Absolute PROOF of Life After Death. Hear the VOICES of Loved Ones on the Other Side CLEARLY. INCREDIBLE.

Absolute PROOF of Life After Death. You will Hear the VOICES of Loved Ones on the Other Side CLEARLY. SEE PROOF HERE!


When I was a little kid I always had a desire to find out if ghosts were real. As I grew older, I had a drive within me to find out, and as I grew to adulthood I started my full time journey to do just that. Today, at 51 years of age, I can say without hesitation or question that not only are spirits real and our soul truly never dies but we can reacher loved ones on the other side.

YES We can receive messages from that that validate FACTS to those who seek those validations. Messages and facts I would have no idea about or have any way of knowing have come in, for loved ones, from their loved on in spirit form direct to them, all to validate they are alive and well in spirt form on the other side. I should know as I have been doing it again and again and again for my members at YouTube and Patreon for a long time now.

The comments from members here are all from the Feb 2021 Group Session as are the clips in the video above.

Members comment about their personal validations from the Feb 2021 session…

Now all of this goes very deep, and I have discovered that many whom I show this to can not even comprehend it, as in, they just cannot wrap their brain around the facts. As if they have a blockage that doesn’t allow them to understand that yes, spirits are speaking here, clearly and with messages for their loved ones who are still in their physical on this earth.

For me and for those involved (and many others who watch these miracles take place) it is clear as a sunny day. For others, wether it is fear, denial, or ego, that can not or do not want to accept reality as they are afraid to be wrong in their beliefs, afraid what they were taught was wrong, or afraid even of what may become of them when their time comes. The darkness like to keep minds closed as when they are open, amazing things can happen within ones life. Sadly there are many closed minds on this earth, and that is what keeps so many from their full potential in this life.


I am not talking about fake reality TV here, nor am I talking about religion, which is man made and very corrupt. I am talking about the power of LOVE, the same thing I have spoken of for so many years. LOVE is the KEY and that is why these miracles can take place, and happen again and again. Those who get results have opened up, they believe, they see the reality of this and she even get blessed with the warmth and feeling of the light entering them.

Let me be 100% clear again. When we our physical self dies here on this earth, our soul, our light, our entire life-force moves on to the astral, spiritual or light plane. Where that soul goes depends on how we lived life here, what we learned, and what we did. That has also been proven over and over again and again. I have purposely connected to dark souls like Jeffrrey Dahmer and Charles Manson, both who have told me clearly in the videos they were in darkness (in their own old voices). There are consequences to our actions here on earth, believe it, it is true.

Members leave comments about their validations from the Feb 2021 Session

This is not some parlour trick, nor am I some punk kid on YouTube faking paranormal videos for views, subs and money, of which there are many today, sadly. It is true that money can be the root of all evil, and some will do whatever it takes to get a lot of it. I am not money motivated, and live a simple life. I have no interest in fact cars, Rolex watches, traveling everywhere, buying a yacht or even owning a huge house. My house is 1100 SQ ft in the middle of nowhere, in peace and serenity surrounded by nature and it was very very inexpensive. In fact Debby and I were guided here, and now I know why. After some uncertainty for a few weeks I have realized that this is the place to be for the work I do.  I have all I need in life for material possessions, and have no desire for more. Those desires for “things’ has left me completely as consumerism is a huge part of the downfall of society. Everyone wants to be like the celebrities, everyone wants riches and fame, and those are the things that will never bring enlightenment. They bring artificial happiness, a temporary rush, and addiction to wanting more. It’s how we  have been programmed by TV, leaders, media, Hollywood, and the powers that be, that all come from darkness to suppress our true inner light and potential. We have been trained to want this or want that, to listen to this side or that side, to hate our neighbors and to have anger and fear in our lives constantly. THIS is DARKNESS my friends.

I am not in this for TV, as I turned down several offers for my own show (because they want you to be fake or do what you do not want to do) and I am not into fame or celebrity, as I feel celebrity worship is not healthy. Celebrities are no better than you, me or anyone. They are human’s like the rest of us. Money doesn’t make anyone better than you. Period.

