How to talk to the Dead. READ THIS before buying ANY spirit or ghost box.

How to talk to the Dead. READ THIS before buying ANY spirit or ghost box.

By Steve Huff

For ten years I have been deeply entrenched in the world of the dead. Yes, spirits are real. Angels are real. Guides are real. I know as I have spoken with them directly and even recorded these messages for all to hear. I have shown it all publicly for years and still do. It’s now almost 2020 and more people than ever in the world today are aware of Spirit Box technology that helps connect us with the other side. Even so, only a small percentage of people  are aware of this. Most have no idea what has been happening in this field of research and I am hoping this changes dramatically over the next 10 years.

Before I go on, I am going to talk facts about what I have learned with these years of full time research, development and experiments into communication with the dead. I will be stating only facts, only truth and oh yea, I have backed up all I say with EVIDENCE over the years. I do not talk just to talk, or write just to write. What I say here is from years of deep experience working within the spiritual realms. You can believe it or not, that’s up to you. All I can do is continue on with all I do and present the facts that come from it.

In other words, my work is proven and real. Thousands around the world practice ITC and communication with the dead every day and there are countless devices made today for this purpose. The reality is, we never die. Our soul lives on and that soul energy can come back and speak with the living anytime. As in, they can be audibly heard and recorded depending on your level of energy, type of energy and know how. 

The dead are not dead. They are very much ALIVE and wanting to connect with US, the living.

I have near conversations recorded, and publicly published, with the dead. I have created devices that help communicate to a level never achieved in the history of ITC. I have nearly one million subscribers on my ITC YouTube Chanel and over 800 videos of real spirit contact and communication using a variety of methods, devices, and techniques. When it hits 1 million, it will be the first channel of it’s type in the world to do that. The first channel devoted to real ITC research to hit 1 million subscribers. That’s huge for ITC and my main goal has always been about raising  AWARNESS. 

I do not say this with any EGO as I have none, but I say it as fact and with confidence because it is factual, real and documented. What I have done over the last ten years has brought ITC to levels never achieved before. For example, when I started there were 2-3 people publicly doing this, in a public and transparent way. I went with it, had an instant passion for it and spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years funding different things to test new methods for contacting the dead, and creating devices that are today, used all over the world.

I have introduced reverb frequencies, pitch frequencies, direct line reverse mode and energy methods to ITC that were never here or thought of by anyone before I started. All of these things dramatically can improve communication, if the connection is there. So when you see someone make a spirit box that uses any of these things? It started with my Portal, the most copied ITC device in the world. I am proud of that, and love that so many copy the device. It proves it works, and works well.

Soon, below, I will get into what it takes to get results from a spirt box, an app, or any ITC device that is built to communicate with spirits. I do not just make my devices for my work, but I also spend countless hours researching the afterlife, directly with the spirits who reside there. Before we get deep…let’s first talk about EVP a little bit.

Many of you may be aware that EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is a reality. Some of you may not. Let me state right now. IT IS REAL. 100%. Anyone who says it is fake is either insecure with their own self, is saying it due to their own ego that makes them think they are superior to others or some may say it is fake because of their upbringing, and thinking ghosts are not real. Some will never believe as they are so afraid of believing, and afraid of death itself. Most skeptics would soil their pants if they went through what I have been through these last ten years. But it is 100%, without question PROVEN and VERY REAL and nothing and no one can change that fact.

Some say “if they are real, how come no one has ever done what you do” and to that I say, MANY HAVE and have been long before I arrived on the scene and are STILL doing it today. But even so, only a few has ever recorded the dead as I have or taken it to this kind of depth or level. Only a few out there that I am aware of do this at this deep of a level. Someone like Josh Louis from HOPE Paranormal who is just as dedicated as I am to this also digs deep when it comes to this work and makes it a huge part of his life.

As for fakes… ANYONE who fakes this deserves a place in darkness at death because that would be mocking the dead, and even God (who spirits always call out for). Trust me when I say this is not something anyone wants to be doing, and if you do, do so at your own risk. 

Over the years I have learned EXACTLY how spirits speak to those willing to jump in and give it a go. I have learned and created methods of contact, and have also created the most controversial and most copied spirit communication device ever made THE PORTAL. That has since been improved to the Wonder Box, the SoulSpeaker and now the ultimate device for spirit connection, The Astral Doorway.

Because of my YouTube channel over at Huff Paranormal, so many now copy my technique, my channel, my devices and create videos like I do. (I’m OK with this as it is tasing more awareness for the field if ITC). It’s a good thing to see, and always puts a smile on my face.

