THE LAST SPIRIT SESSION in my HOME. Also, MY PLANS FOR 2021 and Huff Paranormal.

THE LAST SPIRIT SESSION in my HOME. Also, my plans for 2021 and Huff Paranormal!

Hello again to all. For the last 3-4 weeks Debby and I have been working our behinds off cleaning, painting and doing small repairs on our home in Arizona. We put it up for sale a month ago and it sold within hours, and lucky for us, it sold for more than we were asking for! It seems the blessings presented to me continue.

Talk about blessings, I strongly believe we were guided to the new property and after a 4 1/2 year home search, it was the first one to speak to myself and Debby both. It was like we were brought there by fate, and I know this because I feel it and I feel it so so strong. We also managed to get an amazing deal, paying MUCH less than my starter home in AZ sold for (1/3 less). A true double blessing. 

So now our house is sold, and the new owners have started moving in. That chapter of our life is now history. It’s been an amazing ten years there and is where I created all of my devices, where I tested so many things, where I recorded over 1000 videos and where I have received thousands of spirit messages. But no, that house is not “haunted” now nor will the new owners have issues with spirits or ghosts, as that is not how this works.

I have learned over the years (and I am always learning) that spirits do not really hang out in houses. Nope, that is for “reality” TV to push these false narratives for entertainment value and the almighty dollar. In actual reality, spirits are only attracted to the living, never a place or house. Only the living can find and bring in the dead, and this all depends on your belief, your level or fear or love, and if you are tuned into them. 

When we move, almost 2000 miles away, as we are doing right now, I will be able to speak with the same spirits as I always have, and new ones as well (there are always new spirits coming in and we never know who we will bring in).

So when we do get settled mid October in our new home, which will be a 100% change of pace for us (20 acres, total wooded privacy, a workshop and second house for my sessions and work) , I firmly believe my connection and communication will grow, expand and be better than ever. I will still be able to “find” the dead as that comes from light energy (which comes from the love within us). It’s the only way to find spirits, angels and kind souls. FEAR energy is how we bring in evil entities, which is why I always say never work with spirit if you fear it, even .00001%.

My plans for 2021 will be as follows:

  1. To start work on my full walk in spirit communications device. I will have more details as I get started on this. 
  2. To write a book about my ten years of spirit work. I will talk of things I have never spoke of, and the book will be 100% FREE to anyone who wants to read it as a digital download. I do not want to profit off of a book as I would rather get it in the hands of as many as possible so they can read about all I have learned from the dead. 
  3. I will be creating a special space/room just for sessions, like I had before but this will be solely for prayer, meditation and sessions. This will be new for me, a room that will ONLY be used for sprit work. I have lots of work to do before the end of the year!
  4. I will start a series of information videos about ITC and Spirit Contact. Maybe on a new channel to keep them separate from the session videos. 
  5. I will start a series of guided mediation videos ranging from general stress relief to release of fear to connecting with your loved ones where you will be able to feel their energy. 
  6. I will have a new tweaked Astral Doorway that will debut bu March 2021. Clarity, directness of reply, and length of reply will be my goals in what I will improve over the first version. 
  7. Depending on when the Pandemic is over, I will possibly offer 2 day “paranormal” retreats for those who want to try their hand at what I do, or work on establishing deep connections with personal instruction. This one is up in the air but if I do this, I will let everyone know. 
  8. I will also be trying my best to expand on spirit photography and testing a new exciting camera that may help with spirit imagery! 

So I have my work cut out for me in 2021, and will keep busy but I will love every second of it. 

I have learned so much from spirit, from God, from “something” within me that shows me and guides me down the right path. I have learned and taken on a new way of life, a simple life. During this move I have gotten rid of any and all possessions that I do not need including costly possessions and things I once enjoyed or found important.

No longer do I find these things important as something within is showing me that life is not about possessions, or what I can attain financially. Not at all. So I am not motivated by money, or “things” or “status”. It’s why I do not pump out daily videos, or act a fool in my videos for views. I do what I do based on what I feel and it hasn’t failed me yet.

All I need is a simple life, love, happiness and LIGHT and I am blessed to have all of it. I am totally free with my mind body and soul. I do not play the games, do not compete with anyone and do not search for fame or fortune. I do not fight, argue or attack anyone. I stay away from social media as much as I can as it is toxic, and so so negative. I do not react to hate or lies as that would be a waste of my time, and giving attention to those who practice hate and lies. No thank you. I truly live for love and for light and I also live to share my experiences with  all of you who care to read or watch. If that is one person, so be it. If that is a million, so be it.

I know this for sure. Life is not about money (it IS the root of all evil), it is not about “things”. It is not about “reality TV” and not about attention or being a celebrity. It’s not about worshipping celebrities nor is it about politics. Life is simple if you allow it to be. Just live with love and before long you just might find that life is changing for you, for the better.

Fact: Twenty years ago I earned 10X the money I do today but I was miserable, hated what I did and was very unhappy in so many aspects of life. Today I am happy as I can be and this is with earning so much less money than I used to. I am out of the “rat race” and constantly trying to compete with person A or person B. To me, competition does not exist. I just do what I am led to do.

When you live with love and light, life can have an ease and flow that is so nice to have. Instead of worry, instead of always wanting that latest gadget and instead of seeking fame, fortune or attention you will find none of these things matter at all in the big picture of this life. The more you love, the more light your soul brings in and this is why I always say LOVE IS THE KEY! It truly can change your life for the better with time. Sometimes I get asked how I live day to day and how I live with love.

All I can tell you is that I do not argue with anyone, I do not complain, I do not fear, I do not hate, I do not hurt others and am instead, kind to all I come across. If someone is unkind to me, I do not associate with them. I do not ever go out of my way to hurt others or “call out” others as that is not important in my life nor is it my business. It doesn’t bring positive energy, it brings negative and I have zero interest in that.

It has taken me a long time to get here, to this level of serenity and peace within myself. Fifty years to be exact, but now that I look back at my life I can see every step where I learned a lesson, and how that brought me closer to where I am today.

KNOW THIS: When we are settled in the new place I will start posting more videos than ever, and will expand on all I do. I can not wait, and I feel a renewed energy for ITC, more than ever before. I am happy you are on the journey with me as THE BEST IS YET TO COME! I promise you.  : )

If you have not yet seen the video at the top of the page, feel free to check it out. Also, the one below which has some pretty undeniable spirit communication.

Love you all!