Jeffrey Dahmer Spirit Session. He answers me in Detail. YouTube Deemed it “Disturbing”.

Jeffrey Dahmer Spirit Session. He answers me in Detail.

Last week I posted a new video featuring an “interview” with Jeffrey Dahmer from beyond the grave. Yes, it is real. Yes, I explain my technique and yes, I even link to the source audio used by my Astral Doorway device. Anyone who says this is fake, is a fake themselves and is either afraid of it, or in denial.

This is, to me, an incredible video and quite profound. With direct answers from Jeffrey pertaining to his situation, and where his soul resides now (in darkness) you can hear the tone in his voice and sadness as well.

What is interesting is both him and Manson both said they are in darkness. This tells us that evil souls, and yes, evil exists, do go to a dark place at death.

In this must see video, which YouTube demonetized for being “too disturbing” (yet the still show ads on it for THEM) I feel it is one of the best videos that showcases how spirits speak, and my interview technique which is IMO the most incredible method for direct, sentence length conversation in ITC.

See the video below but if you are sensitive to these things, you may want to skip.