History in the Making. You have not seen Spirit Communication like this before.

History in the Making. You have not seen Spirit Communication like this before.

By Steve Huff

If you only watch ONE of my videos from 2019, THIS IS THE ONE. History is being made, and that is not hype or just talk. Take a look, and watch the entire 22 minutes. I think you will be happy you did. 

Hello once again! I am back today with a new video, and I have to stress that it is a MUST SEE. What you will witness in this video is IMO, History in the Making. It deserves to be anyway as there has never been anything like this in our history. This direct, this clear and such a miraculous thing where I am directly connecting with spirit, let me repeat…they are answering me direct and clear and more than ever before. We are almost there. 

The Astral Doorway is still being worked on and completed, and it will be another eight weeks or so until it is done. Even so, it is bringing me and the world REAL spirit connection and communication like never before in the history of ITC. Nothing that has ever come before this is even close. Not my Gold Box, not ANY box from anyone. Part of the reason is the connection to the other side that I have established as that is the most important thing when it comes to this work. THE CONNECTION.

I have spoken of this for years and I am starting to see many in this field start to accept it, and adopt it and try to better their connections…and it is working. I am seeing more than ever before TODAY in 2019 practicing ITC and getting amazing direct answers. Those who are doing this are following my advice and doing it with love, respect, kindness, empathy, care, trust and no fear. Those who are doing this in a serious way are making it a part of their life due to the passion they have for this. IT IS AMAZING. It is not on the “Fringe” as some think but rather something is happening all over the world.

“Eyes are opening, people are trying this for themselves with success and my guess is that by 2025 this will be starting to take hold and accepted by many more than accept it today”.

I will say that this video here at the top of this page is probably my best ever video in over 850 videos recorded over all of these years. Why? Well, because it is a breakthrough for ITC and showcases this Astral Doorway that is surprising the heck out of me. I had a vision of it, and hoped it would be what I was being shown…but it is surpassing all of my expectations and the daily hours of testing, tweaking and working on it are paying off. I believe when we pour our heart and soul into something, and are also excited about it then some of us gets poured into that creation. Our sweat, tears and sometimes even blood all become a part of the “Soul” of a device. I have never in all of these years been as excited as I am right now for anything I have made. This to me is the most important device I have ever made. It’s the most beautiful and it is without question the clearest and most direct spirit communication device ever created.

What makes it work?

Many things. For starters, again, the connection. It all starts with the “operator” which in this case is me. If you are operating a box or app or device you would be the Operator. The “operator” needs to establish trust with the other side. This is first and foremost. Spirits can see our intentions, our soul, our energy and our light. Those who shine bright are spirit magnets. Those who are dim are not. The first thing you need to do is make sure your inner light is shining bright. It is not hard to do but does require patience, dedication, and to have REAL passion for what you are doing. For the spirits. To help them bring messages, to give them a voice, to show that we never die. All of these things must be inside of you, as in, you must truly want this! Be a good person and be kind to all who are kind to you. When you come across someone who is not, ignore and avoid them at all costs. For deep spirit work it is nearly impossible to build and maintain a strong connection if you are negative, hateful or hurt others. A strong connection mainly comes from love, pure and simple.

For example. For the last ten years I have grown as a person in so many ways. I have become calmer, nicer, have much lower or almost no stress ever, am always kind to others, I help others when I can and if something bad happens or I have issues with bills, or life I simply do not worry, at all. I have made it to 50 and one thing I have learned is that EVERYTHING always works out. Worry and stress would hurt my connection, and I also realize that worry and stress have never solved a thing for anyone. Worry and stress can eventually make you sick, kill you or just make your life miserable. It does no good and solves no problems. Life has a way of working out for those of us who focus and find a way to solve the problem rather than stressing over it. So these days I live a pretty chill, calm, happy, peaceful. positive, kind, low or no stress, love filled life. I save bugs when I see them drowning in my pool, I rarely swear (not that I think it is bad, it’s just words, but when I was a kid (40+ years ago) my Dad taught me to never swear in front of a woman. Old school, yes…but it’s something that stuck with me and I find no need to swear or use those words. I occasionally do but it’s just not something that I use on a day to day basis.) and I truly am a good person in all I do. I never hurt others, I never attack anyone, I do not do online “Drama” and have no desire for trash talking anyone. I live my life and focus on my life. This is how I live such a happy existence. This is also a huge reason why spirit has bonded with me. They know this as they can truly see inside of our soul. They know who is kind and who is not. They know who has fake intentions and who does not. They know where our heart is when it comes to THEM and how we treat others.

