Messages from the Dead: A Journey into the Afterlife. My Book coming this Year.


Finally! After speaking about it for seven years, I have officially started writing my book and I am full steam ahead and well into Chapter 4 already. I started from scratch and waited 10 years to do this as now the time is right, and I have a full book’s worth of material that will start with my 3am premature birth in a basement to where I am today. It will talk about all I have learned from spirit, every detail from my years of notes. What happens when we die? Is Heaven real and what is it like? Is Hell real, and if so, what is it like? What is the light? What happens to our memory at death? What is the light? Why are some spirit stuck in darkness?  I will answer those questions and many more when this is all done and the answers will not be from me, rather they have all come from spirit directly, and are within the notes I have kept for ten years with relevant answers about the afterlife.

I will also get personal and talk about the challenges and darkness within my life and how I was able to defeat them to end up in a world of peace, love, light and true happiness. 

There will be photos in almost every chapter and links to videos that will blow your mind wide open.

I will go in depth and talk about every detail of my near death experiences as well as my “training”  (as they call it) that started when I was nine years old when I stumbled upon the one thing that would eventually change my life . Things I have never spoken of, all of it will be let out with nothing held back. I will speak about the highlights and the lowlights of this crazy journey. The good, the bad and the ugly but it may be a long read as I feel all of what I write about will tell a story of how I ended up where I am in life today. From the extreme fear of my Father when I was young, to my grade school years where I first met Debby, to a life in my 30’s that I despised, to the extreme hate and threats that I was pummeled with during my first years in ITC.

All of it, the good and bad all of which made me the person I am today.

I will share all of my techniques for ITC that I have learned and discovered as well as touch on how anyone can also speak with spirits if they so desire and proof that it is not a sin to do so. 

It may take me a few months to write but I am working on it. I feel it will be the deepest dive into the world of spirit communication ever written, with solid amazing evidence to back it all up, and it will also show how guides do indeed guide us down a path in this life, and what can happen if we stray from that path. It will be complete,  from the things in life that were truly signs as I grew up to how I overcame intense negativity to find love and the true meaning of life.

Of course, I will dive into my devices, my discoveries and the world of ITC including the spiritual attacks, the hate, the fakes (and how to spot them), and so much more including my newest endeavor, “The Miracle Box” which will be my last ITC Spirit Box Device with a companion App to go along with it. 

My discoveries over the years are now being used by thousands around the world to connect with spirit. Many implement my discoveries in boxes and apps for ITC and call them their own. With this book you can now hear about it all from the guy who discovered these things, lived it and continues to learn from the source itself every day to find new ways to connect with spirit and prove that our soul truly never dies.

I am excited.

Stay tuned.


PS – If this book succeeds, as in, I finish it and it is well received I will write one more which will be an in depth book teaching anyone how they can build a connection and work with spirit to enhance their lives. It will include assignments. affirmations, and talk about the power of visualization and how it can truly shape your life into whatever you want it to be. First, I feel I must let everyone know the real me, and how I came to be so passionate about connecting with the afterlife. That is what “A Journey into the Afterlife” will be all about.

Love you all, and thank you all for your years of support, kindness and love.