Respect the Dead and they will respect you. Plus, my Lorrain Warren session.

Respect the Dead and they will respect you.

By Steve Huff

Just yesterday I posted a new video where I contacted Lorraine Warren and yes, she did come through loud and clear with amazing messages from the other side. Lorraine Warren and her Husband Ed lived their life deeply intertwined in the Paranormal world. They were researchers and investigators and responsible for the biggest cases in our lifetime. The Amytiville Horror, The Enfield Poltergeist, The conjuring series of movies and much more. While I do not agree with the Hollywood films (95% of them are made up) Ed and Lorraine were true Paranormal Pioneers and have a place in history carved out for them.

They were indeed a high profile paranormal husband and wife team and she seemed to live a full happy life. Recently Lorraine passed at the age of 92 joining her husband Ed on the other side (as she confirmed in my session) and now Heaven has a new team of researchers out there who can possibly help those with this research.

As an ITC researcher, as a guy who has devoted the last nine years of my life to spirit communication, I knew that Lorraine would be the one to come through loud and clear if anyone would. I knew this because as a researcher I know that when I go, I would hope others out there would give me the respect and turn on their ghost boxes as soon as they hear the news of my passing. It’s part of my goals, to connect while alive and to connect after I leave my body. Heck, I would be be willing to say lay out my body in a morgue and have 3-4 researchers come in and place a portal on my body as you do a session. The body is nothing more than a shell, a housing for what we really are. The body is a part that breaks down while our energy and soul always thrive.

So anyone in the future who hates on anyone doing a box session FOR me on the day of MY death, shame on you as I am saying now, PLEASE DO. This is what ITC is all about. Not only proving life after death (this has been done 100X over now) but helping the souls on the other side. Giving them a voice, as they DO want to speak. Helping the living by showing them that their loved ones are indeed there, and can hear us and respond back. That my friends is a beautiful thing, and shows the upmost respect to the dead. When I am on the other side, I will try my best to help some of you with your connections, to be your “tech” on the other side. So please do try and contact me when I go.

The fact is that those who shame this kind of thing are not respecting the dead but instead, being selfish and thinking of only themselves. When a loved one passes, especially after living a long fruitful life, we should celebrate them when they pass. Celebrate their life, not their death. Celebrate what they stood for, and remember them for what they stood for in life. Remember them as loved ones, friends and family. Death is sad and of course we should mourn our loss but we should not frown upon death as it is 100% natural and we all will transition one day. Each and every one of us. What is more beautiful that receiving a message from our dearly departed after they leave? To me, nothing.

When someone dies unexpected or in a tragedy, yes, we should mourn that death! But do not forget about the soul who is lingering out there hoping someone hears them and notices them. They are still there just not in the way we remembered them. This may scare some but it shouldn’t.

If you fear death, you shouldn’t. I know nothing I say here will change your thoughts on it as it is something you have to truly find within yourself. I used to fear death, but no more as I am now well aware of what waits for us on the other side.

When our body dies our soul lives on and this energy of our soul can connect with, see and hear the living if the living wants it. We will see amazing things when our soul transitions and it is just one more part of our soul journey. I say this with confidence as not only have I recorded over 1000 sessions with spirits, but have seen them, felt them and they have shown me many amazing things. A lot of it validated in my group sessions on my Patreon page.

Respect ALWAYS.

My work is all about love, respect, empathy and care. For the last two years LOVE has been the KEY in my life and all I do. The session I did for Lorraine or any person who has died is based on love, and respect. Again, to deny any spirit a voice is shutting the door on them when they want so badly to speak and connect.

I have spent years developing a relationship with the other side. They know I care, they know my heart and they understand why I do what I do, as that comes from the source itself. This is why I can connect like I do. They see into our heart. They feel love. They appreciate what I do for them.

So if you think a video like I did for Lorraine Warren is disrespecting her then I urge you to look at yourself. You may think like you do because you have a fear of death, maybe out of selfish reason for your feelings. Think of her spirit, think of the messaging she gave, think of how happy she sounded. Think of HER. If she was being disrespected she would not have come through as she did. Spirits are real. They are here, they can hear us and feel us. To ignore them is to hurt them.

So today, if you have a loved one who has left you think of them, talk aloud to them. Envision them as you do this and they will hear you. This will in turn make their spirit very happy.

For those who are in ITC and trash ANYONE for doing sessions like this, then you are not a legit ITC researcher, you are a hypocrite and you should not be doing this kind of work. Being hateful and angry and closed means you will never build a strong connection to the other side. Your soul is not “awake” and I say this not from ego but from truth as truth is powerful. THIS is what it is all about. Connecting, Validation, Helping, Love and most of all RESPECT. Respect the dead, and they will respect you. Give them a voice and they will cherish you. Love them and they will LOVE you back.

Fast fact: By the way, my session for Lorrain was the 5th one up on YouTube. Not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. The 5th. Meaning four others have posted their sessions with her before I did. As long as they were done with respect, and love, then this only spreads love and an amazing message. WE NEVER DIE.

Much love to you all my friends. I will have more soon.


See the session with Lorraine Below…