The new SIGNAL app for ITC. Can it connect us to the Dead? I test it.

The new SIGNAL app for ITC. Can it connect us to the Dead? I test it.

I have had the Signal app for the last 12 weeks or so as its creator has continued to change, tweak and improve it. It was released a few days ago and I released a video with some footage of me using this new app from Keith Weldon of The Chillseekers.

My video on the SIGNAL APP

It’s one of my fave kind of apps, a radio scanning app. This works in the same exact way as a radio based ghost box, exactly. Remember, radio boxes cost much more than an app but they do the same thing. Spirits use audio to speak, it’s HOW they speak and the only way they can speak. Wether that audio is white noise (the worst choice) or human voice (best source) it all works the same way. But these boxes, devices and apps will never work for all of us, as the most important aspect is THE CONNECTION YOU CREATE FROM WITHIN YOU.

Spirits use us to speak, it’s complex. Most out there for some reason think apps and boxes use some magic to bring ghosts in but that is not true as the magic lies within US, within our own light. When our light is bright we can connect with ease and message are strong. When our light is dim it can be impossible to get a device to bring in the dead.

Also, remember that spirits do not have a voice. Our spirit, or soul, is energy. This is why spirits use us to speak along with the audio we supply them. So before you rush and buy any app, understand it must be you who connects. Then you must use the correct technique when using the app. You can not just turn it on and start chatting.

With all of that said, there are things that devices, boxes and apps CAN do to help spirit speak easier. I have learned over the last eleven years that certain sound frequencies help spirit to manipulate the audio we give them. Certain reverb frequencies do this as do certain pitch frequencies. When you have a device that can do this, along with YOUR connection and techniques for recording the dead then it make sit much easier.

I always suggest avoiding any apps that contain sound effects. Music, spooky sounds, etc are a sure sign of a bad ITC app that was made for a quick buck. They can be useful and effective but it makes the work of the spirit much harder.

The new Signal App is probably the most complete radio scanning ITC app ever created. First, it’s not trying to trick you into buying with a scary name or graphics theme. It’s simple, to the point and allows us to create our own presets with custom settings. It’s a great tool to experiment with as well as it offers us effects such as reverb, pitch, phaser and others, and we can stack three of these at a time, with the ability to adjust levels of each.

We can adjust the number or IP radio stations it scans, we can adjust the length/speed of the scan, and we can adjust the way it scans with a normal mode, a burst mode and a silent mode that I love when I go into a portal or astral doorway device.

The OG IP app is the SCD-2. An app I helped create many years ago now. The Signal app has the same concept but ramps it up with amazing customization.

Now, again…do not expect to turn it on and start talking to the dead. You WILL hear radio and lots of it. Once you dial it in with the correct settings, use the correct technique, focus and envision spirits, and record your session with love, care and respect you may start to get results. But you must record and review, as you will not hear most replies in real time. That goes for ANY ITC device. If you use a device and do no record and review every session you are missing p to 70% of your replies. Just how it is and how it works.

This app is well worth the $10, as it is an app one can grow with. You may have better instant results with an app like Necrophonic (uses only phonetic sounds, no words or phrases) but if you use the Signal app, and have patience with it or even use it with a portal in the silent mode it can bring you some of the most amazing spirit messages you have ever heard. They can be long, sentence length and super clear. This is because the app gives spirit what they need to speak, HUMAN VOICE.

You can purchase the new Signal app on iOS HERE

You can purchase the new Signal app on Android HERE

The bad reviews? Those are from those who do not understand how ITC works, how spirits speak and assume you can just turn on the app and have spirit speak. Well, that’s not how it works and I have been trying to educate the ITC community about this for many many years now. Sadly, many do not listen or believe in spirits yet they feel an app should work for them easily. It takes work, dedication, patience, technique and persistence but once you connect solidly you will start to get more and more messages and that’s when it gets interesting indeed! See my video at the top of this page for my overview and results with this app. Love you all!