Spirit says “The world will end” in 2020. I do NOT believe it.

Spirit says “The world will end” in 2020. I do NOT believe it.

By Steve Huff

New video below…

I posted a new video yesterday and it’s pretty crazy, even going by the standards of the last year. I have had many intense, crazy, revealing sessions in 2019 that were unlike anything ever recorded in our history. Yet this video from yesterday really surprised me with the direct crystal clear messaging and direct answers and they were very deep messages.

Spirits were speaking of God, Love, and also the END of the world, which they said would take place this year in 2020.

Here’s the thing.

I have never seen evidence of any spirit knowing of future events. I do not usually ask about these things but when I have in the past they have always been wrong. Well, almost always. After I posted the video I do remember them predicting a presidential election many years ago, but that could have been a lucky guess by spirit. Any other time predictions were made, they were wrong.

So when I hear things like this come from spirit, it does not worry me. Then again, if we look at the state of the world today, it doesn’t seem to be going down a path of peace. I guess time will tell but just as spirts can not predict lottery numbers, I do not feel they can predict future events.

I guess if we make it to Jan 1st 2021 we will finally know for sure. My guess is yes, we will still be here on Jan 1st 2021. Where will be as people living in a crazy world? No idea, but I always hope for more kindness, love, peace, prosperity and more love. LOVE IS THE KEY and I LOVE YOU ALL.