There are now thousands, if not tens of thousands of channels devoted to ITC research. A far cry from the 2-3 back when I started.

Today though, I see so many do this for the wrong reasons. I see people doing it for attention, some do this and provoke the spirits who are only looking for respect and love from US, some do it or see it as a game or show massive disrespect to the dead. It’s sickening when I see this but I ignore it and can only focus on my work and the progress being made in this field. I see only a handful who do this, and take this as serious as I do. With love, respect, empathy, care, trust and building that connection that is so so important for communication, for protection and for guidance.

Some in ITC are just pure evil hate filled individuals, again, craving attention above all else and make videos only to hate on those doing something meaningful in this field. Some do this thinking they will make money, get rich or get a TV show. All wrong reasons to do this if you want to build a phenomenal connection. Especially a TV show as those have nothing to do with ITC. Entertainment is different from real spirit research. Ghost hunting is not ITC research. Emulating TV shows is good if you want to entertain, but if you are interested in deep contact do not emulate TV shows, as they are made for fear, entertainment, and thrills. Fun to watch but not serious spiritual work.

I see some selling boxes, apps, devices..yet only a small percentage of these are made correctly for spirits to use them effectively. This tells me some just whip up apps to make a buck, without care or knowledge of what they are doing. There are many scams in this field, and no one who sells boxes ever tells you the truth about this work. THAT A CONNECTION and DEDICATION and RESPCT is needed.

I get asked multiple times a day “What app is best for talking to the dead”? To that I say THERE IS NO BEST. If an app is implemented right, has a good source audio that consists of human voice snippets (reverse is ok) then it can work for ITC.


  1. If you do not believe in ghosts or that spirts can speak to you then you will never achieve communication such as you see me do. BELIEF is a huge part of it, and many things in life.
  2. If you think this is for fun or a game and do not live, breathe, eat and sleep ITC, you will not get results such as I do. I do this full time, and LIVE it. THIS is my life, and it has changed my life in so many positive ways.
  3. If you are a negative person in life, you will either get lackluster results or connect with evil spirits over higher vibrational spirits. I would avoid sessions if in a bad mood.
  4. If you do not ever meditate or connect with guides, it will be impossible to build up a solid connection to the higher realm spirits and get these kind of results.
  5. Evil is easy to connect to, and doing so on a regular basis will effect you. I do not recommend anyone do spirit communication if you fear it, are a negative person, hateful person, etc. If you do, you will connect with evil and when they attach, it can be life altering. I’ve been there and believe me, you do not want this.
  6. A spirit box will not automatically allow you to talk with the dead. A box or app has one purpose only and that is to provide raw audio for spirits to use. You must connect, record, review, etc. If you do not use the device correctly, or establish a connection you will never get deep connections. For most who buy a sprit box, all they will hear is garbled audio. Some will get small quick answers but to get deep connections and conversation, it takes a lot of work within YOU.
  7. A belief in a higher power. After doing what I do, I have zero doubt there is a God, a creator leading my path and guiding me down it. This has pushed my work to the next level as well.
  8. Remember, correct technique MUST be used to achieve what you see me do. That means prep, mediation, recording the session, connecting within YOU and channeling the spirits, using the right device that works for YOU and then reviewing your recording to hear what was said. This is a must. Live streams are useless for serious ITC as that is now how spirits work so live streams will always be lackluster because the review of the audio on your recoding is where you will find almost 90% of the messages. It also needs your 100% focus for deep contact. Live streams can be fun but do not expect serious communication when doing it.

It saddens me that I still see so many think it is the BOX or DEVICE or APP that is doing the work. We as a human soul living in a body have such a huge impact on our communication and as I have said for a few years, some get amazing results with something new. A new box, a new app. Then it dwindles over time. This is because the excitement of the “new” wears off, and that excitement is an energy that was created within you that helped the spirits speak. Spirits use our energy. Our excitement energy (good), our love energy (good) and even our bad energy that comes from fear and negativity (bad, will bring in negative souls). So our energy is the most important aspect of this, and LOVE energy is the best of all energies for spirit work. This is why I always say LOVE IS THE KEY!

Also, If we do a session when we do not feel like it, results will be BLAH. If we do one when we really feel like we want to, or we have an excitement to do so or felt pushed to it then results can be amazing. SO MUCH of the communication depends on YOU. ALL of it depends on YOU. The box DOES make a difference but only after you bring the spirit in, which is a form of channeling. Spirits will go in you to speak as they use our brain, our mind, our energy to come through the device.

