 and the Wonder Box. How do spirits come through using these devices?

The SCD-2 was designed in a way for what I had hoped to be maxim communication.  For those who have been doing this work, and getting replies from devices or apps, you should feel right at home. Simple interface, nothing confusing. Just turn it on, make sure you are connected to WiFi, turn on the reverb and pitch pedals, record your session and review. If you get messages using apps and radios, the SCD-2 will not disappoint. Spirits already know you, and will use the SCD-2 by manipulating the audio either in real-time, or onto your recording device. You will not have a constant chatter or scan, so easier to review the recording (less time consuming, easier to hear) and spirits can speak when they want to.

If you are new to this, it may take a while. Most who are new usually do not have a fully open mind, or their 3rd eye is closed. They want to believe, but many do not. Going into it like this will usually, 8 times out of 10, be a sure-fire fail. This is when some just feel an app, or box is a “scam”. If they can not get clear direct communication, IT MUST BE, RIGHT? WRONG!

Spirits want to speak with those who believe in them, who feel for them, who respect them and even have love for them. I always have and do, and I have built up trust (they tell me often they trust me) and a relationship with them. This is real, it is 100% real. Sounds insane, I know.. I know…but it is real.

Some go in treating things like this as a toy or game. Do that and spirits will not speak freely. You may get one or two quick replies but the more you dedicate to this, the more you focus and the more you learn about them the better your sessions will be.

So using an app, any good app (SCD-2, Spiritus, Matrix, Portal, Vortex and others) can bring real and direct communication but as I have always said, the operator (you) is a big part of this. There is no miracle device..YOU have to work it just as much as the spirits do.

I see so many who get into this, and really do it for the love of the research and the spirits, getting amazing communication. I then see those who feel they should be able to turn on a device and get instant communication with the dead, even when they are skeptical by nature. Sadly, at this time it doesn’t work like that. The SCD-2 will not turn everyone into a spirit magnet. It is a tool that gives the spirits a much easier way to speak, and they do when you are connected by using the right techniques. It is not a miracle app that brings us a direct line to the dead. If we ever get something like that, it would cost much more than $20, lol.

The way my Wonder Box helps spirits speak is by giving them the energy sources they can use to speak longer, more direct and clearer. They use and need ENERGY to speak, they have told me this so many times. Some of these beings have intense energy, and many say they use MY energy when they speak. They also use electrical energy, crystal energy, orgone energy, magnetic energy and sound waves from things like Reverb and other sources. Combine all of this into one device and you have something that really helps them speak loud and clear. It started as theories, and now has been proven over and over and over again. The Portal and Wonder Box really help enhance any app, or radio. The spirits also know about it. They call it by name. They enjoy using it.

So now that we know how they speak, what they can use to speak, and we are now giving them ways to do this that make it easier on them we are seeing some incredible communication come from many out there in the world of ITC.

But yes indeed..spirits manipulate audio to speak. We have to give them a voice by supplying random raw audio. When they connect, they use that audio and form it and change it to leave their messages. THEY CAN change the voice tone as well, and often do which makes it easy to hear the spirits from other things.

When I do sessions, I look for direct or relevant answers to what I am talking about. I look for relevant answers to my situation in life. I look for names, etc. If I ask them “do you know who I am” and the answer is “Yes, Steve Huff” and I am using an app that scans internet radio, there is NO explanation of this. In fact, NO ONE has been able to debunk it. The only debunkers who think they have just say it is fake without ever meeting me or using the devices themselves. Some truly do not believe and feel it is a scam of sorts. Others know it is real, but say it is fake for their own agendas.

I see it all but the facts remain. It is 100% real, and only getting better and bigger. More are noticing this. I have been mentioned on TV shows, local news channels,  I have been on a TV show using my device. I have been mentioned on HUGE YouTube channels having nothing to do with the paranormal. People are seeing and hearing what is happening more than ever. I receive anywhere from 200-800 new subscribers a day to my YouTube, and I have NEVER advertised it anywhere. All word of mouth and YouTube searches. So yes, more and more are seeing what is possible, and more and more write me daily telling me they now believe, and feel good after watching my videos. THIS to me is priceless. If I can help ANYONE just by showing facts and real communication, that is the greatest gift of all.

Doing this work has changed my life for the better, and for years now I have no longer been afraid of death. I know today that it is part of our souls journey. This life on Earth as a Human is what I see as a test and learning experience. If we are good people, love everyone and help others we WILL go to a great place. If we are selfish, mean, hurt others or steal from others, we will not. I have seen it, I have felt it. This is fact TO ME 100% though again, most will not believe my words. I am an empath and that can be hard on me at times. I get used often, I can not stand to see any living thing hurting and due to my kind caring nature I often get myself in situations that are not good for ME. But I can not change this, it is who I am and always have been.

Wouldn’t change a thing.

In any case, spirits do speak to use using apps or radios or devices like a spirit box. BUT not all are created equal. With the correct implementation, and the correct raw audio source we can get very close to a “telephone to the dead” scenario. We are half way there and knowing how the spirits speak to us has helped this research move forward dramatically over the last two years.

For those who ask me almost daily if an app has foreign language support, ALL APPS HAVE THIS as it does not matter what the language of the source audio is. Spirits can and do change it to the language you speak when you use corect technique (record sessions, etc). It has been proven by myself and others. I can get English spirit replies by using only a French Language radio scan. Some in Germany get German replies with an English scan. This is possible how? As I said, spirits MANIPULATE audio to speak. ; )

I thank all of you here who read my words, watch my videos and follow my life. It has been an amazing journey so far and for some reason, even though its been 6 years publicly I feel like I am just getting started.

LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL, so much more to come as always!