Receive a message in the Group Sessions – 100% FREE, worldwide.



Imagine getting a message from your lost loved ones..with that message coming through and being recorded for you to hear? Not from MY voice, but from theirs in the afterlife…if this sounds intriguing then be sure to join in this 100% free event. No guarantees here but in all previous sessions there have been confirmed message come through for some who took part. 

This is not a joke, anything fraudulent nor is it done just for fun or  taken lightly in any way. It is a serious event that I do every month as an experiment to see just what is possible in spirit communication and remote sessions. ANYONE in the world can join in (but you must follow directions and meditate on the day of the session) and many have received messages during the sessions. It is emotional, incredible and exciting. I do not know who participates as you do not need to sign up or even tell me you are participating.

The #8 session with TONS of replies for those who participated


Thank you for your interest in participating in the next group night. These are experimental sessions where I attempt to bring in messages for you from your lost loved ones. In order for this to be successful, those taking part MUST meditate on the day/evening of my session.

You do this in your own home, by yourself. No need to be with me, near me or linked to me in any way, shape or form.

While I state that you may get a message, there are never ANY guarantees as I can not control who comes through. Many times we get a ton of validated messages, sometimes we get a few. The last session was incredible!

So if you want a chance to hear a message from a lost loved one, you can join in for free. I never ever charge for this as I feel it is a special thing that allows me to help give some of you a bit of closure or comfort. It may be successful, it may not, so I call it experimental.

If you want to join in, click the button above to state you going (even though you go no where at all) so I have an idea how many will be participating. I always like to know the number of people around the world who are doing their meditation for the session/event.

After that all you need to do is wait for the date and do your meditation, which I will outline below with instructions.


Depending on what part of the world you live in it may be confusing as to what time I am doing my session. Since i feel this works best for you if you mediate up to 30 minutes before I start you need to know what time it will be by you when I am doing the session. I am starting at 10PM Phoenix AZ time. This is when I will start my 30 minute meditation before the sessions begin.

To find out the time in your area, just google “Phoenix, AZ Current Time” and google will show you what time it is by me. You can do this RIGHT NOW so you can figure out the time you need to do your meditation.

So just google that and you will know what time it is by me. You can then figure out the difference in hours so you know when this will be happening.

This is not broadcast live. It is a remote session that I record on video and audio and post within 24-48 hours after the session once I have listened to and reviewed it. I will state again that you do not need to be hooked up live with me in any way. Just follow the meditation instructions below and do this on the day/night of my session.


The meditation should be done in a quite room in your house. Find a quiet and preferably dark room and lay down or sit down to where you are 100% relaxed.

Relax your body and every muscle in your body so it feels like you are melting into your chair or bed. Forget about your stress, the troubles of the day, your hectic schedule. Forget about problems or issues and just envision a black space..a hole. Try to not let your mind wander out of this state as it will be harder for you to concentrate on what you need to do.

If it helps, play some soft relaxing music without vocals or words. iTunes has a few great meditation tracks you can purchase if you desire.

As you lay there, 100% relaxed and stress free envision in your head that you are flying through the black space you are creating in your head. as you fly and float you will start to see stars shining brightly…they are passing you by and you feel happy, content and peaceful.

You can do this for one minute or 10 but eventually you will want to stop and just float in this space.

As you float envision the loved one you want to connect to approaching you – they will be floating towards you with a warm gentle smile, just as you remembered them in life. As they approach envision them as clearly as you can, calling their name in your head. Give them a hug and try to FEEL the emotion as you do this. Say their name a few times and tell them you miss them and love them and are happy to connect with them.

After you do this tell them you would love to hear from them and ask if they could leave a message for you through STEVE HUFF. Tell them to come to STEVE HUFF at 10PM, that night, in Phoenix AZ to leave you a message during his session. Give them another hug, a smile or even a kiss and tell them you love and miss them and hope to hear from them.

The more vivid you envision this the better your odds of getting a message.

Slowly start floating backwards through the stars..envision your body flying faster and faster as the stars pass you by at a blinding speed. Then you fly down, slowing down gradually as you fly back down into your body where you physically are at the moment.

You are now done with the meditation and the rest is up to me.

I will then do my session and post the video results within 48 hours to my website at

That’s all there is to it! I am looking forward to this one guys! Thank you so much for participating and keeping that mind OPEN! If your mind is closed this may not work so please please keep and open mind and ACCEPT the fact that this is possible.

Thank you!

Here is what one person who participated wrote to me after they watched the video below from session #5. The words in CAPS are words that came in through this session (as you can see in the video below)

“Hi Steve. I just saw the video of you GB session this past weekend. I did attend and I wanted to tell you about what I got out of it. My BROTHER DAVE passed away 3 yrs ago this weekend. Me and my husband BRIAN took care of him. He FELL and was having trouble BREATHING. My MOMS DEPRESSED with the loss of my brother and she is suffering from CANCER..Before my brother passed he was in a mental health facility in the JEFFERSON wing. The night you had your session me and my husband came back from fishing..We caught a CATFISH. We never caught one in this lake before.

We were going to have a fire in the firepit when we got back but due to the rain it wouldn’t BURN.At the end of your session I saw MURPHY which is a friends dog that passed recently and after murphy you said something and then I heard MILLIE. That also is her dog. I feel that this session was amazing. Whether or not all this was for me, I don’t know but it is more than just a coincidence. Oh and also its said ANGELS ARE WITH YOU. I have a picture of an angel that we captured on out camera a few years back. It is unmistakable.”


Just remember that I make no claims, I just do what I do and it is possible to get a message. Not everyone will receive a message but the good part is that I do these every month for free. Never ever a charge, EVER!