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How Spirits use my Portal Wonder Box to Speak. With Proof. P-SB7, Apps, Police Scanner I see it again and again and again. Many just do not understand how spirits actually use devices, especially my portal wonder box, to speak to us. Yes, we now have devices made by many out there in ITC land that can connect and allow the dead to speak. Some are clearer than others and some are better than others but today I am focusing on my very own PORTAL WONDER BOX. I made this video today after seeing someone make a comment about “steve huff uses apps with such and such audio” or whatever they said. The point is, it does not matter in the slightest what audio is used into this device. Spirits can use ANYTHING to manipulate and get their messages out. What I look for, and what we all should look […]

LATE NIGHT Spirit Session. Intense, Creepy. So I have refrained from doing a session since my last attack just over a week ago. Instead I have been spending time working on the Wonder Box device and finding ways to make it even better yet again. I did some work on my personal Wonder Box Ultimate and left it in my kitchen after I snapped a few shots of it with my camera. I go to bed, and I decided to watch some old videos of mine from a few years ago. As I did, I was being pushed from within to go turn on my Wonder Box, and do a session. I was feeling OK, and while I have a couple of heart tests to do this Friday (Stress test and Echo) from last weeks ER visit I figured a short session would be OK. I go out, turn on […]

HoHoHo! Free Christmas Portal Giveaway! Be sure to enter! Hey guys! It’s Steve and I just finished making a standard old school portal in Christmas Colors to give away to one lucky winner this coming up Thursday the 8th of December. It’s ugly. But it works ūüėČ You can enter to win it on my Facebook page HERE. Read the top sticky post and leave your comment there to enter. I know there are many individuals and teams out there who would love a portal to add to their investigative tools and this is the least I can do to thank you for your support, love and kindness over the years.   While it is not a Wonder Box (those cost me close to $800 to make) it is still a portal that cost me $500+ to make, and it is still a very powerful spirit communication tool. Especially for […]

The Ghosts of the Hotel San Carlos (Video) and the Aftermath This past weekend Debby and I stayed the night at what is said to be one of, if not the most Haunted Hotel in Phoenix AZ. The Hotel San Carlos. The full 40 minute video which I worked on ¬†right after getting home from the Hotel Sunday morning and had it live by Sunday evening. Enjoy.¬†   The Hotel San Carlos¬†was opened in 1928 and a year later, a woman by the name of Leone Jensen traveled to Phoenix to meet up with her boyfriend/fiance as he worked¬†and moved to the state himself¬†and they were to be married.¬†According to the story, when Leone arrived her Fiance was no longer in love with her, and he did not want to be married. He fell in love with someone else. Falling deep into a depression, Leone, who was checked into the […]

GHOST TALK: These two guys tell us what they think of ME and my Wonder Box These two guys make a TON of sense, and their show is awesome. Here they talk about their thoughts on me, my Wonder Box, My Haters and possibly why they hate, and the field in general. They truly GET IT. Thank you Aaron and Nick for your support! Video below:

More Spirit Sessions with my Wonder Box and my Dedication to this Research Continues.¬† My Portal Wonder Box device has been getting loads of attention lately. With more and more paranormal researchers using this device all around the world more and more are seeing the results that can be obtained with it when it. True and Real Spirit Communication has never been more direct, more clear, more conversational than it is today at the end of 2016. Never. Quite a while ago I built my 1st full size huge Wonder Box. It was incredible but too heavy, too large, and not able to run on battery. This box was the 1st one made especially for Nick Groff of Paranormal Lockdown. This was my test before shipping it out… Some in this field call my device fake, some refuse to believe it, some do not understand it and some are just […]

Ten Tips on Improving Your Spirit Communication Every week I get e-mails asking me how to talk with the dead. Many out there all over the world are seeing that this is something that is real, possible, and yes, even legitimate. Thousands and thousands are now opening their eyes to what can be accomplished in the world of Spirit Communication, also known as ITC. When I started I was lucky to have instant results using a Frank’s Box and P-SB7, the two original Spirit box devices. When Frank Sumption invented the very 1st spirit box device using old radios and sweep circuits with echo chambers and all it was truly the only game in town where one could buy a box, turn it on and attempt to talk to ghosts, spirits, angels or whoever comes through these devices. The tech at the time was crude but it worked, and it […]

My Most Amazing Direct Spirit Session Yet. See the video. Wow, it is getting good my friends. But also a bit scary. While I am not “scared”, I am starting to think more and more as to what we are dealing with as this field evolves into¬†direct back and forth communication with voices that call themselves “the dead”. What we have today near the end of 2016 is clear, unmistakable evidence. No more static filled or noise filled one word blurts that left skeptics shaking their heads when investigators would share their evidence. Today some of us are experiencing this communication advancement… first hand. I will say that YES WE CAN speak with beings that are not of this earth or dimension. They call themselves spirits, angels, demons. I talk to them several times per week. They call me by name, they mention my Father often, they tell me what […]

My 1st official Wonder Box Ultimate Test. Wow, does it sound out of this world. My brain never ever rests when it comes to thinking of new ways to enhance and improve the field of I.T.C. Every time I make a new device I think “This is as good as it can get” Then, months later I think “This can be improved” and I go to work testing new ideas and new theories and new ways of enhancing spirit communication. I wanted the clarity to get as clear as normal talking, I wanted response to be more direct, I wanted long sentence replies to be the norm. I wanted a way to help enhance with connections to their world and it has all come together in my latest Wonder Box Device. This was not cheap to make, in fact, parts alone for MY personal box cost me around $1150 (I […]

Nick Groff using the Wonder Box on Paranormal Lockdown! Hey to all! Last night was Halloween and I hope everyone had a great one this year. Halloween for me last night was great as I saw Nick Groff use my Wonder Box on his 2 hour Halloween Special at the Black Monk house, right in the opening part of the show! Was great to see this tech now being used at this level, and I have a feeling there will be much more to come of that box on his show. ūüėČ But it was long ago that I sent Nick the very 1st Wonder Box I made, before anyone even knew about it, and it was not long before I sent him a 2nd box. In fact, I have never published this clip from back then but here I was testing one of his Wonder Box Portals with a […]

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