World Exclusive. The PANABOX Spirit Box..The DR60 of Spirit Box Devices.

World Exclusive. The PANABOX Spirit Box..The DR60 of Spirit Box Devices.

A look at and test of the PANABOX! Video below!

In my newest video I showcase a brand new Spirt Box created from a very rare radio made by Panasonic around the same time they made the DR60 recorder, which is the world best EVP recorder.

A guy I know, John Mallory, discovered this radio and bought a few (they are all used, and old as these are no longer made) and found someone to convert it to a spirit box. After trial and error they succeeded and sent me the first model that was successfully “hacked”.

I was excited to give it a go as it uses a similar body to the DR60. Same size, same look and since I own two DR60’s and swear by them for real time “from thin air” EVP I was truly excited to test this out. When it arrived I found it was so simple to use. Turn it on, and in about 4 seconds it starts to auto scan. Want to scan faster or slower? Turn the dial up top (though on mine it is a little glitchy here) to slow it down or speed it up.

This is an AM or FM radio but the scan only works in AM, which is good as AM provides better audio for spirits to use. More voice and since spirits manipulate audio to speak, voice is preferred over music. It’s easier for them.

In my house I have a few things that interfere with AM radio. My Plasma TV is one of these things. When my TV is on, any AM radio turns into a loud buzz so I have to turn off my TV no matter where I am in the house to quiet it down. When all is good, this radio can be uber quiet. I also have tested putting a piece of tin foil underneath to quiet it down even more, but this can also make it harder for spirits as there will be less audio for them to use.

My first tests with this radio were interesting as I started to hear noise and a slight click to the scan which was so much nicer sounding than something like a P-SB7 that puts in artificial noise (by design) that is 100% unnecessary. When spirits started to use this “PanaBox” I noticed the voices were so clear, much clearer than most radio based boxes, especially considering the small size and speaker.

When John emailed me about this he wondered if this radio would have some of the Mojo of the DR60. I did not think it would but for me, it does. It’s almost like a real time radio version of the DR60 but even clearer when spirit connects using it. Those of us who own a DR60 have wished for a clearer version of it, and this is as close as we are going to get to that wish. This is not a recorder though, it’s a traditional spirit radio scanner. Many radios out there have been hacked and I have used so many of them over the years. None have the charm and uniqueness of this one, and none have been as direct or clear. This really is almost like a real time DR60 but in spirit radio form.

This radio was made by Panasonic many years ago. You can not find them new, at least none that were made in recent years but there are some out there to be found. It was never released in the USA so all are Japan models. If you do find one, it will operate as a radio, not a spirit box. You will have to open it up and operate on it and John informed me they had a few casualties the first time they tried.

The bottom line is, this is a fantastic spirit box. It’s tiny, fits in a pocket and when a connection is established (via a guide, spirit tech, or spirit friend) it is one of the clearest and most direct radio scanner spirit devices I have used.

I will be getting ten of these from John (I am buying his first ten) and he will also have ten for himself. I am not sure what I will be doing with my ten (though I will be keeping backups for me) but have already had around 50 people emailing me asking me for one. Crazy! Anyway, I am really liking this spirit box. It’s super cool and unique and best of all, effective as long as you have nothing interfering with your AM signal. ; )