My Experience on Paranormal Lockdown with my Wonder Box – The Bellaire House

My Experience on Paranormal Lockdown with my Wonder Box- The Bellaire House

Some of you may have seen Paranormal Lockdown last night, the episode at the Bellaire house. This was episode 7 of season 2, and wow what a crazy and intense episode. A MUST SEE as I feel it may be one of the most valid, real and incredible Ghost Show episodes ever aired. I was there, and below I write about my real experience on the show. Enjoy. 

Yep, I was on this episode as a guest to help out with the investigation as was my good friend in the field George Brown. We brought our devices to the house to help Nick and Katrina (and Rob) unlock some of the secrets of the house. I knew that when they asked me to join them that it would be an amazing night. In fact, I knew it would be for a few reasons.

But let me back up to tell you how all of this even came to be for me. I will try not to be too long here but I have been known to ramble on…so keep with me!

1st…how I came to do this work…briefly

For many years now I have dedicated so much time of my life into the Paranormal field. It started out easy enough. My curiosities got the best of me after a life long love of all things spiritual and paranormal. After experiences as a child with seeing and hearing what I now know to be spirits (at the time it just scared me to death) I have always had this desire inside of me to do SOMETHING within this field of research.

So several years ago when I came across a device called a Spirit Box, I bought one to see if it was the real deal. INSTANTLY I had connected. They were calling my name, warning me, telling me I have always been with them, that our souls are forever. I mean, I was getting rock solid communication out of the gate and I was so excited by it that I started to make YouTube videos. Back then the tech was pretty crude and there were 2-3 guys doing videos showing evidence.  But back then all we had was static filled radios, some odd experimental gizmos as well as some theories that today have been shown to not be really factual (like white noise helps with spirit communication…believe me, it hinders it, even spirits say so and have many times). While these old theories were essential in getting to where we are now, where we are now is pretty incredible and advancing at a rapid rate for ITC as a whole and that is thanks to many good people in this field who actually work together and exchange ideas. 

So as time went by and the years went on, I started trying to find way to cut out the noise from these static devices. I was made fun of on paranormal groups for my little wooden boxes that tamed the noise, but I never let that bother me as I knew, I KNEW that I was on to something here and it would eventually evolve into something better.

I worked and worked, spent thousands of dollars and over the years and as I did sessions, the spirits would give me tips on what to do to help them communicate. To make a long story short, and it is long, I finally ended up creating a device called ‘The Portal” around 2 years ago. I tested all kinds of things and ideas for months and would post little clips to my Facebook page, not really saying what it was. But after spending a few grand and testing for 3 months I whipped up a prototype and was blown away by what was happening.

An original Portal I made for friend Selena Roane back in the 1st days of the Portal. She has #7. 

My little simple invention “The Portal” was helping cut the white noise, and at the same time making spirit sessions clearer, more direct and spirits were leaving longer replies for  those who really worked it and dedicated themselves to deepening their connection to the other side.

Over the next 1-2 years I worked and worked and tested and tested. I worked with guys who were programmers and could help create raw audio for me to test with my device. See, spirits manipulate audio. That is how they speak when using my device and I give them all the tools they need to do so effectively and easily all while keeping the most clarity. This is how they speak when using any manipulation. A Mr. Matt Payne and I tested this theory quite a while ago and yes, our audio was manipulated by the spirits when they wanted to speak.

Eventually my original Portal became my WONDER BOX which is much different from the original portal. It is clearer, more powerful, more direct, and today as of 2017 uses human energy, magnetic energy, orgone energy and over 20 things that all help with communication. To get to this point took me tons of money and time but it was worth it in the end.

TRUE STORY, and why Hate and Negativity are things to stay away from…

Today I face so much hate aimed at me as there are some in this field who do not want progress. But when you stay positive, stay grounded and KNOW IN YOUR HEART that what you do is real and making a difference there is nothing that can stop you from your goals. So I choose this path of positivity and progress.

I will always do this work, and never ever back down as I know we are on the cusp of something HUGE and I will be doing my best to get there with those few I work with who are as dedicated as I am.

Besides it is never easy to get to something groundbreaking…there is always a fight and those who will try to stop you. NEVER let anyone ever stop YOU from your dreams and goals as that is what they want.


Before Nick started Paranormal Lockdown he had seen some of my videos on YouTube. He liked my Geobox videos and then contacted George Brown about using his device on the show, Season 1. George then recommended he try my device. Nick gave me a call.

In fact when I first spoke with him on the phone he said “I’ve researched the hell out of you” and after the realization sunk in that here I was, speaking to a guy who I watched on TV for many years (earlier seasons of GA, I stopped after season 7-8) I was thinking “OMG! This is so cool”! I remained cool, and calm and chatted with him for a bit.

