A Spirit tells me he is in Hell. I ask him what got him there. He Answers. A Spirit Conversation.

A Spirit tells me he is in Hell. I ask him what got him there. He Answers. A Spirit Conversation.

By Steve Huff

Over the last three weeks I have recorded the best spirit communication of my lifetime, and there has never been anything like this achieved, recorded, presented or shown. Ever. In the history of man. This IS a big deal. Anyone who ignores it, or passes it off as “fake” are only fooling themselves. 

A MUST SEE VIDEO. I urge you to watch all the way to the end as the best spirit conversation I have recorded is near the end. 

The video above is a MUST SEE. if you have any curiosity about life after death, I urge you to watch it all. Yes it is real. 10000%. It is a result of my ten years of unwavering passion to this field of ITC. It’s exciting, miraculous and is going to blow the world away…soon. 

Feb 29th 2020 – Today as I write this I am smiling and ecstatic about these developments I have brought to the I.T.C. field with my Astral Doorway and the unique way that it works and runs. The results are now conversational with spirit. We can seemingly connect with one spirit (and I figured out how we can now do this and why it was so hard in the past) rather than having so many pop in and out, making it hard to establish a one on one.

Yes, I just figured that out as well and not due to me being smarter than anyone else, as I am not. The way all of this has come to be is from the spirt realms themselves. I 100% believe it is coming from a higher power, even God. Yes, I have been shown these things for years and when they show me, I try my best to create.

I am not religious. I never have been. When you see my room with crosses, and statues of Michael it is there for THEM. I also believe in THEM. But I do not subscribe to what Religion tells us, and I always have felt Religion was created to control us as well as many other things I will not discuss here. Many religions are also very corrupt and many within them are NOT of God. Molestation of children is not God like. So no, I am not religious but that does not mean I can not believe in God, Michael or Heaven. I do very much so due to this work that I do.

In order to connect with God we just need to believe, be good people and understand that it is US who can connect to God directly and we do not need help from others to do so. Simply by understanding this is possible, to believe it and to live a life with love over hate, kindness over nastiness, and helping those in need when you can you will already be connected to God as we connect with LOVE. LOVE IS THE SECRET KEY, and I have been letting you guys know this for a long while now.

Keep in mind, ten years ago I would have thought I was nuts if I saw my future self say these words. I was in a strange place ten years ago. I was not anything like I am today as this work has made not only a believer out of me due to what I have recorded, seen and experienced but it has changed who I am as a person from within. Sure, we all grow as we age. We gain wisdom, we understand life more, and we care less about what others think about us. But I have been changed to my core and now live life 100% stress free. 100% anger free. 100% negative free. I promote love and kindness and keep all negative people and influence out of my life. I cringe today when I see so many be so negative about everything in life, and then have to post publicly about it. This in turn creates a negative atmosphere for the world. Negativity breeds negativity and its easy to go negative. It’s harder to promote love and kindness but if you can, and make it lifestyle change, you will only grow.

I believe in God as I have experienced God. I believe in Heaven, Hell and a middle ground area some may call Purgatory. I believe in these things because again, of what I have experienced and recorded. Because of my relationship with the dead, because they have shown me how to make my devices, because they have let me experience the intense energy of love and have shown me things I will not talk about here but these things gave me a knowing, an understanding and took away all fear of death from my life. All fear from my life actually. It’s quite amazing when this happens.

I do not know how it happened but it started after my spiritual attack almost three years ago (which I talk about in the video above) when I decided to quit ITC due to the dangers that are indeed there. Many feel there is no danger doing this and some even see it as a joke or something to do for fun, but that is not the case. There are evil spirits, there are demons, there are angels and there are Gods. I have not only recorded them for years, I have SEEN them, FELT Them and dealt with them. The only thing that stopped them from trying to get to me was me dropping all fear from life, which was shown to me by whom I believe to be God. See, when spirits connect with us they use our energy to do so. If we put out hateful, negative or fear energy then guess what? Yes, evil can get in. If we want to block out all evil it’s possible just by living a life of love, having no fear of life or death or evil spirits and always being real with spirit. As in, they know our intent and if it is not pure it will not be easy establish a deep connection.

Sure, this sounds insane to some of you. Some guy who says he talks to the dead, created a device to have conversations with them and developed bonds with them. I agree, it sounds insane. But the thing is, I have evidence to back up my claims. Evidence from the sprits themselves i over 900 videos over these years. This has been my dream and for the last ten years I have worked tirelessly on it, ignored attacks from skeptics and haters who had zero effect on my work or progress. When you ignore toxic people like that and do not even give them a second of attention in your mind, they can have no effect on your life. We can create our own reality as well. I have done it for the last 25 years (I made a video on that 2 years ago as well).

