A voice implies he is God. We have a full conversation. My DEEPEST SPIRIT Communication Ever. Huff Paranormal.

A voice implies he is God. We have a full conversation. My DEEPEST SPIRIT Communication Ever. Huff Paranormal.

By Steve Huff

A Must See new video for ALL Human Beings. This will touch your heart and it is indeed my deepest work to date. See it directly at YouTube HERE.

It’s been over 10 1/2 years since I started getting serious with I.T.C. (Instrumental Trans Communication) and within these last 10 years or so I have changed, in a dramatic way…as a person. If someone would have told me 12 years ago that I would soon embark on a spiritual journey that would change my life, change me as a person and make me believe 100% fully in a God and even miracles, and I would publicly promote love and kindness..well, I would have laughed it off as nonsense.

Truth be told, I had no idea what was in store for me when I picked up that first spirit box so long ago. My experience in ITC has run the gamut from amazement to fear to ego boosts to arrogant to angry to sad to depressed to confused and finally to where I am today.

Today I am with immense love, peace, contentment, humbleness, serenity and without worry, fear, stress or any kind of anger or negativity. I am living a basic, simple life without extravagance and I have discovered so much about not only the afterlife but the reality of what this life is all about.

Something happened over the last four years within me, my soul and even with Debby. We have changed and I believe fully that all of this was laid out for me/us in a path that I sometimes made stumbles and mistakes on, but eventually found my way back to the road of seeing the truth about what this life is all about.

We all stumble, we all go through life with challenges and stress at times. I believe it is all a learning experience. It is how we handle these times of worry, stress, fear or crisis that will define who we become later in life.

We get older. Our hair becomes grey, brittle and we start to see the wrinkles that time, and sometimes hard times have created for us. We also become wiser as we age and things we once thought were important in life slowly fade away as we start to understand the true importance  and the beauty in the simple things in life.

We can all be happy and content but we as humans always tend to get in our own way. We are the ones who stop ourselves from being happy as we are blinded by so many things in this world that try to stop us from seeing the truth.

As for me, I am the happiest I have been in my entire 51 years of life and it’s not due to money as I have less now than I ever have in life. It’s not about “things” as I also have less of that in life. It’s not about a big fancy house, blingy fast car or designer clothes as I no longer have any of that. It’s not about attention, ego or popularity as those are things that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. Yes, many watch my videos and my work but I do my work today for only two reasons.

