Ten Tips on Improving Your Spirit Communication


Ten Tips on Improving Your Spirit Communication

Every week I get e-mails asking me how to talk with the dead. Many out there all over the world are seeing that this is something that is real, possible, and yes, even legitimate. Thousands and thousands are now opening their eyes to what can be accomplished in the world of Spirit Communication, also known as ITC.

When I started I was lucky to have instant results using a Frank’s Box and P-SB7, the two original Spirit box devices. When Frank Sumption invented the very 1st spirit box device using old radios and sweep circuits with echo chambers and all it was truly the only game in town where one could buy a box, turn it on and attempt to talk to ghosts, spirits, angels or whoever comes through these devices.

The tech at the time was crude but it worked, and it was amazing to hear my very 1st spirit reply from a Franks box, and it was my name “Steve” and saying “Be Careful”. The sound on these old devices is nothing like the new ones but they do work, and how they work depends on how you the operator work it.

Let me explain…

With smart phone and tablet ITC apps being produced like mad, many ask me “what app should I get to talk to the dead”…and I always say “ANY of them”. The fact is that 95% of spirit apps do work, and can work but YOU, yes YOU must put in a little effort in order to get results like you see from me and others who do this on a regular consistent basis.

I have been doing sessions with spirit for many  years now, and I do them 3-5 times per week on average, though my sessions are kept short. I try for 5-15 minutes and that is all. I have a few reasons for this but the main two have to do with the review of the video/audio, which in the older days of scanning radio was tough. It would take me 4-5 hours for 15 minutes of recording  to go through old scanning ghost box radio audio. We would have to find the replies, and isolate them, usually slowing it down to make it easier to hear as spirit replies can come in VERY fast, sometimes 20X faster than normal human speech! It has taken a while for my ears to be trained for this but they are trained well today.

Getting a connection can be instant or it can be very hard or even almost impossible for some. If you have tried ways to talk with the dead and have failed, here are some things to try that have worked miracles for me when it comes to spirit research. Again, this is what works for me…

  1. RECORD all of your sessions!! I record 100% of the time to video. I keep the sessions short between 5-15 minutes. When I review the footage with headphones, I hear many replies that I did not hear in real time. This is due to the speed of replies sometimes, or the fact that they sometimes manipulate the audio on your recording device itself, so it is not heard until you play it back. If you do not record and review your sessions, you will miss out on up to 80% of replies .
  2. Grow your connection with a weekly meditation. Concentrate while meditating and envision the spirits surrounding you. Talking with you. Tell them you do not fear them and want to hear them. Then BELIEVE you can.
  3. Have no fear! If you fear this, then do not attempt it. When you have NO fear it will help with your results as your mind will be cool, calm and collected.
  4. FOCUS. When doing a session close your eyes and mentally ask them to show themselves to you in your head. When you do this you may just get a flash of what they look like. But keep focus, and concentrate on the session, and the spirits.
  5. Assure them you are there as a friend and there for communication from our world to theirs. Tell them you mean no harm, and they do not need to hide.
  6. RESPECT them at all costs! Even when you get a mean spirit saying mean things (and you will eventually) just tell them you do not allow or accept that talk, and shut down the device for a few minutes. Always respect all spirits and soon they will start flocking to you as they know you are safe and kind to them. 
  7. After a while you may start to hear them around your house (if you do these in your home)  – if you do, just acknowledge them normally and let them know you hear them. If it makes you uncomfortable then ask them to only speak when you are doing a session and to respect your boundaries. Do the same if you start to feel your bed move at night. Yes, these things do and can happen but when they do, it is never like you see in the movies, not even close.
  8. If you want to reach a specific spirit, I have found communication with a specific spirit is best within 24-48 hours of their passing. Yes, it sounds morbid to some but this is what research has proven for me. After that it gets difficult to reach a specific person but it is still possible IMO. Success depends on how much time and dedication you want to give to it.
  9. Once you gain a connection, and trust from the spirit world then talk to them as you would a friend. They seem to enjoy the back and forth and while what they say back will be limited for reasons we just do not understand or know, they can hear you and they do seem to enjoy the communication efforts. They have thanked me for my efforts to bring clear communication to the world. Pretty amazing stuff.
  10. Know your limits. Again, if it starts to get crazy and make you uncomfortable then I suggest you stop doing this work, or take a long break. If you allow the nasty spirits to get in your head it will only get worse as the evil seems to thrive on fear.

So there you go, my 10 tips on how to strengthen your spirit communication!