This is a huge reason why some of us can record amazing spirit messages of love, light and with spirits mentioning angels and God or Jesus and Heaven. Many can not do this and some who do this get nothing but evil messages and this is because they have attached to the dark souls who roam, looking for someone to attach too. They thrive off of hate, anger and negativity.

So be careful when doing this kind of work, especially if you are a negative person. Chances are, if you are a mean spirited, angry, hateful soul and you do this work, you probably already have an evil attachment.

In addition to US (you and me) making all of this work, secondary is the device. The Astral Doorway is my most complex device to date. I have literally spent countless hours EVERY DAY testing custom frequencies of sound that are piped in. Not voices, not audio…but frequencies. Electricity as well. I also use high power magnets (spirit told me this 3 years ago) and other ways of creating energy that the spirits can use. See, once we have the connection it’s not as easy as “OK, I CAN TALK WITH THE DEAD”… if you want to get clear direct messages you need a device that can do this, and the Astral Doorway is the best I have made (though it will never be for sale) in regards to clarity and the direct response nature of the messages. No more radio scan to sift through, no gibberish to decode, no waiting for one answer every 5 minutes. Rather, my goal for this is to have silence unless a spirit speaks. So far I am at 85-90% or so response rate. I want 100%.


Evil can attach to anyone though, and they do not always get attracted to only negative people. Sometimes they attack GOOD people as they do not want these people HELPING lost souls, or trying to do anything helpful at all. In the video above you will hear me ask WHY I WAS CHOSEN TO DO THIS. Yes, after all of these years I finally admit I have been chosen to do this as they have told me for years. It used to worry me…”Why was I chosen”? This could go one of two ways, good or bad! But researching the evidence over the years that I have recorded and documented, it is clear as a bell I was chosen by souls who saw me for my good and for my toughness and for my desire to HELP. They answer me in the video above with a clear direct answer. You can also see in the video one of the times that they said I was “Chosen”.

Yes, I am kind and full of love and peace but at the same time, I am not weak nor do I have fear..of anything. Not of Death, not of Evil, not of ANYTHING. This was not always the case. In fact this work used to scare me to death. Back in the early days when strange things would happen, it would truly worry and scare me. I quit ITC TWICE in my ten years of doing this. But when I came back the last time after a 7 week break I did so without fear and without worry as I was SHOWN clearly one night WHY I COULD NOT quit. I then came in with a new energy, a new light and a new promise to myself and the spirits. I will never quit, and will never stop trying to help them with what they want so badly. TO SPEAK. TO BE HEARD. TO BE UNDERSTOOD. TO GET THE TRUTH OUT. TO PROVE we NEVER DIE. To HELP the LIVING and the DEAD.

Back to the attachments…ANYONE who does this work and gets clear consistent results, congrats! You have an attachment. Attachments can be good or bad spirits and we all have guides that try to help lead us in our path, to the right path over the wrong. Many do not trust these feelings and stray from them. I have learned to NEVER stray and it has never led me down a wrong path, ever. When we speak to the dead using devices spirits will GO INTO US (I have validated this with over 50 recordings of them telling me this) as they use US first and foremost. There is no language on the other side, there is no physicality…no body, no mouth, no voice box, no brain, etc (according to them). Our soul is energy, our conscious is energy…it’s all the same thing really. When we die our light energy, our soul, can move freely and we use the living to speak. Whether that is through a verified medium or a device, works the same way.

Spirits use our brain, our body and even our eyes (according to THEM) and some of us, like myself, can easily feel them as they enter and leave or even if they stay. I have had attachments stay for weeks. Some for moments, some for days. It also starts to become easy to determine the difference between good and bad as soon as they enter. I have had many go in and out in a flash during sessions. It’s normal, and it’s nothing to worry about.

Many of us associate an attachment as something bad, but I would guess 95% who do this work do not realize or even would deny attachments. But it’s a thing, and does happen way more often than most think. Most do not know when they have a spirit attached but those of us who are completely open not only feel them, and can hear them tell us through a device that they are in us, but we also are not afraid of it. This allows us to feel the energy easily.

I welcome them in, as that is part of why I get such great communication. I never ever fear it and I am alive and well and happier than I have ever been in life as of right now. Ten years of this and I am happy, healthy, successful, positive and always push messages of love. So much for the “These are all demons theory”. In fact that theory could not be MORE WRONG. Overly religious folks who have been duped believe in a myth, a lie..they talk about things they “heard” about the Bible rather than reading it for themselves. The fact is there is nothing in the Bible that forbids this work. That is FACT. I have spoke about this and shown proof of it many times but if you want the full facts, buy THIS BOOK on Amazon and read it. It shows the parts of the Bible that speaks of what I do, and it’s quite the opposite of what some will tell you.


