Is the world Ready for this kind of Spirit Communication? The Astral Doorway.

Is the world Ready for this kind of Spirit Communication?


My latest video. I debut the Astral Doorway Spirit Station.

It’s been quite a few years since I started working on “The Astral Doorway“. In fact I have spoken of it, created a cardboard mock up that worked amazing years ago, created drawings and plans and I kept putting it off. Something in the back of my mind was telling me…“it’s not time yet”. Even though I was not exactly sure on how to create it I knew that I would one day finish it, and that it would most likely be the best work I have ever done.

After all of these years of spirit research, after all of the hundreds of videos, thousands of messages and working through static filled devices, muffled sounding devices, and even creating my own Portal, Wonder Box and SoulSpeaker to help improve communication, this Astral Doorway is a step above in every way. Before I talk about it in more detail, be sure to watch the video at the top of this page. It shows the device, talks about it, and also shows you it working with some amazing direct communication with the other side. So watch that first, then read this post. Also keep in mind, it is only 65% completed.

I spend many late nights testing, reviewing, changing and tweaking my devices. In this case, it has taken years to finally get close…

I am going to write about all of this but be warned, I am excited. When I get excited I can write almost TOO MUCH, and my words can sound like HYPE. I want to be clear, this is not HYPE. It’s factual, and real. This device is not completed yet and probably will not be fully done until the new year, Jan 2020.

The Astral Doorway idea came to be quite a few years ago. I saw it in my head just as I did the portal and soul speaker. I knew it would one day be created, but was not sure how, as back then I did not have the knowledge about the spiritual realms that I have today. I knew one day I would though and it seems the time has come. It has taken me years to truly learn the why, the how and even the WHEN about all of this. I have learned after nine years what it is that spirits need to speak, and I am even on the cusp of learning about different frequencies that truly may allow us to connect with the type of spirits we desire. In other words, keeping evil out is a real possibility just by sound frequencies. Sure, these theories have been out there but I have never seen anyone put them into real practice. I SHOW my progress publicly and show even more behind the scenes to my Patreon and YouTube members. So I do not hide and talk, I talk and show..or should I say “Show and Tell” ; )

Ever since starting this research many years ago I have learned so much. It has also improved my life in so many ways. I am much more positive, much more happy, have much less or no stress in life, am filled with love and treat all I come across in life with a smile and respect. But it was not always like this as it took years of patience, dedication and passion to weather the storms that came my way due to spirit work. Getting attacked (I now know why) and being hospitalized from it, taking nasty lies and hate thrown at me from the most hateful, angry, negative people I have come across in the online world of hate. I have dealt with some craziness within this field, but I persisted, never gave up, never wavered and now the reward for me may be here in the form of this new device. I said six years ago…”I will never give up, and will do this until my last breath”. I am not fully sure why I am so passionate about it but I can say SOMETHING from the other side IS 100% DRIVING ME from within.

My heart, my soul, my passion has been with this research for so long now, and it has only gotten stronger. THIS comes from the connection I have managed, somehow, too achieve.  I say “somehow” as showing how I came to be blessed with this connection can not be “proven” but I can put the puzzle pieces together and I have done just that, and it makes so much sense.

It’s LOVE. It’s KINDNESS. It’s RESPECT, EMPATHY and CARE. There are those who try their hand at this kind of thing and get either no, or very average results. They then see my work, and assume it is faked. It is not, and never has been, never will be. Even the so called videos on me about how I fake are fake themselves and they may not even realize it because their video is about as fake as it gets, as it’s lies against me, fabrications or just plain not knowing how spirits speak. It’s ignorance. None of those people have ever met me, worked with me or even spoke with me. They do those videos for attention, and to try and hurt the popular guy doing something groundbreaking, because THEY are not doing it. Or maybe they fear it. Or maybe their mind is so closed they are blind to facts, and reality. Or maybe they think if they use my name in a video they will get views if it is controversial. Who knows, I just know it’s garbage and so do they.

If you want the real scoop on me and my work, talk with those who have worked with me and they will tell you about THE REAL ME, and that is the guy you see in the videos. I do not deal in hate or para drama, and if you follow my work, you know this. Drama and hate is for those who have a passion for just that (and somehow…some do). In this realm of life, I have a passion for LOVE and for the SPIRITS who treat me with the same respect I give them. We should not go through life with hate and anger. I am telling you first hand, it’s not a pleasant way to live. Love and Kindness is so much better on your soul, your body and your well being.

But again, my work has been proven again and again. Live, on TV, On the Radio, on live Podcasts, working with others, at live events, live at my Patreon, in my group sessions and on and on and on. It’s not up for debate. If someone does not understand the HOW, then they have no business even talking about ITC. 

Anyone, and there are many out there (you know who you are, I do) who do fake this and well, that to me is an ultimate sin. To fake this for entertainment is one thing (movies and reality TV) but to fake it and portray it as real is another. To those who do fake this and try to fool people I urge you to rethink, as you are making a mockery of it all, and the universe as well as God. I wouldn’t want to be judged for that and according to the spirits I speak with, we will all be judged one day and that is a scary thought. I take it seriously, as I should. 


