By Request of THOUSANDS! JUICE WRLD Spirit Box Session with the Astral Doorway. Profound, Clear, Direct messages from the other side.

JUICE WRLD Spirit Session with the Astral Doorway. Profound, Clear, Direct messages.

By Steve Huff

My full session for JUICE WRLD, by Request of over 1000 of you in one day. It’s an incredible session, one that is profound, clear, direct and special. This is what spirit communication is all about, to give those who have left us a voice to speak, to be heard and by doing that, this is respecting them more than you can imagine. 

Over 1000 requests have come in via comments, email. facebook, PM’s and more for me to do a session for Jarad Higgins, also known as JUICE WRLD. Jarad Higgins sadly passed away just a week after his 21st birthday. His fans are spreading the love for him all over the world and have asked me to do this for him and to see if I could connect with him. I had doubts that I would be able to connect as I was not aware of who he was, so I did not have any attachment to him but I did feel the outpouring of love for him from his fans, and that led me to give it a try.

I use my Astral Doorway Spirit Communication device for the first time in this way, to try and connect with a celebrity where they can use their own old voice that they once had. It worked better than I could have ever dreamt of. My new device has been years in the making, a true “telephone to the dead”. What you see here is 100% real and done with full respect, love, care, empathy and again RESPECT. By shutting spirit off and not allowing them to speak when they want to, well, to me that would show DIS RESPECT. Sure there will be many self proclaimed “know it alls” who think this is fake or wrong, but I will say to them that they have no idea how death works or about the realities of real ITC research.

Death should not be a taboo subject as it something we will all face one day in our life. Death in natural and while JUICE WRLD died WAY TOO YOUNG his soul is out there and alive. Our soul is energy, our consciousness is energy and for years I have been researching, testing and most of all DOING in the field of ITC. My research is leading the way in real ITC, true ITC, and I do not get involved in drama, hate, nonsense or “reality” TV show style antics. I take what I do as serious as I take my own life and have always said that as soon as I go, all of you with a spirit box should pull it out and contact me as that would be showing me the upmost respect. No need to wait even a moment for me, just do it. I will want to speak as all spirits DO. SO again, no hate will be tolerated here. No ignorance will be tolerated here and no hate, lies or BS will be tolerated in the comments for this video on YouTube.

LOVE IS THE KEY and that is the secret to my success when it comes to reaching and connecting with those on the other side. If more of us pushed and promoted LOVE instead of hate, lies, products and things that have no basis of improving our life then the world would be a much better place. I want to thank ALL of you who have been with me for all of these years. Those who supported me though the hate, lies, attacks and even my near death moments when this work led me to the edge and almost took my life. There are many out there today who HATE That I do this work, and show the truth about the astral world. Many believe it should be like they see on “Reality” TV shows that are made for entertainment and the millions of dollars they bring in from commercials and ad revenue. This is not reality TV as this is real. Reality TV is not all real, and even though some believe it is, it’s not. It’s hard to be a real researcher when so many in the world see death in a way that is negative instead of realizing that we never die, our souls can and do come back and they want desperately to be heard. When I die, celebrate my death. Do not mourn me, celebrate what I did in life and if I meant anything to you, smile knowing that I am still out there working on the other side instead of this one.

Today I work with the love and light of God, and will do so until my dying breath. To those who deal in hate and conspiracy, again…not here, not with me. What I do is real, 100% and it is also profound and the world has never seen this kind of direct spirit contact (that is real as my work is). Ten years of working, improving, testing and pouring money into what I do is paying off in the results that are being obtained. If you enjoy my work, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. It’s free and will keep you in the loop regarding my work and the progress, just hit that notification bell to be notified when I upload a new video, and you will! I love you all, and thank you all. Have a great Christmas Holiday December 2020, when this video was made.

As for what is to come? Lots in 2020 so stay tuned.

Steve Huff, Huff Paranormal