A Man Speaks to his Wife from Heaven. HEAR HIS TOUCHING WORDS and HER Story of Love.

A Man Speaks to his Wife from Heaven. HEAR HIS TOUCHING WORDS.

This may be my most important video I have ever recorded, in over ten years of doing this. Today I would like to share with you all a session I did for Diego for his wife Maria. She has been a member of mine for a long time, and recently I made an offer to my Patrons that I would do three personal one on one sessions for three members. I wanted to do this to test this, and my newest technique for direct spirit contact. This is the same technique I have used for my recent session videos for Michael Jackson, James Randi, Eddie Van Halen and others. This time, I wanted to see if I could reach a specific loved one for someone.

This is a session for Diego, who has come in many times during my group sessions over the last 1-2 years. His wife Maria shared some beautiful words in this one, photos and context of this true love story.

In this video you will not only hear Diego answer me direct in his own voice that he had here when in his physical body on earth, but you will see him as he showed me himself in spirit form, in a full body apparition that I captured quite a while ago. He is a string spirit and it proves love has no boundaries. Enjoy below or watch directly at YouTube HERE where you can also partake in the comments.