The Wonder Box was created by me, Steve Huff. It started as the Portal years ago, and turned into “The Wonder Box” about a year and a half ago. This device, is the most hands on Ghost Box device in the world. There is nothing like a Wonder Box though there are MANY imitations and copies and even shops who claim to sell my devices (but they do not). There is no where on earth that you can buy a Wonder Box, besides HERE from ME, the creator of it. Period. I now offer only ONE Design. The newest and best box I have made – The Wonder Box Dimensions Gold. I call it “Dimensions” as it seems I am connecting to many different dimensions when I use it.

Keep in mind I recommend these ONLY to those with experience in spirit communication or the paranormal field and will only sell one to those who have done this work before and know what they are dealing with. 

I do not recommend the Wonder Box to those who are new to ITC or not serious about ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication). This is not a toy, a miracle box or anything magical. The Wonder Box is a device that has been assembled with the HELP of spirit (over the years) to HELP them with energy and the vibrations needed to speak and even have small conversational type of interactions. When a spirit is present and wants to speak they will LOVE the Wonder Box. When a connection is established (via the operator which would be YOU), spirits flock to this box and seemingly take it over. It is like a modern day Ouija Board but much more intense and powerful. Instead of a planchette moving, you hear the messages and answers when spirit is present. If you think a Ouija Board is evil or dark, think of ANY spirit box, radio or app as 10X more powerful, as they can be and are.

For some who may use a device like this, it is possible you will get NOTHING from spirit, so be sure to have experience, use it with respect and use it CORRECTLY (sadly, not many do when using devices like spirit box’s and even apps).

Me testing a few new boxes I made before shipping them..

When you use a Wonder Box (OR ANY ITC DEVICE) you must focus, record sessions, review sessions and use it correctly. The more you use it, the more effective it seems to become. If you use it in a hot spot, it performs amazingly well, just as it did for me at the Bellaire House, twice. (video below).

Also be well aware that you can and may reach dark things, dark entities with these. It is not something one can control 100%. So you may get creepy messages at times. Some never do get these kinds of messages, but at the same time, some do. So do not fear this, as if you do, then you do not need a Wonder Box! I can NOT give refunds once parts are ordered for a box. Nor can I refund after the box arrives to you. ice you buy it, you buy it so be sure you want one before placing the order. 


Some videos below using a Wonder Box. 1st one with the new DIMENSIONS GOLD box. 

A tour de force of evidence using a Wonder Box Custom!
MANY more videos HERE