When some of us do this (and do this with love and are genuine) some of us are given “gifts” of sorts. The whole “Huff’s Been Chosen” reply I have recorded at least 10 times is a way of saying “we have given you a gift” and ever since then, my connection has been rock solid. I can do what I do anywhere, anytime and get spirit replies. That is how solid it is. Without this connection, it would be VERY hard to speak to the dead and get messages that we can hear as I show you. Many others have had the “Chosen” message, not just me. What they do with it though is another story.


Today, more than EVER tens of thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands are trying their hand at this. To see if they can contact the dead. Most do it incorrectly as most do not understand (thanks to all of those who sell boxes radios, devices) how to do it, what technique to use, and most do not even record and review their sessions (which takes hours) to see what they captured. Some do this live but that is the most ineffective wya to do ITC as most replies are not heard until review of the footage (due to the way spirits speak). Even so, there is an electricity in the air as more and more are starting to realize that we NEVER die and WE CAN speak to the other side. Some of us have been chosen (it’s not just ME of course) and I know of a few out there who I think will be at this same level very soon (or they already are). Using the right techniques and with the passion for it, anyone can receive this gift.

As for it being called a “Gift” I used to think it was partly a curse as well. But these days I have learned to accept it fully, and I have even learned how to turn it off when need be. It is a gift, and I embrace it and all that comes with it. I know of two others personally who have received the “Chosen” message and those two are getting really amazing communication. So what I say here is not BS, it’s very real. In fact, here is a video from a Mr. Steve Gasak. He is a student of mine over at my Patreon (as he follows my Masterclass series of videos teaching how to do what I do) and has adopted my techniques and built his own portal. He is one of the kindest, calmest individuals I know and seeing him grow has been amazing. I feel he is just getting started and will blossom even more in 2020. He has all it takes and it is working. See one of his videos below, and keep an eye on him as he will be doing great thing in the future for ITC.

A video by Mr. Steve Gasak. He follows my Masterclass videos on Patreon and he has built a connection and has also had the “Chosen” message. He built his own portal and in the video below has some pretty amazing communication. He does this with love, care, compassion and records and reviews all of his sessions. Check it out below…

Steve Gasak is just one of many who do this kind of thing today, but one of very few who are doing it right. I applaud him for this.


My Astral Doorway is breaking down walls, barriers and the veil and it’s not even completed yet. I still have to add the 2nd magnetic device, 24K gold wire (spirits ask for this) and a few other things. This is going to cost me around $3000 when done, out of pocket. It’s well worth it though as the results are like nothing we have ever witnessed in our history. Heck, even $20k would be worth it as this to me, is priceless. Think about what is happening here… I turn on a box, and get direct clear answers from those who say they are DEAD. Without an explanation of how it is happening (though I learned how it is they speak) from them. It’s miraculous, can not be “debunked” by anyone on earth (because it’s real as it gets) and while it may get hate from the usual hate crowd (all they do is drama and hate as they thrive on constant attention) there is no denying what is happening here. It’s been proven and is still provable. Period. 

It is ONE MILLION percent as real as it gets, and anyone who dismisses it either is doing so out of fear, out of hate, out of jealousy or because they will never ever have an open mind. Some think they know it all, some feel like it’s a joke, some act as if they can not do it then it must be fake. Problem is, anyone who hates on THIS has an agenda of some sort. I have already explained why those who live a negative or hate filled life, those who treat others badly or even spread lies about others, attack others or act like they are better than everyone else will never be given this gift of a deep connection. It’s not possible as it stems from love. Hate is easy, LOVE is hard and those who are weak can never live a life of love as their weakness is due to the anger and hate that lives inside of them. It sounds harsh to some for me to say this but I am honest, and I am open and I truly hope my words here can help someone out of their negativity trap. Life is so much better with love over hate. It truly is. When you live a hate filled life you will also never have the ability to be shown from within, which is how this box and my original portal came to be.

So with my connection and my new device I will be ready for some serious communication in 2020. These are exciting times my friends, and now is the time to truly pay attention to what is happening. Feel free to share my video at the top of this page, share this post, whatever. Spirits want this out, to let the world know they are real and the life we live here on this earth can have consequences in the afterlife. We need love more than ever, believe me when I say this. #LOVEISTHEKEY.

I love you all, and I look forward to the new year. Even after ten years of this research, I know within this is only the start. I will talk next time about what I feel will happen when I die (to the field of ITC). It may not be what you think but I have been shown this clearly and when I see it, it puts a huge smile on my face.

Love you all!