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Announcement: To those who want a Portal Device… Hello to all! For the last 2 years or so so many have asked me to build them a portal. I never ¬†ever wanted to start making them to sell because I have always been so busy, and always just shared how anyone could make them for themselves if they wanted. The portal as it was originally made was basic. Three main parts, that was it. As it progressed in to the Wonder Box and many variations of it, it became something totally new, and more costly to make. Today my latest Wonder Box I have made to sell cost me over $1200 to make in parts alone. Then shipping, then the paypal fees I eat. So much work, and expense and the time is just something I do not have. The truth is, after this latest run of Wonder Boxes I […]

Spirits Continually Asking me for the LIGHT…NON stop through my newest Wonder Box I will show you the video first, then if you want to read my thoughts afterwards, just scroll down to read them ūüėČ Enjoy. OH, the thing on my head in this video is my experimental copper energy transfer device…nothing more or less.   That was a crazy intense session and I have never had that many spirits continually asking for the light like this. It is absolutely chilling and also sad, and also incredible how clear and how amazing this all is when you sit down and seriously think about it. It’s real. It’s scary. It’s thought-provoking and yes, it does sort of validate some of the things we were told throughout our lives about good, evil, etc. This is one of the reasons why I am always a good person, help others when I can, […]

My Experience on Paranormal Lockdown with my Wonder Box- The Bellaire House Some of you may have seen Paranormal Lockdown last night, the episode at the Bellaire house. This was episode 7 of season 2, and wow what a crazy and intense episode. A MUST SEE as I feel it may be one of the most valid, real and incredible Ghost Show episodes ever aired. I was there, and below I write about my real experience on the show. Enjoy.¬† Yep, I was on this episode as a guest to help out with the investigation as was my good friend in the field George Brown. We brought our devices to the house to help Nick and Katrina (and Rob) unlock some of the secrets of the house. I knew that when they asked me to join them that it would be an amazing night. In fact, I knew it would […]

A BONE CHILLING SPIRIT COMMUNICATION SESSION. UNREAL but VERY REAL. MUST SEE. WOW. I built a new Wonder Box + and added a couple of new things. This is built to ship out to someone but before I put on the feet and tidy it up, I wanted to test it to make sure it could receive communication. I fired it up and all I will say is. WOW. Be sure to watch it below. Blew me away and chilled me to the bone last night. Enjoy! Also, do not forget to tune in tomorrow, Jan 20th to PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN on TLC. I WILL be on the show using my Wonder Box along with Nick, Katrina and good buddy George Brown. A MUST SEE! #PARANORMALLOCKDOWN

To my Haters: I Love You.¬†Be happy, be calm. It will all be OK. Well well. What do we have here! I knew it was coming but being the top independent YouTube guy in the para field has its ups and its downs. With popularity comes hate and jealousy. Gobs of it. It’s a fact of life. Especially when those who hate have been doing so for years, and seeing me succeed has them flipping their lids as they thought for sure that their lie and smear campaigns over the last 3 years would have stopped me from pursuing my research, my dreams and my goals. But this is not a post to trash those who hate me, it is a serious post and one to say even if you hate me, I do not hate you. But hey, I told them from day one of the hate…hate all you […]

Group Night Returned! It was amazing…see the video here! It has been a while but something told me yesterday ¬†to “do a group night session”. So I went to my facebook¬†last night and did a live stream announcing that in 3 hours I would be doing a group night session, just like I used to do them over the years. Many are new to me and my channel and may not know what a “group night” is so let me explain. A few years ago I started these group sessions, usually doing one per month. I would post an event page on my Huff Paranormal facebook page¬†2-4 weeks in advance with instructions on how ANYONE anywhere in the world could participate. The goal? To have the deceased loved ones of those who participate try to come through and leave a validation message for them.¬† All those who wanted to join […]

See me on Paranormal Lockdown on Jan 20th 2017! The Bellaire House! I posted this on my Facebook last week, but some of you here do not ever see my facebook¬†so just wanted to post it here so you guys do not miss the Jan 20th episode of Paranormal Lockdown!¬†I will be there with my good friend George Brown as we were asked to come in and help unlock some mysteries of the very active Bellaire house. I came in with my Wonder Box and it was a great experience. I had no idea what to expect but Nick and Rob (the cameraman and producer) just told me to be me and do what I do. They were curious to see what I could get with my Wonder Box in this active location. I can not give anything away but I will say it should be an amazing episode. I […]

I’m re-energized! Ramblings about ITC, FEAR and What is to come.. Ever since that last session, I was wiped out for days after. Feeling worn out, feeling low energy, some aches and pains throughout my body..but this is not the 1st time this has happened after an intense session. In fact, when you do this work, and are an empath, which I feel I 100% am, then you do get drained when you do this type of work. Truth be told, that last session freaked me out a little right after, and that is not easy to do. I have conditioned my mind, body and soul for years to never ever show fear when doing this work, as I feel that is the most dangerous thing one can do to themselves. Fear can activate parts of our brain we had no idea existed and then our brain can make us […]

The Most Important Spirit Box Session Ever Recorded. MUST SEE. This is incredible. Yes, this title sounds like a lot of hype, but it is not click bait. I just completed recording and reviewing the most amazing spirit session I have ever done, and what I also feel is the best one ever recorded in the HISTORY of ITC. A bold statement yes, but watch this video in its entirety and then tell me I am wrong. What just happened to me tonight is what I feel to be the next step in my spiritual growth. I felt evil, I felt love, I felt protected and I had a long ongoing conversation with spirit. I used my new HUMAN ANTENNA for the 1st time in a full, concentrated and focused session and I have never received¬†more answers nor have I been shown as much detail about who these lost souls […]

Testing my latest Wonder Box 2017. Quick clip and photos. Ever since I created the original Portal (started work and research on it around 2 years ago) I have been determined to make it better and better. The portal had a tendency to muffle the voices so I then created my own reverb and unique direct line mode for it and it eventually became “The Wonder Box” and just a few months later was improved again with what I have today which uses all new reverb and noise reduction but adds “Voice Control” and keeps the direct line mode. I toyed with creating an all new device a while ago, that would be interactive. But I have since scrapped that idea as I realized I could add all of my new ideas to the Wonder Box and it would be better as NOTHING sounds like this latest Portal Wonder Box […]

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