Latest Videos.. EVH’s Spirit Box, Moving to the Woods and more…

Latest Videos.. EVH’s Spirit Box, Moving to the Woods and more…

So over the last ten days Debby and I have moved into our new home and location. It’s been quite the change and a LOT of work but in the end we love it, at least so far! Going from a suburban city life in a small house where our neighbors were just a few feet away to a house in the middle of the woods on 20 acres was quite the shock, at first.

In Arizona we were used to scorpions, snakes and even a bout with roof rats at one time but now we are surrounded by deer, owls, fox, turkey, raccoons and all kinds of wildlife that walk right up to our house at times.

When it gets dark at night, it gets dark. No streets, so no lights. Nothing but the sounds of nature. For some, this would be scary..for us, it is different but we welcome it as we feel more connected with nature, with life and with God.

It’s so peaceful, and at times I just sit by the window and watch the birds at the feeders as they are there all day long, starting in the early hours. I have spotted so many birds from blue jays to cardinals to species I have never seen before.

While all of this is nice, there are cons to living out in the boonies like this. We are farther from stores, gas, and people. We have seen so many insects, again, some we have never seen before. We have stray cats who wander in from the woods looking for shelter and food. It feels at times like we are living inside of a wildlife park, lol.

There is also a lot of work on a day to day basis, especially with moving into a house that has a few things that need to be repaired and set up to our liking. We wake at 6am and before we know it, it is late afternoon and we are saying to ourselves “where has the day gone”.

It’s a lifestyle change for sure, but we both really needed a change. Being here has us more motivated to keep everything nice, in good shape and that means working and getting some much needed exercise.

With all of this I am excited to get my new session room set up. As of this writing it is around 80% completed. Soon I will start filming in the new space and until then, I set up a temp room for sessions.

In any case, we are now moved in, settled and 2000 miles away from our old home. I look forward to even deeper connections with spirit as on this property I already feel a deeper connection as I am more grounded and closer than ever to what drives me to do what I do.

So far, in the last 10 days I have uploaded three new videos and one more on the way this week.

See them below if you missed them!