Inside a REAL Haunted House with the Chillseekers. Jaw Dropping Spirit Communication.

Inside a REAL Haunted House with the Chillseekers. Jaw Dropping Spirit Communication.

So Debby and I met up with the Chillseekers for our annual investigation and it was another amazing experience. Keith and Carrissa are wonderful friends that we love to death. This time Rahkee (also a Chillseeker) was there and he brought along two friends as well. The two Kims! Video is above, and it comes in at around 39 (easy to watch) minutes.

So there was six of us in the house and everyone was trying their own thing as well as teaming up for some group communication sessions.

For me, this is one of my favorite videos I have done as we were working with others, the mood was very chill and relaxed and we received some amazing communication. I feel I received some of the most direct communication of my life during my last session at the house.

We used the DR60 (three of them), the Portal, Poltercoms and a couple other ITC devices and we received solid communication from all of them.

This is a big part of what ITC is all about for me. Meeting with friends who do the same thing, receiving validating evidence and helping spirits along the way. Was well worth the 9 hour round trip drive and money spent for this trip.

BTW, we received an amazing validation while using Keith Weldon’s Necrophonic app into my portal. Proving to all skeptics I do not fake what I do. We used Keith’s tablet (not mine) and let it run with everyone in the room who heard in real time the spirits say “HUFF….DEBBY…LIGHT” clear as a bell. More 100% solid proof that my work is real and ITC as a whole is REAL, and not for  crazy people as some think it is.

What we are doing here is so important and hundreds of thousands of people have opened their eyes to spirit communication and connection over the last several years. Many who used to call me fake have emailed me with wonderful letters, after realizing the truth and facts about what I do. It’s a special thing, and I have seen more growth within ITC this year than ever before. EVER. The evidence is also greater than EVER before in history so we are living in amazing times right now when it comes to spirituality and truly understanding that death is not the end for us.

We are energy, we are light. We are eternal and we get in life what we put out into life. That’s the basics but it goes much deeper. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video as I feel it is incredible, and it made me excited upon review because I know this means we are getting one more step closer to the world opening their eyes to realize that LOVE IS THE KEY.