What we all have in common is that we all are here, on this earth, with the same body parts, the same abilities and while it is not fair for all of us, we can overcome so much of that with love. I know not many will hear my message, and some will brush it off as a bunch of nonsense, but those who listen, those who hear that message and implement the things I have talked about for years  into their life WILL notice a difference (many have). I am not here to speak of those things though, as today I am sharing an incredible video with you. One that showcases love, spirit, and the reality of what is happening today in the world of spirit communication.

More validations from Feb 2021, and I am only posting some of them here!


For ten years I have pushed forward through those who have tried to stop me, lie about me, make hate videos about me all in an attempt to close down the light and message of love. It is easy for so many to follow hate, as hate and lies are easy. LOVE takes strength. BELIEF takes strength. The weak follow hate, the strong follow Love. This has been the case since the creation of man and is very very true. That person you see always angry and full of hate, or trashing others? They are a dark weak soul. Those who are kind to all, spread love and help others? THEY are the TRUE light workers of the world, and believe me, that takes STRENGTH. 

To be a beacon of love, light and truth is never ever easy but those of us who live this life must always forge ahead through dark, through hard times and through the storms as those things are always a test of our strength, our will, our fortitude. I have weathered that storm along with many of you.

YES we can connect with our loved ones in heaven, we can connect with spirits who are in a different place. We can connect even with dark souls if we are not careful, but when done with love, and an army of people who focus on the same thing, anything is possible.

More validations from YouTube Members…

This video above showcases just a few small clips from my full almost three hour group session I completed in February for my members at YouTube.

I do these EVERY month and have for three years now. While we have done these each month as a group effort, I have been listening to guides as to how to improve the sessions, the connection and the nature of the replies. I have implemented these things within my life, my being and my devices. It’s much more than the box my friends as most of the communication comes from the connection we establish with guides, angels and even the lord above.

So many do this as a joke, a hobby, a passing interest, or again, faking it for attention, money and views but to reach these guides, angels and loved ones requires a complete life change and a complete wide open understanding of what is involved. THIS is what I do, what I have done for ten years, and yes, it is REAL. I know I keep saying this but I have to as so many are in denial about it. Many have followed hate, lies and anger as it is easy to fall into that, all in an effort to keep them from light or enlightenment.

You can not try to emulate the made for entertainment TV shows and get results as I do. You can not buy a fake portal online and get results as I do. You can not start a YouTube channel and get results as I do UNLESS you go through the spiritual process and accept light into your life. Quite a few have out there, and I am not alone in receiving validations like these. MANY are doing this as I write this, all over the world. I am no different that you, I just learned how to open up my abilities, the abilities we all have within us. It has taken years and yes, my life has changed dramatically in how I live to achieve these things. Not by force, but because it came naturally as I went through the process.

I am just a man who learned the truth about light, love, the universe, God, and the reality of life after death. I dropped all fear from life and followed my guides who guided me here, and are still guiding me. We can all do that in all aspects of our life and when we do, we will always go on the path laid our for us with minimal disruptions. It’s not easy, not at all, but we all have this ability. LIVE a GOOD life. Be KIND rather than HATEFUL. Know that your beliefs are not everyone’s and accept others for who they are. Drop hate, drop anger, and listen to your instinct within that is so desperately trying to show you the right way to go.

More validations from Feb 2021…

I am here to say BREAK out of that trap and BREAK THROUGH into the light. As you watch the video above, and hear these messages do know there are even more impressive messages that came in that I will share soon, messages that validated things for their loved ones on this earth.

The video, at the end, tells you how you can join in a group session if you like. I will not promote it on this page as I feel you should watch the video and if you feel that emotion, that light within you spark, and feel your doubt fade away then you will watch the full video and learn more at the end of it.

To succeed in getting a message takes immense love, belief, and a guided meditation I supply to all members. Many have taken the journey with me, and some do not get messages due to various reasons, but some receive beautiful messages each month. That is due to their dedication, love, following through with the meditation and truly believing their loved one is there. When that happens, they do come in and talk, clearly. One example is Diego, who has come through for a year now and he only gets stronger. You will hear him in the video above, and you can see his full story in a video his wide helped me with HERE with more amazing messages in his own voice.

I love you all. Always be in the light my friends.