Also I am in no way RELIGIOUS, but this work has made me deeply SPIRITUAL. What I mean by that is I am now in full belief of God (wasn’t always like this), and I now believe in Angels, Heaven, Hell and LOST SOULS. Why? Because I have spoken to and been spoken back to by all of them. Much of it is from within but with devices like this and my previous ITC boxes, it’s something that can not be denied. Spirits speak of “The Light” and say I can help them to cross over. How can this be I used to ask myself?!? I was in denial for a long time on this, but today understand it is a very real thing. Some of us in life have been blessed with this gift, and yes, I now call it a gift as I can not explain it in any other way. To those who have, it has been shown we CAN help lost souls. Not because we are acting as GOD but because we all have God within us, and we work WITH God to do these things. I believe because of my intense experiences with the light and dark. Religion is not for me, as it is man made, and sadly, I see many religions as corrupt in some way or another. I will stick to experience and I thank God for showing me the way, for taking me down this path I love so much. IMO, Religion is not needed unless you use it as therapy for your sins. A belief in God, being a good person, being positive and not hurting others is what I believe in.

THIS IS my life now. 

In fact, in 2019 I took a 60-70%% cut in pay as I moved my full time career to part time to pursue THIS, and we do get by month to month. But do know…you do not make money in the Paranormal unless you are a sensationalized dramatic type of “show” that focuses on fabricating drama rather than reality and you have 4-5 seasons under your belt that brings in the viewers. If you have a YouTube channel and get 1-3 million views on EACH VIDEO, then yea, you can make some money. But that is almost impossible to achieve. Getting 20k, 30k or even 75k views on EVEYR VIDEO uploaded does not make much, and my videos average 30-40k views each.

I also spend a ton of money on what I do, and in fact, the money that comes from my Patreon memberships gets used to fund projects like this one, to keep progress moving forward. This is the only way I can continue to do what I do, at this level. To those who think I make big money doing THIS, you are sadly mistaken and have an inflated view of YouTube, or even TV. In fact, TV shows pay literally nothing so to those looking to sell their soul for a TV careful. TV likes to use people and throw them away, and 9 out of 10 shows will be canceled after the first season. So yea, I took a cut in pay and have to spend MORE of my time doing this but it is all 1000% worth it in the end.

Maybe one day TV will grow some balls and showcase reality instead of fake bravado, fake drama, fake storylines and scripts and yes, even staged evidence. Reality is always better than fake reality. It is those who FAKE who make it harder for legitimate researchers like myself and others who do this on a serious level. I am not attacking TV, it’s just that they should say “This is for ENTERTAINMENT” and they do not. Same with Hollywood “true stories” that are based on 2% of truth. It’s sadly the way it goes, but I understand it as TV and Hollywood are there only for the $$$ and that is the goal. To make money. Ratings equate to success in TV land, and for ratings you HAVE To make sure you are controversial, dramatic, sensational and have a solid storyline created for your narrative. Unfortunately for me that is not my interest. If it was I would be on TV already. I’ve had many offers over the years but I refuse to sell my soul to be fake in any way, wether that means being a fake actor, a fake person or faking evidence. I will say that not all reality TV sales all evidence. Some of it is real of course but the bulk is not, and the motivation of the show is simply $$$.

So…yes…it is all 100% real, what I do. Period. End of Story. Anyone who peddles lies and hate at me has NO KNOWLEDGE of real spirit communication, and they prove it by doing what they do (and by what they do not do). All it takes is to look at the messengers who peddle in hate and lies and it’s clear as day. At the end of the day, even that doesn’t effect me as I continue on my path, my journey and will continue to share it all with you publicly.


It’s all about the connection. I have spoken of this for the last two years straight, as it is true. For example, if someone used this Astral Doorway who did not believe in spirits, they would get nothing. There is NO spirit box device or app made today (nor will there ever be) that will work for everyone. The belief has to be there, and you have to establish a relationship with the other side. How does one do this? Believe me, I wanted to know this so badly back 7 or 8 years ago! I wanted my “third eye’ opened and no, there is no real third eye that gets opened behind your forehead but it is where the Pineal Gland lies near the back, which many believe is a key to a connection. Me, I believe it comes from being a good person in life, which is why we are here. To learn, or for our SOUL to learn. The light is there for those who are good, it is not for those who are not. THIS is what spirits and higher realms have shown me, and this is part of why it has helped make me a better person as I go through this life. LOVE IS THE KEY. Yo have heard me say this because it is TRUE.

Spirits do not want to be “hunted’ or yelled at. They do not want to be provoked, or talked down to. Anyone who does this I 2019 has some insecurity issues, or other issues. It is silly and this started from TV shows where they figured it would bring ratings, look tough and make the characters appear brave and untouchable. This is not the way to go about spirit contact, and yet again, some reality TV shows harms the real research going on because for some reason many believe reality TV is real, but none of it is, no matter the genre. Again, I am not in any way a “Ghost Hunter” and never will be.

A solid connection comes from not only believing in these things but putting them into practice. If you are all about peace and love when communicating but an asshole in other areas of life, guess what? No solid sustainable connection…or even worse, you gain one with the darker side of the spirit realm. This is possible and I see some out there who do this and do not even realize it. Am I saying you have to live life as a saint? NO! Have fun, enjoy life but the key to a solid connection that lasts is being a GOOD Person to others. Not hurting others. We are all in this life and we are all the same from within. None of us are better than anyone else no matter your “status” in life.

It’s love my friends. Understanding and TRULY caring about the other side and this side. Again, I do not just talk the talk, I am walking the walk and showing this all to be the case.

I love you all, and I will soon have more from my Astral Doorway. I am excited as you can see, and who knows, maybe the next time I turn it on it will not work. If so, I will say so. But so far, it has been blowing me away and showing amazing promise for the future of ITC. Oh and NO, it is NOT nor will it be for sale. It’s large, requires power from the wall, is not portable and is 100% custom. So no, I will not make these for anyone else and that is not my goal. My only goal is to advance ITC, same as always. Thank you so much to everyone who has set their support and love over the years. You are appreciated more than you know, and it is due to you that I am here today using a device like this. YOU motivate me to continue just as much as the spirts do.