Why do spirits get stuck and ask for help? Can we avoid this when our time comes?

Why do spirits get stuck and need help? Can we avoid this when our time comes?

By Steve Huff

New video! Today I want to talk about spirits getting stuck and why this may happen. For some it is a frightening thought. We pass away and get stuck in a dark place for eternity. Always searching for and asking for the light, for help. The fact is many who do this work get these messages of HELP ME or HELP US often. I have been getting these messages for nine years and thanks to my continuing research and notes I can finally understand the complexities of it all but in reality it is quite simple.

We have all heard about Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. While those places my not be what we were taught they were, they do seem to exist in some way and I have recorded proof of this over several years. Also, I have messaging that proves Love, Light and the way we live our life here on earth while alive has a lot to do with what happens to our soul in the afterlife.

Same concept as Santa Clause. Be good. Be nice. If you are your soul will get a nice present, which will be your soul going to a “nice” place (source of love). Be bad and you may be asking for help on the other side. I offer this as sound advice after thousands of spirit communication sessions. No matter if you love or hate what I do, this is a real thing.

The video below explains my theories based only on evidence, experience and even visions I have had over the years when I was shown many things. It all goes to what I have been saying for years now…LOVE IS THE KEY. Enjoy.