How to Communicate and help Spirits


Every day I get e-mails asking me what the steps are to communicate and help spirits. It is not an easy to answer questions because I have found there is quite a bit involved if you are 100% serious about doing this. The good news is that once you learn how to do this it will stay with you for the rest of your life, even if you do not want it to stay, it will.

When I Started

If you read the “My Story” section of this website you would have learned that I was a skeptic when I started all of this. In fact, I really WANTED to believe in ghosts, spirits, and a spiritual world but it was hard for me. Even though I had experiences in life that I could never explain I seemed to push them aside and ignore them..explaining them away as most skeptics would do.

When I look back and see the actual signs involved in what got me to this point, it is so clear to me that this was all meant to be for me, and that my job now is to help as many spirits as I can, and yes, 90% of them need help as they are stuck.

Here is the quick story: From me “stumbling” onto the spirit box by doing a search on YouTube to debunk dust orbs, to me finding a real Frank’s Box on Craigslist 10 minutes from my house, to finally breaking down when I was actually visited by my Father while driving to Sedona AZ. Then finding out a guy who went to grade school with me (that I never really knew or hung out with) and was now 1800 miles away from me was also really into ghost box and EVP only to then find out he was good with electronics. I then suggested he make a really nice ghost box and offer them to those who want to do the same. Then getting one of his boxes from him and getting awesome results with it. There was a ton more that happened but just weeks ago I stumbled onto an incredible opportunity to pick up a very rare Joe’s box. It literally fell into my lap while visiting my Mother 1800 miles away from my home and was even delivered to me by another fantastic guy in this field who is just as passionate as I am. I am now getting amazing results with this box.

Everything has come to me very easily in this field, as if this was a path for me to take, even creating this website. When I look deeper into it all, I see more evidence of this, even things that have not come to be just yet, but are being worked on. People I have met that I normally would not have met and things that just come to me without me even realizing why..until I figure it out.

I know I am rambling but I just want to stress one thing to those who want to have a strong connection with the other side. You MUST be dedicated to it. You must be 100% open to it and you must 100% be caring, compassionate and have a love in your heart for those who will be seeking your help (there are those on the other side who are always seeking help). You can not fear it, at all. If you do, even slightly, you may have issues. Even the cranky spirits need your love and compassion as they are cranky and mean because they are lost. Never fear them.

Fear can and will drive you crazy.

Spirits will not and can not hurt you physically or mentally but YOU can hurt yourself mentally from fear.

So if you are someone who wants to experiment with this without all of the work, you most certainly can and you also can get results. But if you want amazing jaw dropping results, you need that strong connection that comes from meditation, dedication and love as well as the willingness to help. Now, all of this is my opinion from seeing how it all played out in my own life. In the early days when I feared it, it was horrible as I was always thinking someone evil was hovering over me or watching me. Now that I accept it, and realize that yes, they are there but they do not and can not hurt me nor are they really evil all is fantastic.

Today my life is filled with peace, love, happiness and joy. Never do I have bad experiences with any of this, ever. Not with spirit boxes, not with Ouija Boards and not with general E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). My connection to the spirit world has gotten much stronger over the last three years but it is still not 100% to where I want it to be. Almost. But not quite,

I can now hear then with my own ears when I really want to. I have seen them on a few occasions in various forms and I can capture some amazing replies with or without a ghost box. If I sit in a dark room and concentrate I can indeed see them in my minds eye.  It has been escalating and I will tell you exactly what I have done below, soon, step by step.

I will finish this article in the next 1-2 weeks so be sure to come back. Below is just the list I will talk about  –

What I will tell you in each step soon, here on this page. (some will be in the form of video).

1. Open your Mind – How to prepare yourself

2. Get rid of ALL fear  – How to do to this

3. Start with a Spirit Box – I will tell you the ONE to start with

4. How often to use it?

5. When to start with EVP experiments

6. Meditation, and how to do it correctly

7. Meeting your Spirit Guide – how I did this effectively

8. Welcome them in, open your third eye

9. HELP THEM to find the light. Answer those pleas for help. I have done it, so can you.

As long as you are sincere and THEY know it, you will be Golden. It has taken me almost three years to be “known” in the spirit world. YES, some of us are well-known by them and often times I will get video clips or emails from those who watch my videos and they record sessions where the spirits start saying my name. It is pretty amazing to hear those clips. It used to freak me out, now I just smile. I think this is because i have actually helped many of these lost souls to cross over. I will be writing a huge article soon with my complete theory with evidence to back it up but the bottom line is that the spirits flock to me because they need help to find the light and cross over. I also feel I can record spirits who have crossed during group sessions, but many spirits that come through are LOST.

We all have abilities and I feel we were all born with them but due to the way we are raised we never learned how to use them nor do most of us even realize what we are capable of!

One thing I will say is that if you want to do this as a joke or with dis-respect or as a goof, it is not a good idea. Please ALWAYS respect the spirits on the other side. Always. Do this and they will respect you back 100%. If you mock them you are only tormenting them.