Ten ways to LIGHT UP your SOUL.

Ten ways to LIGHT UP your SOUL.

By Steve Huff

Today I want to talk about life, and the things that have helped me in life in recent years to become less stressed, much more happy and at a peace with my life that I have never had before. No, it’s not money as I am not rich (far far from it) and money does not create happiness. Nope, it is not a fancy house or car (neither of which I have) and it is not jewelry or fancy clothes.

I have a roof over my head. I have food to eat. I have someone who loves me and that I love back. I have an amazing Son and extended family who are all wonderful and happy. I do not fear anything in life and do not fear death, at all. Without this fear means I live life to the fullest as I do not let fear control my destiny. What more could I ever ask for?

That’s all I need in life, and this makes me a very rich man. Once I truly understood this, it was like a light grew brighter within me. Life is not about material possessions, or about “being the best” or “being rich”…it is about Love my friends. But some people do not live with love in their hearts but are rather stuck in the dark.

If we live life in the dark via anger, fear, negativity and hate then we will go down a dark path in life, and truly cause our soul to suffer for it. Our soul craves LIGHT, not dark. We were put here to love, not hate. We are meant to help our fellow man, not hate them. It has taken me years to learn all of this and when I did, and fully realized it, my life just opened up in ways I could never imagine. Again, not with money but rather a spiritual awakening of sorts. The good news is that if you are someone who feels you are living in the dark rather than light, there are ways to get out of it and turn it all around.

Here are ten rules I always follow these days to live in light instead of dark. It works very well for me and may work for you as well.

1. ALWAYS treat others as you would want them to act toward you. This is common sense but you would be surprised at how many do not do this. If you are mean and hateful to others then you will have this hate and anger within you that will drag you down. Also, Karma is a real thing. We reap what we sew. Think about that before you are hateful or hurtful to others as you will also be damaging yourself.

2. Do not be selfish, think of others not only yourself. Imagine if someone helped you in a time of need. How you would feel. Good right? Try doing good for others when you can and your soul will thank you. Good deeds truly do light up our soul but when you get to a point where you WANT to help, then you are on the right track. Remember, do not fake it, be authentic and do some soul searching if need be to truly “see the light” within you. It’s there, trust me and when you find it, you will see much clearer…the meaning of this life.

3. Be confident in yourself but never be an egomaniacConfidence is not ego but rather projects a positivity, a light within you that others see. This can truly help your self image and help others who see you as a beacon of light, hope and positivity. But do not become an ego head or braggart. Many confuse ego with confidence but they are 100% different. Confidence boosts your soul and light, Ego diminishes it.

4. See yourself as an equal to all living human beingsWe are all equal. We are all born in the same way and all bleed the same blood. We all have a heart a brain and the same organs and are all born with only liven our hearts and soul. Never put yourself above others no matter how smart you think you are. For example, I have been doing what I do here for 9 years but I am well aware and accept that I am no better than others who do it. There are no experts in this field but many see themselves as experts or are “self proclaimed” this or that. We are all equal on this earth no matter our skin color, sexual preference or personality. Once you understand that, it opens your soul up more to accept more light. Love after all, is the key.

5. Understand we are not perfect. No one is. It is not possible as perfect doesn’t exist. It is a made up word and a made up perception of what should be. Learn to accept when you are wrong or need help from others. We all are wrong about many things within our life. Some choose to never admit it, and hence, they keep that pent up within them as anger and a feeling of “I am better than you”. Drop it, and accept that you are not perfect and we all make mistakes and need help from time to time.

6. If you have done someone wrong wether intentional or not intentional never hesitate to say “I AM SORRY”. Wronging someone can be made right. Never intentionally hurt others, as that keeps our soul down and in the dark. Instead acknowledge when you did wrong and make it right.

7. Grow Your Mind instead of keeping it limited. If you disagree with someone about something, it doesn’t mean you are correct in your thoughts. Take what others say and be open to their side of it. You may find a middle ground but never hate someone if they do not think the same as you. They have their reasons for thinking what they think.

8. If someone wronged you, forgive as soon as you can. Sure there is a time period where you will harbor anger or even hate, this is normal. But forgive, forget and move on. Never hold anger or hate within you. This will only harm YOU. It may be hard but harboring anger and hate will not do anything but hurt your soul and light. Avoid drama, and move on.

9. If you have those who hate you, send them love, prayers and light rather than hate them back. This may be hard for some but it can truly put your own mind and soul at peace. Never attack those who attack you, as it is silly, childish and will accomplish nothing. By avoiding the drama you have opened yourself up evermore. By sending thoughts of love to them, you will gain even more light within your soul.

10. If you are wrong, or made bad choices in life see this as a positive as it is a lesson learned. THAT is never a bad thing. I have made decisions in life that have lost me tens of thousands of dollars but I accepted it and let it go, as I learned a valuable lesson from it. Once you can let go of these regrets, your soul will be lightened and in turn, shine more light. So never hold on to regret as the past can not be changed. All we can do is use what we learned to move forward.

As you can see, these all stem from love, self love, confidence and treating others with respect. To drop anger and hate, to let go of bad memories and to never ever think you are better than anyone. When you can do all of this, your soul will love you for it and your life will be filled with more light than you could ever imagine.

It has taken me many years to understand fully the effect these things have had on my life. In the past I have had bouts of anger, have gotten involved in drama, have had some ego issue, have had times when I thought I was right above all else and have not always been as giving as I could be.But today I am a different man who cherishes love over everything else in life. Without love the world would be a dark place. With love, we can live in light and that my friends is a wonderful thing to experience. Remember, we are all in this together…life is not a competition and life is here for us for our SOUL to learn and grow.

Love you all.