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The World’s 1st and Only Spirit Controlled Spirit Box!

WOW! When I envisioned this app, and spoke with Mr. Anthony Sanchez about implementing my ideas into something many would deem IMPOSSIBLE, I never dreamed it would actually become a reality and I never imagined it would be as amazing as it is. I am speechless at what I have captured with this app in my tests during the very very short beta process.

Probably the best clip I have ever captured during a session, and it was with the Impossible Box

This is an app, or shall I say “SOFTWARE” for a Windows PC or Tablet (same as the SCD-1) that is for me, the most amazing tool I have ever used for spirit communication. This software is borderline unreal, and there is a reason I named it “The Impossible Box”. What it does is seemingly impossible…

  • Spirits control the app and you will hear them speak when they want to speak. No more constant chatter (unless they want it that way)
  • A non-English if you get English replies using this mode, it would be IMPOSSIBLE. (or is it)?
  • NO AUDIO BANK. This is all random live streaming internet radio (like the SCD-1) but with the Impossible Box we do not always have a constant stream. In fact, in some of my testing I have had up to 4 minutes of silence during a session. The spirits speak when they want, and they activate the scan.
  • Thousands of SCD-1 have been sold. This takes the SCD-1 to the next level with its direct replies and spirit control. Also, it cuts WAY down on evidence review as we no longer have to filter through constant scan and chatter like a traditional ghost box or even the SCD-1.
  • This is the simplest but probably the most powerful spirit box ever created. Yet it is the cheapest ever created (for a REAL ITC tool, and not a toy app).
  • I will only put MY NAME to an app or product that works for REAL ITC. The Impossible Box and SCD-1 were both my vision, and the uber talented Anthony Sanchez made them reality. BOTH of these products are for true, serious and real ITC (spirit communication) work. Period.

The IMPOSSIBLE BOX is a unique app. At times it was silent for long other times it was shooting audio at me for 20-30 seconds at a time..and other times, only a single word would come through in amazing crystal clarity. It goes from good to UNREAL AMAZING depending on time of day, location and activity. This my friends is about as technologically advanced as we can get in 2015 for true ITC work. For me, it even beats the SCD-1, and that says a lot.

Part 2 Below…

For this one I wanted SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL. Anthony made my dream a reality. If you have a connection to the other side, this app will deliver communication. If you are new to ITC then it may take some time. I have been doing this for many years and am what many refer to as a “Spirit Magnet” as I easily can communicate with the other side. I feel ANYONE can do the same with dedication and patience.

I will have a PART 2 video up SOON with an Impossible Box Tutorial and a full real recorded session using the final version of the software. 

You can now download the IMPOSSIBLE BOX at GHOSTHUNTERAPPS.COM RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. $49.95, Windows PC or Tablets. Must have full version of Windows (no phones). 


As with ANY ITC device..a spirit box, ghost box, app or whatever YOU MUST record your sessions. Almost ALL replies and messages are heard AT playback of your recording. Just how it is as spirits manipulate audio onto your recording device. I record all sessions to VIDEO and play them back in iMovie on my Mac. When I play them back (while wearing headphones) I hear the answers that I did NOT hear during the live session. It’s crazy but how the spirit world seems to work. You may hear 10-20% of replies in real time, but there will be SO MUCH MORE in the recording. Trust me on this one.

For more tips on this and the SCD-1, be sure to join the ITC Collective, a Facebook group devoted to ITC spirit work. 

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Also, when doing a session be focused, positive and it is always best to do a short 5-15 minute meditation before ANY session, this will improve results.

If you buy this app thinking it will make you an instant spirit communicator, it will not. It will be a serous tool for you if you are serious about this field. It is not meant to be used as a toy or game as spirits will only reply to you if they know you are serious about this work and research. I have seen it over and over again. So do not buy this thinking it will instantly make spirits speak to you. It can indeed do  this but the spirits have to want to speak to you. If you have used tools such as this before, then you know this. I have seen so many go from not being able to get any communication to doing as good if not better than me. It’s all about YOU and your dedication to the work.


With that said, the Impossible Box, more than any other tool I have used will provide you with the best platform for real spirit communication when used correctly. There is simply nothing like it. You can get it here for the Windows operating system.