Sushant Singh Rajput Session 2021. A tour de force of modern day ITC.

Sushant Singh Rajput Session 2021. A tour de force of modern day ITC.

By Steve Huff

My newest video posted late night on March 17th 2021 is one that should be seen by anyone who is interested in life after death research. Wether you are a fan of Sushant or not, this video showcases what ITC is like in 2021. It shows how far we have cone, and also proves scientifically that spirits speak to us from beyond.

You will hear Sushant speak of being Reborn. How our soul never ends. God. The light. How he is on the other side, and I even ask about his death, and get an answer.

Since moving to our new property, something has shifted within me. I have been blessed somehow, with the ability to clearly see the spirits, and what they show me as the session progresses. The spirits validate what I see in real time. I believe this is because I have been consistent with pushing the message of love, light and forging ahead even when the odds are stacked against me.

Sushant is with one of my most powerful guides here, who only shows up on rare occasion. His name is ACE and you may have heard him call out his name in videos of the past. He is always clear, always comes with love and always brings light. He says his name here as does Sushant when I ask who the man is with the robe and beard.

I also share a segment at the end about HOW it all works, in detail so there can be no confusion. I have to do this in every celebrity video now so every one sees how it is done. I am 100% transparent, 100% honest and share the technique and how it works for all to see, and it is miraculous how it does work. I get a little “passionate” in this segment but I felt I had to, as there are many ignorant hate filled people who have no clue about ITC or how it works and just automatically assume “fake” and then post saying it is fake because their fragile ego can not handle being wrong.

There are fakes out there, and I show you again how to spot them on YouTube. It’s pretty easy to do. I am not one of them, you can see that in how I do what I do, in my eyes, in my transparancy and the fact I have been at this for almost eleven years, I have been copied to no end, but I am the original who has been at this for a long long time, taking it as serious as I take my life. Spending tens of thousands on research, R&D and sharing results with all of you along the way. I am as honest as they come, and doing this has brought me so many changes in my life, all for the better.

It is a travesty that this is not being studied around the world. That science is not looking at this and taking it serious. It seems to be a problem with the world, or who knows. Maybe the world leaders do not want us to know what is out there for whatever reason.

In any case, this new video is a must see for EVERYONE. It’s pretty special, and I hope you enjoy it.