*This device costs me $1,240 in parts alone to make the PLUS model, $100+ to pack and ship and 3% in paypal fees. You do the math on how much I make for 10-14 days of my time making them (Around $100)

They are sold out for now but if you want one, EMAIL ME HERE to get on my new EMAIL list and you will be notified when one becomes available.  ONLY use this email for being put on the list, this email is not for questions about anything else, so I will only respond to those wanting to be on the wait list, who already know what this device is. 


 I am Steve Huff and I am the creator of the original portal and now Wonder Box series of spirit communication ITC devices. This is the only place in the world to buy an Authentic Wonder Box built by me. 

There is nothing like my wonder box anywhere in the world, and just to be clear this is not my original portal nor does it use the parts that are on the original portal. This Wonder Box is the most hands on, fully featured spirit communication device available today IMO, and I stand by that because I have yet to see something as immersive and impressive in sound and features, build and results.

The beautiful Wonder Box Plus for 2017. NO two are alike, each one is signed by me. I recommend this only to experienced researchers and teams. I do not recommend this device to  those who are new to ITC. You must use it correctly and of course, with any ITC device nothing is ever guaranteed. But if you connect, they will speak to you using this device. 

The 2017 Wonder Box Plus has everything that I found helps spirits to come through and speak to us:

High current amp, High Quality Reverb with Frequency control, noise reduction for use with scanning radios (to cut noise and enhance replies), Direct Line Reverse mode which is one of a kind and unique to this box, Voice Control V3 for more direct replies and more clarity, Human Energy Transfer Antenna built in, Amethyst Crystal, Magnetic Energy, Orgone Energy, 8 Hour Rechargeable Lithium battery now integrated, Custom large metal handle, high quality cables throughout, LED lights, hand woven copper grille, now with pro paint and pro clear coat to avoid scratches, and the ability to use any legit spirit app or spirit scanning  radio you desire for the spirits to manipulate and speak to you. NOTHING on earth sounds like or is as clear and big sounding a Wonder Box Plus. That’s a fact. 

My heart and soul has been poured into this over two years, from the original basic portal to this fully featured amazingly clear Wonder Box, and it is now in its best form ever. It has been proven by myself, and many others. Even Nick Groff uses it on Paranormal Lockdown throughout Season 2 with astonishing results. This is the most premium and only ITC device available from me that I make/build for sale. Each person who buys one will get a personalized tutorial video using their box that shows how to use it effectively.

Remember though, delving into the spirit world can bring good and bad, not all spirits are kind. If it scares you, I suggest to you to never get into spirit communication. 

I only offer these via limited runs every now and again, so they are rare and not mass-produced. Never will be. 

Me using my Wonder Box “CLASSIC” on TLC’s Paranormal Lockdown, Season 2, Episode 7 which is a  A MUST SEE!

See my latest videos below using my Wonder Box

Must Read and Agree to Before buying a Wonder Box

Hello, you have been directed to this page because you are someone who is interested in buying a Wonder Box device from Steve Huff. Below is a checklist of things to know about the device, and what to expect after you place your order.

If you agree to all of the information below, I will sell you one and build it for you. I just want everyone to know what this is and what this is not. Thank you.

  1. The Wonder Box will take anywhere from 10-21 days to build and prepare for shipping. The day before it ships I will make a video using your box going over how to use it, and will demo it with an app and radio.
  2. The Wonder Box may have a different grille in the next batch. It may look more like the custom with an extended front grille and lights behind it (though not with an audio analyzer) instead of copper strands. So the cosmetics may change for your wonder box if it turns out to look better and offer more protection for the speaker.
  3. There are never any guarantees with ANY ITC tool that communication will happen. I recommend this for those with experience with ITC (spirit communication). If you have a connection and have done this work before, this box can take it up to the next level. If you are new to this, you must learn the correct techniques for recording your sessions, focusing during the session and how to keep a 100% open mind. There are no miracle magic boxes made by anyone so contact with the dead also depends on you as well. Most who use this device for at least 2 weeks start to get messages. The more you use it, the more they will respond. Treat them with kindness and respect and they will do the same for you.
  4. I take no responsibility if any negative or evil messages come through or if any spirits hang around you after using this. It can and does happen. I have spirits around me 24/7, in my home and even attached to me. But I have been doing this for 7 years on a regular basis and have developed a relationship with the other side. But it can happen to anyone, so if it does, I take no responsibility if it scares you are causes issues. ONLY BUY THIS DEVICE if you do not fear this research. If getting a scary message would scare you then I do not recommend it.
  5. Each Wonder Box is different and unique. No two are alike, and sometimes I change parts or add things that I find to work well. So what you have seen in the past in a Wonder Box may not be what exactly what you get but I will say it will be equal or better than what I have made before it.
    The price is $1499 shipped within the USA. Payment is due in full when you order via
  6. paypal. After that parts will be ordered using your payment (it costs me $1200 in parts to make these) and I will go to work as soon as they all arrive. From order date to ship date usually takes 10-21 days. Shipping and paypal fees are included in the price. USA only at this time.
  7. I will give you a 6 month warranty on the Wonder Box. If anything goes wrong during this time I will fix or repair at no cost to you. You just pay shipping to me, and I will fix and pay to ship back to you. If you drop it or abuse it, then I can fix it but you would be responsible for parts. If it is after 6 months I can also fix it for price of parts. But if you do not abuse it then it can last you for many many years as all parts are premium and the way they are made now, they are made to last.
  8. Once payment is made and parts are ordered there are no refunds under any circumstances as your payment is used to order the parts. So when you order one be 100% sure you do want one.

THANK YOU. If you agree to these terms and want to go ahead with a purchase then payment of $1499.00 is due immediately. You can email me at and let me know you want to order and I will inform you how to pay via paypal. Thank you