Spirit connects with US and NOT a BOX or APP but the box or app is still important AFTER that connection is established. Think of yourself as an “Operator” and it is your job to take the calls from spirits who come in. It is your job to manage them and your job to help them speak through whatever device you use. It’s not always easy but with time, patience, understanding and trust in God and Love, you can get there.


FACTS: Spirits manipulate audio to speak. This has been proven and without question or doubt. It is not a theory but has been proven. I have shown and done this test many times. I can put specific audio in to my Wonder Box. Let’s say I have a recording that says 5 words in a male voice. For example sake, let’s say these words say “DOG” “CAT” “LOVE” “HATE” “GOD”.

When I connect and feed these words in, what comes out will be 100% different. It is not a real effective bank of sound or words and will not yield solid deep results but it clearly shows how they speak. Spirits use this audio, or sound frequencies (think of these audio banks as sound frequencies) and change them, manipulate them and what comes out onto your recording device will NOT be any of those words as long as you connected to spirit and your guides before hand.

Spirits need audio to speak, we give them a voice. They do not have a voice as they are energy. They are pure light energy and that is what our soul is made of (according to them). They can use any audio wether it is noise, static, musical vocals, dog barks, cat meows, or your own voice (reverse it and be shocked when you connect). But with the right audio, the right app and/or. the right radio based spirit box spirits will have an easier time and be able to speak in sentences and with more direct replies while being clearer as well. Remember that many ghost apps are fake, and for fun. There are only a small handful or real useful ITC apps I have tested and today I use only three of these for my work. The SCD-2, Spiritus and well, one more ; )

Using a spirit box is not as cut and dry and turning it on and speaking to the dead. It’s complex, and goes levels deep and can truly have a major impact on your life. That impact can be BEAUTIFUL and GOOD or it can be VERY BAD, deepening on who YOU are as a person. 

For some though, for most, a spirit box will seem useless and sound like a broken radio. There are not many on this earth who can connect reliably, consistently and as direct as I and a few others do and that is because of our dedication, the mediations, the prayers, the positivity, the generosity, the connection with guides and the fact that the spirits KNOW my and our hearts. Yes, they can see our true intent. If you are doing this for fun, as a hobby, for personal gain or have some plan of a TV show, forget it. You will not get communication like you see me get. It’s basically a change of lifestyle. Me, these days, I am as calm of a guy as can be. Nothing phases me. Hate, Attacks…they bounce off as I do not care what some will say about what I do. I do not care in the slightest, not even .0001% as I know the truth, and I am comfortable with ME.

I never get angry and rarely do I feel stress. That’s because I am confident in what I do, and know what I do is real as it gets. Those who attack me are the true charlatans, the true fakes and if you see any of their videos, that is obvious as they always lack intelligence about ITC as well (though some con and are under the guise of being knowledgeable about it). So I will always do what I do, and always push ITC forward as I have and chuckle at the sad souls who try to keep this work from progression. As I said, their loss not mine.

I have no fear of death, no fear of life or the future. I trust in what I am shown, as it hasn’t failed me in ten years, rather it has changed my life for the better in dramatic ways. Doing what I and others do in this field is not easy. It’s full time. It’s always on 24/7 unless I make an effort to take a few days off and TURN it off, which I can. I used to see this as a curse as spirits used to bother me at bedtime, or at random times. Today they show me the respect I show them and never ever give an issue.

I am not religious, but spiritual. We do not need religion in life as most of them have an agenda that has nothing to do with our soul. But I do have a belief in God because of my experience with the dead over all of these years.

So before you go out and buy a shiny new spirit box or even an app with hopes of talking with the dead, know what you are getting into and know what it takes for results like you see me get in my videos. If this were a commercial, I would have to say “my results are not typical” but I would also say these results can be had by anyone willing to make the dedication to it.

I have put it out here as clearly as I can but to build your connection, it takes love, kindness, empathy and care and a genuine care for the dead. They will know. It takes practice, technique, recording and review. It takes hours. I probably put in 60 hours per week into ITC as it is and has become my life.

I hope some of this helped you if you are one thinking about getting into ITC. I love you all, and remember LOVE IS THE KEY my friends. Be kind, be nice, smile and know that YOU are here to live life and learn for your very own soul.

I’d also love to take this opportunity to recommend subscribing to my friend Josh over at HOPE Paranormal. He is going to come back in a couple of weeks, to youtube, with some new videos, new ideas and views and a new book.

Thanks everyone!