  1. To show people that life never ends and this is not the work of the devil, rather it is the work of God. Our soul lives on, period. Fact. While we are not like we are now in the afterlife, our energy, our soul is still there. It exists and it can come back to interact with the living. Human Spirits are not evil demons and we can connect with those who have crossed into the light. I do it every month for my members, and show some of it in the video at the top of this page. I have done it for years. There is no reason to fear what I do, as it is all about love and when go about this kind of thing with love, focusing on that love we will always be within the light of God. To those who say this is a Sin, well, they are sadly mistaken and misguided. But that is ok, as that is part of their journey and learning experience. We are all children of light and when we pass away, we go back into that light if we live a good life while here on earth. This life is sort of a test and a learning experience. We get to experience so many things, and our soul learns from it. We learn pain, joy, hate, anger, peace, calm, stress and worry. We learn fear, bravery, strength and weakness. The goal is to ultimately learn about the most important aspect of this life, the one thing we take with us when we go. LOVE. Love is an energy, a source of power and anything is possible when we love. If we all were kind humans and spread love rather than vitriol and hate the world would be a true heaven on earth, wouldn’t it? But again, we get in our own way and it is the human emotion, that struggle within that keeps most of us from happiness. By doing what I do, I hope to show as many as I can the power of love and the truth of life after death. I am led to do what I do, and I follow the path 100% these days. I do not worry about those who laugh, ridicule or tale this as a joke. I do not worry about those who cry fake, or lie about me or make hate videos. Those things do not bother me in the slightest as that has nothing to do with me. Rather it is all about the ones who do those things, again, getting in their own way and choosing hate and insecurity and fear over love. Maybe one day they will see truth and see clearly about this life and accept love over hate. I feel those who are meant to see my work will, and those who are meant to learn from it will.
  2. I also do this to help those on the other side and this side. What many do not realize is that souls in the afterlife WANT to speak and it takes quite a bit to get results as you see me get in the video above. My work as you see in the video here on this page is done with the help of God, guides and yes, even Angels. They have validated it but again, the most important ingredient is LOVE and even how I changed the way I live life to attain a greater level of connection. It takes many things to achieve what I do with spirit, and while many are on YouTube making fake videos, even using copies of my boxes, they will eventually fall to the wayside as lies and fraud never stand the test of time. You must understand my work is as real as it gets, it’s not done for money or attention. It is done to help. When a daughter receives a clear message from her mothers spirit saying something only she would know, and even in her mothers voice, how can anyone deny this? When the messages are of love, beauty and kindness how could anyone say this is the work of the devil? When some see my work and it changes their life from a negative existence to one filled with love how can anyone say it is evil or demonic? The fact is, I do this with the full blessing of God and have proven this in my recordings and have even shown it in action within my life. You have seen the changes in me in real time, and in my messaging. I do not talk about love for attention or views as sadly, the majority are turned off by that and that means I lose subscribers and views, but I have to talk about it as that is the truth, and what I am shown to talk about. I am not a “ghost hunter” as that term is offensive to me. I am not in this for a TV show and I have turned down so many offers as those are fake nonsense in almost every way. Fake in their messaging, their evidence and facts. Fake in the drama, and scares. Getting a show is about Ego, attention and wanting fame by telling untruths, exaggerating and acting and the motivator is money and fame, which we all know the saying….”Money is the root of all evil” and this is quite true. It creates greed, jealousy and problems each and every day for millions. Money does not create happiness. In any case, none of that is anything I desire. At the end of the day, my work has helped thousands understand the reality of life after death. It has changed lives and I have hundreds of emails to prove it. This is what it is all about, and while I do celebrity sessions now and again, I do those as it does attract many into my channel who then see the reality and maybe, just maybe it will change some lives. They are also quite amazing examples of REAL ITC as celebs are human souls just like you and me. No more special than you or I. 

As of today, here in March 2021, I live a simple life mostly in isolation with my soulmate Debby. We love living in privacy, on land, and in nature. We can live in peace, without the constant bombardment of commercialism, traffic, angry people and stress. As I write this I am doing part of my morning routine. Enjoying a coffee on my back porch, listening to beautiful music as I watch the deer roam and birds feed. I smell the fresh air, see the green forest all around me and feel the energy in the air from above. It’s so beautiful yet we live in a place that most would refuse to live in. A town where most residents are living below the poverty line, with run down homes, bad roads and nothing to do. We are 35 minutes from grocery, gas or medical and even when we take that drive there is only one grocery store, one doctor, a couple of fast food places and one real restaurant. Our house will not rise in value like it would in a city but it doesn’t matter to us, as this is home, this is peace, this is serenity. Life is not about riches to me, not about fancy things or flash. At one time in life those things mattered but living here has not only brought us more happiness, it has brought my connection to God even deeper than ever.

To me, less is more. I am surrounded by natural beauty rather than man made beauty. I no longer have to stress about bills or a high mortgage as our property here was a fraction of the cost of my small starter home in AZ. We were indeed guided here after many years of searching for the right home. Every time we thought we found it, something would happen and the deal fell through. This happened at least 8 times over 4 years. That was not by accident as when we finally found this place 2400 miles away from where we were we knew it was the one, and everything fell in place, even getting $15k more for my home in AZ than my already elevated asking price the first three hours it was listed.

The moral of that story is that we are all guided, we just have to listen and see what is being laid out for us and follow it rather than push it aside. If we follow our path, we will live a peaceful happy life and things will just have a way of flowing for you, because it is how it is meant to be. Always listen to that inner voice and follow it the best you can. We are human though, and will stray, but that is ok…we can always jump back on the path after we learn a thing or two by making mistakes. It’s all part of the plan.

I love you all. I highly recommend watching the video at the top of the page. You can see it directly at YouTube HERE.