I Talk with a Spirit who Committed Suicide. Amazing Spirt Connections.

I Talk with a Spirit who Committed Suicide. Amazing Spirt Connections.

A new video today, a short 6-7 minute video but well worth a watch. This video features just a small sampling of clips from my April 2020 group session night. Just a few clips, and believe me, there are even better ones in the full nearly 2 hour long video.

But these are significant as it shows just how far we have come in the field of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication).

Through human connection, spirit energy, and the astral doorway I am able to actually “find” spirit, and this is how it starts. When I do find them, they are then able to go through me by using my energy and yes, even my brain to speak through the device. Spirits told me a while ago they use my brain to speak, and go into me to speak.

This is true, as I feel it in a very intense way when they do this and have since I started this journey 10 years ago. I am now validating this by scanning my brainwaves during sessions. That will be my next video and it should be very interesting to see how my brain waves react when a spirt comes in. I already tried it once, and shared the results with all of my members at Patreon and also my YouTube members. A full video will be released for all over the weekend, at the latest Tuesday May 5th.

In this video today I connect with a man during my group night. A man who committed suicide. He showed me things from within, of which I describe and then he came through the Astral Doorway for a conversation of sorts. He validated what I saw, and asked if his Dad knew about what it is he showed me, the reason why he took his life.

This is an amazing demonstration of where we are in ITC as of April 2020. A demonstration that proves the human connection has to be there first to be able to communicate as I do here. One has to understand that spirits are energy, not physical. The soul is that energy. Our consciousness is that energy. This energy can be brought forth for the purpose of communication if we understand how to reach it, how to find it and also to understand what is needed to allow this energy to speak in human voice. According to the spirits, it is God’s energy that is part of this force as well.

YES, deep spirit connection is possible. We can reach loved ones and can get validations. We can connect with higher realms, Angels and Gods. We can also reach evil, but I have found a way to eliminate most of the “evil” from getting in and have been successful for 2 1/2 years in this. TIP: Remove fear from life, and you remove what evil feeds on. That in turn keeps them away. Im living proof of this.

The communication, as I predicted years ago, has reached another amazing level in 2020. We are at a true “telephone to the dead” level here and while I know it can be improved a little bit further, we are almost at the pinnacle of this right here and now. I understand fully that further improvement has to come from within ME, and I am working on that during this lockdown. This lockdown will indeed improve my connection further as I spend time each day in deep mediations, and learning to hone my focus further. I am now doing things such as recording my own brain waves to see what effect spirit has on them during connection and visualization.

ITC is my life and I consider this real research. So I understand that to improve further it has to come from within me.

Anyone out there doing this, I will tell you know that if you want to deepen your connection, it has to come from within YOU. It’s not the device that improves the communication as you see here, it is YOU and THEN the device. The device is just as important but without YOU connecting, the device can not do its thing. The device is very important as it has to do many things as well as give the spirits the right things for them to use it and speak. It’s very complex actually, what is involved.

The Astral Doorway is a device that gives spirts all they need to speak from the right audio source, to the right frequencies being interjected to the energy from crystal energy to organ energy and even pure gold wire inside and out. Literally ten years in the making yet I understand fully that I am more important than the device when it comes to the results I get. Without the connection I spent years building through love, trust, empathy and with spirits seeing my TRUE intentions, I would never have gotten this far with it.

So it takes both CONNECTION from within and DEVICE that allows spirits to maximize speech and messaging. Today I see many who practice ITC today not understanding that their results are directly related to them and how they live life, and how they approach this.

If we are to talk about the actual field of ITC, there are VERY FEW around the world doing it correctly and taking it seriously. A small handful. It doesn’t involve “ghost hunting” or even going to a “Haunted House” as that is a much different area of ITC that is not directly related to what I do. I am even now seeing some out there with questionable practices, trying to capitalize on my very own work from the awareness I have raised for it over these years. They are asking for $50,000 for research on their device that connects with the dead, without showing any evidence they even have a device. I have news for them, a device already exists that connects and it was made by me, who never asked for a dime for it from anyone. I spent tens of thousands of my own money on all of this, and it was only 2 years ago that I started to see some of that come back, finally. I am the guy who discovered HOW spirits speak as well and have proven it.

FACT: Never have I asked for money to help fund a device I was creating. I would never do that and beware of anyone who does this without showing you some drastic proof of what they claim. BTW, I have been getting souls through my “Phone” for many years. I have shown you my results, how I do it, how spirits speak, what it takes, all for free. 

The future. 

What I hope is that more and more will open their eyes and their minds. If the world could just become 10% kinder, the world would be a much better place. There would be more spirituality, more love and we would see amazing things come to us as a result. Today most are focused on hate, anger, ignorance and lies. If we continue on this path, we will without question destroy not only ourselves, but our home, the earth itself.

I am a messenger of love, of kindness, of understanding as that is what I am pushed to spread from within. What does that mean? It means something, a spiritual force, is telling me to do this every day. Not only that, but it has also changed me completely, and how I have lived my life for years now.

That’s a good thing as I live life without fear, without hate, without anger, without loads of stress or worry and am always kind and helpful when I can be. I do things for people all of the time yet I do not brag about it on social media as that is not what it is about. It’s not about ego or attention or praise. For me, life is about love, and showing the world what we can achieve when we spread positivity rather than negativity. When we have empathy for others, rather than disdain a part of us grows within. It’s food four our soul, as our soul is meant to absorb love.

I love all of you as well and I hope all of you are doing well, as good as you can in these uncertain times.

Be well, stay safe.

As for this virus, it will be with us well into 2021 at least. It will take many more lives around the globe and here in the USA. In the US, we are still seeing 25-30k new cases in a day. We are still seeing 2000-2500 deaths per day. The heat will not stifle it, and hasn’t. Here in AZ with 103 degree full sun days, we are seeing more new cases than ever. I now have several friends who have lost multiple family members and loved ones from this virus. I know a few now who have the virus. I feel we will surpass 100k deaths in the USA during the summer without question.  The death rate of those who have tested positive is now over 6% here in the USA. 1 in 20 who have tested positive have now died. So be safe, be well and understand this is not a flu, and doesn’t go away. Only a vaccine will defeat this virus.

Love you all.