We talked about my Portal and Wonder Box and I was just at that time making my 1st Wonder Box. I told him “I will send you one, try it out and if you like it, then feel free to use it. If not that is ok as well”.

So I sent him a monstrosity which in reality was like a prototype. You can see that in use in Season 2, episode 1 which was crazy cool. Soon after I created the smaller Wonder Box with battery power and sent him one of those. It was soon after that he called me to tell me he loved the device and he told me it was working for them. I knew it would all along because it does indeed work, especially at locations where there is strong activity.

Soon after that  myself and George Brown were asked to come to the Bellaire house to help with an investigation. AWESOME!!!

We arrived to our hotel and soon met up with and spoke with Rob, the producer and cameraman. When I spoke with him  I asked him “Can I do what I do? Do you have anything specific you want me to do”? And he said “Just do what you do man! Be you, we want to see the creator of the Wonder Box use it to see what you get”.

BAM! I instantly felt comfortable and became super happy. I knew that if I could go in and be me, then I/we would have a great night. 

We arrived at the house and Rob told us we would be going in and meeting Nick and Katrina for the 1st time on camera. No redos, no retakes, we just walked up, knocked and were greeted by Nick and Katrina. Yep, what you see in the show was the 1st time we all met. It was legit and again, I thought that was so cool to be legit. So far, so good!

We came in, chatted for a few and got to talk for a bit before we filmed…so we could all be comfortable with each other. We set our gear on the table in the living room and away we went! We explained what we brought, how it worked and we ran it for a couple of minutes. What ended up in the show, due to time constraints (they film 72 hours and have to squeeze it into 45 minutes or so) was the most relevant parts which is just what  was expected. But right off the bat the Wonder Box blurted out “ED” which if you watch the episode you will see how relevant that was. Georges Geoport (part geobox/part portal) also gave a clear message..

So when we wrapped up our discussions, we all went to the rooms we wanted to go to. George set up in one room Katrina in another and Nick in an active bedroom.

As I walked up the stairs to the scary feeling attic I told myself “NO FEAR” and when I stepped up to into it I walked around and felt an extreme energy to the left side of the attic. A nook of sorts, it was creepy. That is where I decided to do the session with my Wonder Box.

As I was up there Nick was downstairs on floor 2, George was downstairs on floor 2 and Katrina was on the bottom level. What is amazing when you watch the episode back is that we ALL were getting relevant responses. At one point Nick says “Who is here” and the Wonder Box said “Steve Is”. Then the voice from the box said “Attic”. CRAZY!

George was getting some hits as well in his room, about a CHILD. This is one of those things where you MUST see this episode to see just how INCREDIBLE all our efforts combined into providing real answers to the mysteries of the house. 

One part that did not make the show due to time, was while I was in the attic there was a time when I felt Evil, and it was trying to take my breath away.  I had to step away twice and as soon as I left the nook, it would go away. When I stepped in, it would be harder to breath. SOMETHING EVIL WAS THERE without question but of course I forged ahead and I am glad I did because the audio that soon came in was incredible.

Again, talk of a child and something that was so relevant to the house, it is undeniable. With all four of us getting audible evidence that all matched up, there is no way to deny what happened there.

The best part? It was all 100% real, 100% as it happened. Nothing was scripted and we were allowed to be ourselves and do what we do. THIS IS WHY I feel big things are coming for this show. They are using equipment made by actual passionate positive forward thinking researchers and because of this, the results are coming in. Guys like George, Keith Weldon and myself all have the passion for this work. 

It was an electrified night and I was so excited when we all came back to meet at the table. I was coming down the stairs all excited saying “YES!!! THAT WAS AWESOME”… I knew we had found some answers and I felt ELECTRIC. I may have been a little too energetic but I was excited to share what we captured. So yea, I felt excited and felt like we have accomplished something and helped to find answers for the home owner.

After the group investigation…

When we all talked about what we captured we wrapped up and then were able to hang out for about an hour to talk and this was when I knew that the crew of Lockdown were all the real deal. When speaking with Nick I could see, hear and feel his commitment for this work and he, Katrina and his staff are the real deal my friends.

I applaud them for thinking outside the box and trying out equipment with new ways of thinking. Sure, the old ways are good as well but if we want to break new ground we must push the envelope and try new things because when you do this, that is how progress is made. 

So BRAVO to Paranormal Lockdown on what was one hell of an episode. I would have loved to have met the owner of this house, but we have been chatting a bit now on FB and I may go back to the house with Debby and possibly George this year to do a little more digging.

With that I will end this with a THANK YOU to the entire Paranormal Lockdown crew as well as George Brown. Was nothing but a pleasure to work with you all.