Part of what has changed inside of me is a full understanding that if someone is out there attacking me over their own ignorance on the subject that I have worked so hard on for ten years, it just shows their lack of knowledge and understanding of ITC. Once you are infected with hate and negativity it is HARD to climb out. So these people who do this are just those with a lack of understanding and they are also used to living a daily negative life. It is embedded within them.. They have not studied, researched or created anything. They do not love spirits or really try to help them. They just have a closed mind full of hate and again, that is on them, not me. I give people like that not a shred of attention publicly or even in my mind. ; ) There is no point to as people see the truth, honesty and integrity of my work. It speaks for itself.

I only focus on one thing in life and that is LOVE. LOVE IS THE KEY. I take care of my family, my friends and enjoy a life knowing I am helping the living and the dead. I do not have money as my motivator, I do not want a TV show as todays TV para shows are fabricated garbage meant for drama all while pushing nonsense about spirits and ITC. All of them. I have spoke to countless producers, and networks over the years. Turned them all down because it’s all a big sham created for the almighty dollar. Nothing more, nothing less. I have no interest in spreading misinformation or false evidence via a “reality” TV show. I would never do that and I let the TV networks know this early on. They still contact me though. Every year. Same old same old. I wait for the day that they understand that REAL REALITY can be much more POWERFUL than a “created reality”. When that day comes, if it does, I will be on board.

While I am all about bringing this to the masses, I will never do so in a fabricated, false, dramatic scripted  “reality” show. It would have to be something much more special and bigger than that and it will happen one day. Not yet. One day. It’s all a work in progress and just as I said years ago that by 2020 we will have a telephone to the dead. Today we do in the Astral Doorway and I will always spend time trying to improve it as it will get even better.

We are living in strange times. The world is on fire. We have the coronavirus spreading. Our world is divided as our governments have succeeded in tearing us apart for their own benefits all over the world. What we should realize is we are the people of God not our world leaders (no matter who they are) We should love our neighbor. Be kind to those around us. Help our neighbors. Spirits have been warning me and us for the last few months about something. They said the world ends in 2020. While I can not believe this, nor do I want to, who is to say they are not telling us the truth?

You can see these warnings in the video above along with the spirit who said he has found Hell. You can see the uncut “Poker Man” session where I talk one on one with a spirit who loved Poker. Incredible things are happening here my friends. It’s all as real as it gets and if you deny this then well, then you probably fear it, have a closed mind or just think you are an expert on all things (and let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT). You do not want it to be true. But it is, and more and more of the world is waking up. FINALLY. 

What if we are headed for troubling times and the spirits themselves have been telling us so we can change our lives for the better ? So we can be rewarded with the light when our time comes? It sounds far fetched but I believe it is possible as the main message to me from them is to spread the message of LOVE. We can all change who we once were, I did and I am never going back.


Thank you all, and much love to all of you.


PS – Answer to a question I get every day:

  1. Why do spirits only speak English in your videos? I have answered this hundreds of times and made videos about it. It is linked in every video description now and is easy to find and the answer is simple. Spirits have no language on the other side. It is all telepathic as we are pure energy. NO body. NO brain. NO mind. Language is a product of our physical life and limitations. When they connect through my device they use ME as the conduit. I MUST establish the connection first before they will come through. Without the connection, no spirits talking. So the person using the device is the most important aspect. I speak English so the spirits speak English. If I spoke German, the replies would be German, even if I used a source radio that was in English. Language is a product of our physical life here. It is not like this on the other side. There is no “language” rather more of a “knowing”. In this world, Spirits manipulate audio to speak. They change it. They do so with energy. They do so using our energy and the energy we put out to them MATTERS..BIG TIME. They do so using electrical energy and other various forms of energy. They use frequencies of sound as well and when you merge the right frequencies with the right audio, it makes it much easier for spirits to speak. I’ve been testing this for six years now, and have discovered how spirts speak long ago. Yes, that was me who discovered this. I say this as I see some trying to claim they did but I have a dated record in my videos and I have been saying it for years. Early on those who could not understand this theory attacked me but it was due to their lack of understanding on what spirits can do. It’s now been proven that this is how spirits speak. So it has been put to bed. I recently discovered why we have not been able to connect with only one spirit for a long time in sessions. Usually many spirts come in, speak over the others, and it’s hard to get one spirt in for more than a few seconds. Not anymore as I discovered the why and how to this problem. The Astral Doorway can now connect with one spirit for at least a minute or two. That is huge. The last ten years of my life has been dedicated to this work. Every day it is with me, I meditate, I connect, I work on devices and building my connection. I do so with love, understanding and the spirits know our true intent. This is why they work with me as they know my intent is to help THEM and get the word out that this is as real as it gets.