Stan Lee Spirit Box Session. Hear as he answers my questions.

Stan Lee Spirit Box Session. Hear as he answers my questions.

Today I present you with a spirt session for Stan Lee.

This is INCREDIBLE and not only do we make a connection but  get direct answers. Using the reverse direct line mode of my Portal Connect along with his own voice this session is not only incredible but can not be debunked, by anyone (Because what you are seeing and hearing is REAL). When he mentions Bruce Banner after I tell him my fave superhero he created is the Hulk, it blew my mind. As always, all I do is 100% real, 100% ITC and 100% cutting edge spirit research. Anyone who fakes this kind of thing deserves a special place in hell as spirits, GOD and this work is no to be mocked. Sadly today, many do mock it with fakery and nonsense. Hollywood does it, TV does it and even many on YouTube do it. Selling their souls for some attention. It gives true research a bad name.

What I do, have done and always will do is real Afterlife Research and we have not only pushed limits of what was once possible in ITC, we have broken down barriers. What is possible today in REAL Spirit Communication is far and away the best it has ever been in the history of this field.

SO MUCH MORE to come in 2019, even some amazing validations of what I do and what Josh does at HOPE Paranormal. We are teaming up some this year to show the facts, the reality and the truth about what happens when we die.

Love you all.