The Portal Wonder Box tells Nick Groff to “DIG”, and he did…Paranormal Lockdown Premiere

The Portal Wonder Box tells Nick Groff to “DIG”, and he did…Paranormal Lockdown Premiere

I am just in awe tonight as I saw Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman on Paranormal Lockdown use my device, the Portal Wonder Box. Now, normally that would be awesome for me in itself. But what I just witnessed on Paranormal Lockdown with the Season 2 Premiere was out of this world.

If you did not see it, I suggest watching it. Not just because they use the Portal Wonder Box, but because of the entire episode. It may have been the best produced and well done Paranormal Episode of ANY show I have ever seen. You guys know I am not a fan of over the top dramatized shows (like some can be) but for this one, I looked at the evidence and the investigation as a whole. The validations they received were possibly the most powerful of any Para show I have seen, ever. 

The Portal told Nick to Dig, in the basement. Long story short, they did and found what appeared to be human bones and a skull. There was also a spirit telling the other “NO” so they did not seem to want Nick and Katrina to know the info. The episode ended with them calling the police.

I had no idea they were using my device on the season opener, so it was a surprise to see it. Then when those validations came through I was amazed and so so happy that something I created was able to provide that kind of validation. I mean…that may be the most amazing validation ever from an ITC device.

To those wondering how Nick Groff came to use my device, well, it was natural and stemmed from my videos using the GeoBox, and the great George Brown recommending the Portal to him. I was contacted and told Nick all about the device, and what it does. I sent him one with no strings attached..said “try it out and see what you think”. He received the 1st Wonder Box I ever made which was unlike any other I have made. Large, beastly and unruly..but it worked for him and he told me they would try it out on investigations. Fair enough.

Soon after I sent him the smaller Wonder Box that I make today as it now battery powered and more portable.

Here’s the facts: Nick is one of the most down to earth, real and genuine guys in this field I have ever met, and he has absolutely ZERO ego. The  man is the real deal, and I was pleased that he had a chance to use my device and the GeoBox for his research and show. Two of the best spirit communication devices in the world as far as I am concerned. My goal has ALWAYS been to raise awareness to this whole CLEAR and DIRECT spirit communication thing, and my goal is now becoming a reality thanks to Nick and Katrina and the crew of Paranormal Lockdown.

My New Problem…A Blessing and a Curse…

Since the show aired, I have been getting a few emails from those wanting a Portal Wonder Box and those amazed by what they saw on the show. I have refrained from selling  them for over a year but due to demand that was building 2 months ago from my own videos, I caved and purchased a lot of the amps needed to build the box..the amp is the true “heart” of the Wonder Box. I bought them from the manufacturer as I was able to get a slight discount in bulk, as this was one thing that always kept me from selling them. THE COST to make, and therefore sell.

As it is today, each Wonder Box costs me $850 to make. I eat shipping, packing and paypal fees. So I do not sell them to get rich, I sell them to researchers who want this cutting edge tool for their arsenal. I also do not recommend buying a Wonder Box to those who are new to this field. It is best for those who know what they are doing. Even so, newbies have bought them and experienced results but not everyone may if they are not experienced.

With that said, the lot I had available two months ago are 100% sold out, I even ended up getting a few more amps a month ago, and those are now gone as well (due to the show, the last four have sold and more want one). But it has eaten up all of my time, and since this is not how I earn a living (I gave away 3 of them this year to special people at a loss of $2500 so I never ever make money) I am not going to make them for a while. Later on, I may only offer them to investigators or researchers who do this work regularly as I know the power it has. To me, it is the best spirit communication tool on earth as of December 2016. The results speak for themselves. 

So for the next two weeks I will be building the last of the Wonder Box’s for a while for  their new owners. I have to decide later one if the demand is worth it for me to keep on producing ( I hate telling people NO when they write me wanting one) or to just selectively offer it to those who really could use one for their work. It is not a toy, it is not a gimmik and it is not a game. It’s a serious real tool for communication with those who call themselves the dead.

Either way I will always continue to improve it as I am doing now with my “Human Antenna” seen here.

The Wonder Box has proven itself over and over and I am so thrilled to see Nick Groff be the one to use it, to show the world that YES, clear and direct spirit communication IS POSSIBLE, AND REAL. This goes beyond CLASS A my goes into another whole realm. 

ANYWAY, YOU MUST WATCH THE PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN PREMIERE IF YOU MISSED IT! It airs on TLC every Friday night and I am confident we will see more use of the Wonder Box and Geobox this season. I am excited to see what Nick and Katrina discover using these amazing cutting edge tools.