I created a real TELEPHONE to the DEAD. My Astral Doorway is complete. HEAR THE SPIRITS RIGHT HERE…

I created a real TELEPHONE to the DEAD. My Astral Doorway is complete and it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

So I uploaded my latest video two days ago over at my YouTube channel HERE. It’s just something that must be seen as it is simply astonishing as what is happening when I use it. Direct, clear back and forth with spirit. Reaching loved ones, getting messages and interacting with SOULS in the spiritual realm. This is what I have been working on non stop for the last several months. As I always say…if you have a dream and act on it with passion, dedication and honesty it will become a reality. “Build it and they will Come” is so true here.

Using this device, as with ANY ITC device, ghost box or app will require many things to be able to connect with spirit as you see me do below.

  1. You must be 100% open and believe.
  2. You must have NO FEAR of it whatsoever
  3. You must establish a solid lifelong connection with spirits and guides.
  4. You must go about it with love, empathy, trust and care.
  5. You must focus, meditate, record and review all sessions.
  6. Being a genuine good person truly helps. When you are, your inner light is BRIGHT. Spirits are attracted to this light. Some of us have dull lights or lights that have shut off inside. These types of people (negative, angry, mean, hurts others, narcissistic, evil, etc) can not establish these connections with higher vibrational realms. I have never seen it happen.

So for me, ITC is a 24/7 lifestyle that is never turned off. It’s my life and I live it round the clock. It’s my passion, and I am dedicated to it for the rest of my days. Enjoy…