Video Evidence of Ghosts and Spirits

This is the stuff that most of you are looking for. Real and Authentic VIDEO Evidence of ghosts, spirits and some sort of intelligent being. Before I go further, all of my video evidence is 100% real, 100% legit and 100% authentic. Yes, those all have the same meaning but I am trying to stress here that what you see if what you get. I will never and have never faked ONE thing when it comes to the paranormal or anything in life.

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Unfortunately, thanks to TV shows that are not so honest many think ghost evidence should consist of creepy figures and evil faces or even household items being thrown around the room. To be honest, while I have seen something be thrown one time, I have never experienced the creepy things that many associate with evidence of ghosts. I have even captured full EVP’s (and I mean EVP, not using a ghost box) of “them” telling me that they can not be captured on video like this (Photo, yes).

So my evidence will consist of audible evidence such as E.V.P., Ghost Box Audio and Echovox Audio. It will also consist of the occasional spirit photo or video. It has teen me three years to reach this level. Three years of dedication, commitment, love and doing it for the right reasons. I have read many books and researched about how to meet your spirit guide (and I have), how to open your third eye (and I have but it took 1 1/2 years) and how to mediate.

Today, just three years after starting all of this I have the ability to communicate with spirits in real-time using EVP, Spirit boxes, Spirit Photography and other devices, just about anywhere I go. I usually can capture EVP no matter where I am or where I go and I get intense replies from my Joe’s Box and Andy’s Box a regular basis.

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This video will give you an overall idea of what I do and what I capture. 

Can we communicate with our lost loved ones? Watch the video below and YOU DECIDE after watching it.
Using a Joe’s Box to communicate. Amazing clarity. 
Here is a mid day session I did using an Andy’s Box. AMAZING reply which validates what I do.
Did I connect with Joe, creator of the now famous “Joe’s Box”?

The video below is all from VERY early footage of mine. Mostly using the P-SB7 and Sangean DT200X boxes. Some amazing direct replies and proof that the ghost box is 1005 REAL here, take a listen: